The Most Incredible and Comprehensive Video Marketing Article You Will Ever Read

The Most Incredible and Comprehensive Video Marketing Article You Will Ever Read

During my morning routine at the gym I had an idea about video marketing. I seem to get my best ideas when I am actively doing something besides work. It’s kind of weird.

If you are like me… you tend to start lifting weights or exercising and then the next thing you know you’re off in space thinking about business.

It’s a curse… 🙂

A good curse that can bring you guys a lot of value.

So I was on some back-lifting machine when it hit me:

“Why don’t you create a guide on the whole video marketing system, so they can see how it all works together?”


I have yet to create an article or webinar that covers the whole video marketing system.

Sure, I’ve covered parts of the system – but I have yet to show you how it all comes together.

The whole system is what gets the best results and I am about to show how it all works together.

But first let’s talk numbers.

“Does video marketing really work?”


Here are some case studies:

Rick Case Honda launched a simple YouTube TrueView campaign encouraging people to trade in their vehicles.

After launching the ads, the dealership doubled their number of trade-ins and increased their website traffic by 18%. They found that video advertising converted 4x as much as other advertising avenues.

The best number of all… They got a 12x return on their investment.

That is not bad for a car dealership.

My company, Ydraw, has received over 1000 qualified leads from video marketing ads. That doesn’t even count all of the calls I get from people searching for explainer videos on YouTube and my ads pop up in front of my competitor’s videos.

Here are a couple of screenshots:

Keywords in-display video ads:

YouTube In-Display Keywords video ads

Placement video ads:

Placement Video Ads

These numbers are amazing and you can see what some of my conversions are costing me. I would be happy to explain these numbers to you, if you would like to set up a free consultation just click here.

If you’re on the fence about video ads, I recommend that you get in touch with my team. We can tell right away if you have a product or service that will work great with video ads.

I believe every company needs some type of video marketing campaign, but I also know that video ads do not work for everyone.

Let’s jump in. We are going to cover the following:

1. It all starts with a video
2. Place the video on your home page
3. Create a YouTube channel then post, rank, and optimize the video
4. Place annotations and YouTube cards on your video
5. Run YouTube video ads
6. Cookie people who watch your video
7. Upload the video to Facebook and run Facebook ads
8. Share your video everywhere

It all starts with a video.

Have you ever heard of Dr. James McQuivey?

Me neither, but everyone in the video world keeps quoting the guy. And since he has “Dr.” in front of his name we will use his study to build our case.

The Doc says, “The value of one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words.”

That is a lot (a lot of BS, that is). Sorry, most stats are made up and this one is no exception.

You, my reader, are smarter than the average Dr. but at the same time I hope you see that a one minute video can say a lot more than 150 words of text.

Yes I know it doesn’t equal 1.8 million words, but it is somewhere in the ballpark.

Either way, video is better, and needs to be placed on your home page, social media, video ads, and email campaigns.

The video you create needs to be customized to speak to your audience. Unless you’re a huge organization that everyone knows, your video has to use more of a direct sales approach for it to be effective.


You consider where your audience is in the buying cycle and design accordingly. Here’s one of the better quotes/ideas I have heard about this subject.

It came from Russell Brunson who was quoting Gene Schwartz.

“If your prospect is aware of your product and has realized it can satisfy his desire, your headline starts with the product. If he is not aware of your product, but only of the desire itself, your headline starts with the desire. If he is not yet aware of what he really seeks, but is concerned with the general problem, your headline starts with the problem and crystallizes it into a specific need.”

The Story

We all relate to stories and if you are looking to convince someone to buy your product or service, a story is where you should begin.

Here is a great example:

I love speaking at conferences, because I get the chance to help other business owners. I have found that whenever I share my story about how I started my first company, was a multiple millionaire within a couple of years, and broke just a few years later, I get a lot better result. (Obviously there’s a lot more that goes into it than that, but we’re summarizing.)

By sharing my ups and downs the audience relates more and is willing to listen to what I have to say.

Video is the same.

Use experiences, stories, and testimonials that others can relate to. Big corporations have a tendency to become too robotic and start talking facts. Stop with the crazy facts and features and start with a story; your message will stay with the audience longer.

Entertain first, educate second.

Your video can’t be boring!

Over the last 8 weeks we have been working on a big project. It is actually one of the biggest projects we have done so far.

Curtis did an amazing job on selling the vision to this company. It was exciting and we were going to create a masterpiece.

It started out great, but because of bureaucracy, boring executives playing it safe, and lame suggestions by people who have no idea… the video has gone from great to junk.

Instead of creating a masterpiece, the client has become concerned with not offending anyone. They’ve forgotten the simple rule of polarity.

I can’t tell you how much it hurts to say this, because Ydraw hates creating junk.

This is one of the reasons that so few videos get shared or passed around. We have to first entertain and then educate.

So when you design your video, if you want to get any traction at all, you take risks.

Please trust me on this one.

Polarity works. Stop trying to make everyone happy.

Moving on…

If you’re really nervous about creating video ads, let Ydraw do it, they can help you get the job done.

If you are on a very tight budget you can check out some of the resources that Google provides here. It’s kind of cool!

Once your video is done, you’re going to put it to work. The rest of this article is going to discuss the different ways to get your video pushed out.

1. Place it on your home page


2. Create a YouTube channel. Post, rank, and optimize the video

Treat your YouTube Channel like an extension of your website. Take a quick look at a couple of this channel.

Great Example of a YouTube Channel

You will see that they are totally decked out and have the following:

Icon photo
Cover photo
Social media links
Website link

Your cover photo should have some type of benefit, message, or call to action.

What you’re not seeing is that this YouTube channel is also connected to Google Analytics and their website. That way, they are able to direct traffic from their videos to their website.

I’ve created some articles and videos on how you can do all of this in about 30 minutes. Here are the links:

4. Place annotations and YouTube cards on your videos

This can make or break your campaign. When a video is uploaded, your first step should be to add YouTube cards and annotations.

It is so simple

Step 1: Click on “edit” or “video”
Step 2: Create some annotations (calls to action)
Step 3: Create YouTube card



5. Run YouTube video ads

There are two different kinds of YouTube ads: skippable ads and non-skippable ads. I am sure you have all seen both types. I tend to play in the skippable space.

If people do not want to watch my ad, I want them to skip it as soon as possible–that way I don’t get charged.

With YouTube, the viewer has to watch the video to the end or out to 30 seconds before you get charged.

**Note: this is the reason that I tell people to create a video that’s more than 30 seconds.**

Here is a screenshot of the different types of ads you are able to run:

in-display video ad number 2 example

in-display video ads

I will use both in-stream ads and in-display ads.

I will use the in-stream ads when I’m looking for specific placements and I will use in-display ads for keywords.

I like to keep them separated.

Watch this simple video to see how I set up in-stream ads to run on my competitor’s videos, it will give you a visual to see how it is done:

When you create in-display ads you’re going to get a different look:

in-display video ads

Make sure you use the right type of headlines and call to action, this is where your copywriting skills come into play.

Here’s an example of a video ad that I created, and below that, you’ll find another one. Notice how the bottom one uses a customized image that has text. (great idea)

Indisplay video ad

in-display video ad number 2 example

If you are still a little bit lost on how to create YouTube ads, I suggest watching a couple more of our YouTube videos and reading our YouTube marketing guides.

6. Cookie (build lists of) the people who watch your videos and run video ads to them.

Did you know that you could create retargeting lists to people who have watched your videos?

You can!

Video retargeting or retargeting in general is awesome and I love it. We spend 1000’s on remarketing ads and they can have an amazing ROI.

“We’ve found that conversion rates actually increase the more users see an ad within remarketing campaigns. It’s true that click-through rates decline over time, but those people who do click on your ad, after having seen it a few times already, become twice as likely to convert!

Understand that people are busy and have other stuff going on in their life. Remarketing gives people a gentle reminder to finish what they started on your site, while reinforcing your branding and messaging to that user every time they see you around. They’re getting to know you, and learning to trust you, and when they finally do have a free moment, they are increasingly likely to do business with you.”

-Larry Kim

But, it does not stop there. You have multiple combinations of retargeting that I am going to show you in another blog. It is going to be called “Advanced Video Remarketing.” Keep an eye out for it.
Here is how it works:

Let’s assume someone searched for your product or service.

You show up in the search results and they click on your ad or web page. You’re then able to run video ads on YouTube for a couple of cents.

I was about to write this all down when I realized it is going to be easier if I just show you…

So here’s a simple video on how to set up remarketing lists on YouTube:

7. Upload your video to Facebook and run video ads

If you’re looking for a way to get $.01 views, Facebook is a great avenue. Although they are not nearly as effective as YouTube, I am constantly running and testing Facebook video ads.

Facebook Video Views Image

8. Share your video

A video needs to be shared. Here’s your list:

Google plus
Email list


There you have it. If you need help, let us know. Thanks for reading.

The Most Incredible and Comprehensive Video Marketing Article You Will Ever Read


Huge updates are coming down the pipe for Video Ads and Video marketing. I am so excited and I am counting the days.

Are you ready? Do you have a powerful video in place and do you have a video marketing strategy that is prepared to take on these new avenues?

Google knows how powerful video is and three weeks ago they joined Video ads with Search ads which mean we have more capabilities for running video ads.

Keep an eye out for our next post

How To Run YouTube Ads On Your Competitors Videos

How To Run YouTube Ads On Your Competitors Videos

This simple video is going to show you how you can run YouTube ads on your competitors videos. You will need a video, adwords account and a small budget..:)


Here is the transcript for those who like reading.. Please forgive typos or spelling errors. It is a program that does it for us.

Enjoy your YouTube Marketing Education.

[Start of video YouTube Video Ads. Running Ads On Your Competitors Videos]
[Beginning of recorded material]

Jace: Of air. Okay, we are live.
Hey, guys, Jace over here, at Yinc Marketing. We’re going to throw together a quick video on how you can run YouTube video ads on your competitor videos. I got Wes Bledsoe here. Wes?

Wes: Hey guys.

Jace: I wonder why… Wes did that just switch over to your face when we did that?

Wes: No.

Jace: It didn’t?

Wes: Well, I’m not…

Jace: Did that just switch?

Wes: No. Are you presenting to everyone?

Jace: I need to know. There we go. Okay, sorry guys we are… Well, we’re not [00:36] Google Hangouts. It’s just when you shoot these things live, you never know what’s going to happen. So, Wes what can you see right now? Can you see my screen?

Wes: Yes.

Jace: Okay. So, I’m going to go through this. Wes, if I miss anything, you just need to update it. What you want this to be like a 9-10 minute video. So, if any of you guys are not running video ads you should be. And today I want to show you a simple trick on how you can run video ads, right in front of your competitors’ videos. Now, so Google AdWords had a bunch of changes that they made this last week. It used to have a video campaign. Mind still like this, I haven’t updated my AdWords account, but some of you are going to have that video campaign tab down at the bottom. It’s just going to be part of your normal campaigns. Okay, here it is. Once we’d upgraded to that, but I’m not going to. Okay, so there’s a couple of things you need to know about YouTube video ads. So, you have a keyword placement. You have keywords. You have target, as far as demographics. You have placements where you can choose the exact videos that you want to play on. I mean, that’s the one we’re going to be talking about today. It’s called placements. So, the first thing you need to do is come down here and start a new campaign. Let’s call this, placement campaign. And if you don’t, if you’re already confused and you haven’t made it this far into your campaign, you better go Google how to run an AdWords campaign.

Wes: Yes.

Jace: So, I do move pretty fast, so pay attention, but you can always stop rewind the video. So, we’re going to go placement, what’s today, September 8th?

Wes: It’s a 9th.

Jace: Though, obviously you need to have a video. If you don’t have a video, call Ydraw. We’ll get you a whiteboard video. Now we’re going to go budget $10 a day. On your networks down here you have a YouTube search for YouTube videos. Obviously, you don’t want to do search. Say, if I click here and I go to YouTube, let me show you the difference. This is your search. So, if I go Ydraw, then see I’m running ad. See I practice what I preach, people. Right there, so that’s our ad. If you type Ydraw, this is the search. Okay and that simple ad right there. If I’m typing lawyers, I always like watching lawyers once. Nobody’s running an ad and they should be. Okay, there’s some. So, we got to stop you. I just want to do a little note here. This guy right here, I think it’s David Altman. Watch this. You click on his video, and I think he’s the one… He might have changed it, but he was actually running, allowing people to run ads in front of the ad he was running. So, this guy. Okay, perfect example. This guy right here is trying to rank, and this is kind of an offshoot. Just want to warn you. Legal IT solutions, mind SHIFT, he is paying money right now to run this ad. So, right when I clicked on that cost of money, well here’s the crazy thing is you click on his ad, I did it again. He is running adds, you can see he’s running ads by this yellow bar right here. So, this guy is paying money to run video ads, and he’s allowing other lawyers to run video ads in front of his ad. Okay, so it’s kind of crazy. Right, right there. This video, this banner ad, if I want to I could go run a banner ad right there, and then also you have an inched stream which pops up before. So, just a word of caution, if you have a YouTube channel, don’t allow people to run ads on it. To back to our campaign, $10 a day is our budget. I am only going to run on YouTube videos. Okay? I don’t want to run on the display network, nor do I want to run in search, due to the fact that I want to do what is called in-stream ads, which I’ll show you here in a second. I only want to run in the United States, and I am going to find a Yinc video. Rank your video with video marketing. Okay, there is one of our videos. Okay, you have your choice of in-stream. Okay, let me show you the difference. Over her on the left hand side, right here where my mouse is, so you have search results. I eliminated that when I unclicked before. So, the only thing I’m going to run on is I can run on it as a YouTube overlay, or I can run on YouTube related videos. So, we’re going to pull off in display. Now, what that left, like in display. Now, what that left, let me show you. Once again, in display is this area up here in YouTube. So I jumped back over to YouTube. You have in display over on this side. I don’t want to do that, nor do I want to be on this banner ads right here. So, I’m going to click off in display, just because I want to be very targeted, and I am only going to go for placements. So, display URL, I’m going to put in our website. Bonus mobile adjustments, I don’t want my kids clicking, like they do all the time. So, I’m going to decrease that by 50%, and I would suggest that especially if you’re starting out. Okay, we’re going to go here to placement. Wes, if I forgot anything…

Wes: No, so far so good.

Jace: Okay. Your cost per click, let’s go to $0.15 per year. Gender, I love to take out 18 to 24-year-olds, and sometime I take out 25-24 depends on the product or service you’re selling. For my product or service we don’t have a lot of 24-year-olds buying it. So, now this is where it gets interesting. It’s placements. So, leave your demographics, your interest, any interest, because what you want to do is just run on the videos you choose. You first start out here on suggestions. So, online marketing. If you’re a competitor watching this, and you…

Wes: Yes, back off.

Jace: Yes, back off. Turn it off. Okay, YouTube. Okay, so now you can just, choose. Now, this is not the best way to do it all the time, but Google will suggest so. Online marketing- Please help my online store. Let’s click on there and see what it is. Okay, this is an ad, actually in front of it. So, this guy, we’re going to skip that ad, Evan Carmichael. Okay, this would better be good. He doesn’t have a ton of views, but it’s still my target audience could be looking for help- online marketing, help with their online marketing store, so I like that. I’m going to add that video, okay? So, I’m going to be able to run ads just like the one you saw in front of his video. What is online marketing? Let’s click here. That has 2000 views. Whiteboard junk, that’s a fake whiteboard video guys. So, obviously I’m going to run what is online marketing. I’ll probably run an Ydraw video in front of that also, because it’s a whiteboard video. So, you just want to check. So, I’m going to add that, I want to run in front of their video.

Wes: Now, are you typically looking for videos with higher views, or does it not matter, because you’re just being targeted?

Jace: Yes, I mean the higher the view- the better. But, your biggest, like this one is limited. This probably gets one view a day. One or two. So, you’re not going to see a huge result. What you like to see is millions of views, so let me show you how to find also online marketing mistakes. So, you can search interesting keywords. So, let’s start with her. No ad. So, I just start looking down through these common mistakes in online marketing. Great, here is one. It has 17,000 views. Okay, that is not a bad one. So, I will take that URL, because this is talking so. How do you know that it runs ad? You can know it run ad by this yellow marker right here. This yellow mark on the plate timeline shows that. So, let me go over here. I’m going to add that manually. Okay, so you want to spend a ton of time doing this. You can see I only have three. You want 100, you want 200. I think you can only go up to 500, but get 200 links that are very, very qualified videos. Now, once you have it you press done. Save your targeting group. That is it. It is running. Okay? So, obviously I’ve already done this so, I was just to show you guys. Now, after you let it run for a couple of days, you want to go in here to look at your targets. You can see exactly where they were being played. You can see your gender, everything, your demographics, and see if it’s working, not working. Now, something you want to pay attention to is when you do design your videos, make sure they have a call-to-action. Make sure your YouTube channel, like if you go to our YouTube channel. It’s called Yinc. Okay, right here we have a call action; we have our website; we have our Google +; we have our Ydraw’s website; Facebook, those things. And our videos we make sure they have a call-to-actions. Hey, we’re live, right now. That’s us.

Wes: So, one thing to take note of, the reasons placements are so beneficial and so effective on YouTube is when you do a search video it is very, very difficult to stay in certain keyword parameters. YouTube videos put all over the place, but when, you obviously use placement you’re placing yourself in specific, into specific videos. And you’re also benefiting from your competition pushing out their own videos. So, as these people are getting more views, you in addition are getting more views on your ads, and everyone benefits. Well, your competition doesn’t, but you do. So, we’ve seen crazy successful, by using this technique.

Jace: Yes, especially Ydraw. I mean, Ydraw were whiteboard animation company. I can tell you how many whiteboard video companies out there are allowing us to run ads on them. I get calls all the time to say ‘Hey, I was looking at this whiteboard company and saw your ad pop up in front of it.’ So, it’s a way to really nail down your target audience. I mean, you’re playing in front of videos of people searching for your product and service. So, a simple little thing you can do, if you don’t have a big budget who cares. Put $5 a day at it. But, we highly suggest you first get yourself a video and then you start running ads in front of your competitor. And if it’s not your competitors, run ads in front of your target audience. Where would they be searching? What problems would they be searching for? Or solutions, I guess what kind of solutions would they be looking for? Okay. Questions? Wes, any questions?

Wes: For a second a thought you were asking them. No, I think that…

Jace: No, yes I was asking them and you.

Wes: I think we covered it.

Jace: So, contact. If you guys have questions, you can always contact us. I am And Wes is If you have problems with your online marketing, if you have an online marketing teams, it’s not getting good results, reach out to us. We’d be happy to help. Check out our website. Check out our videos, and we will see you guys next time. We are going to probably be covering a little bit about keyword targeting. There are some tricky things you need how to do on the YouTube keyword retargeting. No retargeting. YouTube keyword, YouTube ads. Keyword YouTube ads. We’ll get it right by the time we go to the next one.

Wes: So, we’ll work on it before we shoot the next video.

Jace: So, I’m out. See you guys later.

[End of recorded material]


5 Reasons You Should Be Running YouTube Video Ads

I love videos ads. I did a small little presentation on 5 Reasons You Should Be Running Video Ads.

Transcript Slides
1. 5 reasons you should be running videos ads yinc marketing
2. 1. YouTube is the second biggest Search Engine your target audience is watching videos
3. 2. Your competition is not running video ads…yet! also run your video ads in front of you competitors Videos
4. 3. Pick keywords you want to show up for The trick is to make sure you use phrase match
5. 4. It’s quick and doesn’t cost a fortune to get great results. We often times will get leads for 23 cents
6. 5. Give you customers what they want. We love watching videos. People will watch a 90 second video all day long. Make sure it is educational and entertaining
7. yinc marketing can help! We are a video marketing agency that runs Video ads

5 Simple Steps To Running YouTube Ads

5 Simple Steps To Running YouTube Ads

Are you running youtube ads? Have you failed at running youtube ads? Either way, you should be running videos ads.

I wish I could say that is will cost you a couple hundred dollars to test the market, but that would be a flawed philosophy.

Why do I say this?

Because this last week I spoke at the Affiliate Summit Conference in New York. Everyone seemed to try YouTube ads, but they could not get them to work.

The Problem…

They were not spending enough and most of them did not follow the rules of YouTube Ads. So I am going to give you 5 simple steps to running YouTube ads.

I do not have a lot of time to write this so it is going to be short and sweet. 🙂

1. The Video

Make sure your video is created for the YouTube in-stream platform. First entertain, then educate. A simple formula that will keep your audience engaged.

2. Associate your website with your YouTube channel

Treat your YouTube page as an extension of you website or brand. Make sure you have linked your channel, use annotations, and YouTube cards. I have created tutorial videos on how to do this. You can find them by clicking on the link below.

Youtube Video Marketing University

3. Setup your adwords account and create a video campaign

This is pretty self explanatory. Head on over to adwords and open up an account.

4. YouTube placement target audience (start with two targeting methods. This is one of them)

Search your keywords on YouTube and find videos that allow ads on them. You will know they have ads if they have a yellow bar on the play line or an Ad starts to play at the beginning.

5. Keyword targeting (this is the second target method)

Here is the secret to Keyword placement. “”

Make sure you put your keywords in quotes. This is known as phrase match.

That is it.

5 Simple Steps To Running YouTube Ads



How Does A Grown Woman Become A Teenager?

Last week it happened…the best day of my 4 year old’s life. There she was singing at the top of her lungs, surrounded by 60,000 other screaming teenagers.

The funny thing was, I looked down the aisle and saw my wife and 3 year old daughter doing the exact same thing. Here was a 31 year old, standing up, belting out the lyrics as if she had shaved off 15 years. She was one of them (see the video below for proof, she’s gonna kill me).

Ok, I have to admit that there’s a bit of joy watching this. It’s something that only fathers get to experience. Was it worth the $800 dollars? You bet it was!

Here is the miracle. How is it that Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam (One Direction) can turn full grown women into screaming teenagers? They generate millions of revenue in one night by singing songs (their product).

It makes me sick… I mean four young boys have the ability to turn a city upside down in a matter of minutes. Heck, some just open their mouths and the girls act like they are going to faint. It was marketing at its finest.

Which brings me to the point.

One Direction is able to generate a message/product and deliver it to the right target audience. In turn, they are compensated. It was amazing to see the fans and to think that happens all over the world.

We can learn from this.

Isn’t this what business is all about? We all have a special product or service that people need. Once we find the target audience and deliver them the message, they depart with their hard earned cash (if they perceive that there is value).

If only it was this simple.

The definition for “advertising” according to Webster’s is this:

The activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.

Here’s “marketing”:

The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

What the heck is that supposed to mean? Sometimes I think Webster was on crack when he wrote his definitions.

Here is a better definition according to Jace (no, I don’t do crack).


The act of putting your message (about your product or service) in front of the right target audience.

It’s that simple. When you do this, you get results.

  • It’s not marketing if you do not have a message.
  • It’s not marketing if you do not have a target audience.
  • It’s not marketing if your message falls on deaf ears.
  • It’s not marketing if you do not get results.
  • It’s not marketing if you do not know what kind of value your product brings.

This is one of the reasons Ydraw and Yinc Marketing were created.

Ydraw, was set up to create the message and tell your story. We do this by creating an engaging video that gives people a reason to care.

Yinc Marketing was created to find the right target audience and put your message in front of them. We do this by using YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, email and many other avenues. We find what works and scale it up.

It’s the perfect fit and it works every time. Unless your product sucks, then we can’t help you…lol 😉

This is where 99% of businesses struggle. They haven’t crafted the right message, or they might not have their message figured out. That’s problem one. Next, they have a message but have no idea how to put it in front of their target audience. Both problems lead to disaster.

We are great at both, and we want to show you what we are doing for businesses like yours.

This week we will be doing a webinar on Message and Delivery. We want to provide huge amounts of value. We want to give you something that you can take and use immediately to better your business.

*See how to create the right message
*Find out how to deliver that message to the right audience for pennies.
*Find out what is working for your industry
*Get ideas on what you can do next to promote your product or service
*Come hang out with me. This is totally the best part…  🙂
*More great stuff

Sounds simple, right?

Don’t miss it because it might just be the thing that changes your business forever.

A webinar that will change your business forever.

Have a great day and happy singing One Direction.



How To Find The Right YouTube Videos To Run Ads On

How To Find The Right YouTube Videos To Run Ads On

Today we are going to talk about YouTube Video Ads and one of the hardest parts.

I am about to show you how to find YouTube videos and channels where you can run your YouTube video ads.

You know those little commercials that most of you skip? These are call inStream video adverts, and these are your golden ticket.

They work and I am going to show you a few tips and tricks, one of those being how to get FREE clicks on your YouTube advertising.

Yes, really.

First lets chat about Google and YouTube advertising. There are a couple of things you need to know.

Remember that with YouTube, our benefit as advertisers is because the viewer has already done the hard work of typing in their search term, finding the video, and then deciding to click on the video to obviously watch it: They have explicitly demonstrated that they are interested in that topic.

Thats we’re going to show our ad.

Where should you run Ads?

Everyone seems to be on the Facebook gravy train right now. That is were all the rage is. I myself like Facebook but I do not see the same returns that I am getting on YouTube. I would totally forget about Twitter and Linkedin they are the worst.

I have tested their ads multiple times and it is very costly.

YouTube, on the other hand, is amazing and gives us the opportunity to place our ads in front of the perfect target audience. So if I were you

I would be using Facebook and YouTube.

All Good So Far?

YouTube gives you the ability to spend very little and still get in front of a laser-targeted audience.

Plus, you are not just running the same old image ad. You have the ability to tell your message with a 30, 60, 90 second or longer commercial.

Where else can you get that kind of publicity?

Let me bring you up to speed on Google and YouTube advertising. I won’t bore you to death, but it’s important you get a few details under your belt.


As most of you know Marketers tend to ruin everything. Well the crazy thing about YouTube is that seasoned hardcore internet marketers have little or no idea how awesome YouTube ads really are!

This is changing quickly.

I am starting to see more and more courses, products and “gurus” pushing out YouTube ads.

About a year ago YouTube allowed you to link out of your YouTube videos to your website or a specific Landing Page. This changed the game. I like to tell people that they need to treat YouTube as an extension of their website. Everyone is starting to get the picture.

Over time, more and more people will start running ads.

Why does this matter? Because your costs are going to slowly increase. So you better get moving.

Youtube Advertising 101

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine. Nothing beats YouTube as far as education and attention. When people are looking for reviews or information – video will hold their attention and can educate them on the product or service features and benefits.

The first step is to create a video that will capture their attention. I am not going to go into that here, but you can read some of our other articles about creating an amazing video. Here is a good example.

The second step is Finding YouTube Videos To Run Ads On

Warning…This is very time consuming and can drive you bonkers. (necessary evil)

  1. Go to YouTube search the keyphrases that apply to your business. “weight loss” “video marketing” “personal injury” etc
  2. A list of videos is going to pop up which now become potential candidates.
  3. Create a blank spreads sheet with the keywords along the top
  4. Now click on every video and see if they allow ads. *a video ad will play before the video or a yellow dot can be found on the play line. This indicates ads will play at those points.*
  5. If the video allows ads, copy and past the URL into the spread sheet
  6. Rinse and Repeat
  7. Find up to 500 videos. (YouTube limits you to 500 per target group)
  8. Place the URL into your placement target group on the adwords campaign.

When I first started YouTube advertising I did this manually. I would hire people and this is what they did all day long.

You can only advertise on YouTube videos where the Channel Owner has elected to monetize their videos, and selected which of those videos they want to earn money on.”

It’s a pain in the butt and very time consuming. This has to be one of the biggest barriers to entry for YouTube advertising. You would think that Google would come up with a better solution, but that has not been the case. Google wont’ tell you exactly what videos you are allowed to play on. They want you to put in the 60 hours of manual labor.

Is it worth it? Yes…

Now, for the good news!

I have software that will do this all for me. It is exclusive, but we do allow our clients to submit us their keywords and we will do all the work for them. We do charge a small fee. If you are interested, you just need to shoot me an email.

If you have questions about YouTube Ads or you are interested in our services, let us know. We basically create and run amazing Video marketing campaigns for companies who are looking for leads, branding and more customers.