Let’s start at the beginning…

“We’re a Full-Service digital marketing agency. We come to work every day and help others grow their business. It’s hard and a bit stressful sometimes, but the successes make it all worth it.

Our company was founded back in 2013

Although our agency was founded in 2013, our marketing roots go back to 2004. Our founder, Jace Vernon, learned online marketing when he started his first company in 2004.

When he and his friend started Ydraw in 2011 and they grew it into a multi-million dollar business within 18 months. 100% of the customers came through online marketing channels.

We quickly realized we could help other businesses grow by implementing the same techniques.

RED was born!

Top 5 reasons you will love working with us!

There are a lot of ups and downs in business, and you need a marketing company that can adapt to the constant changes.

1. It’s our job and focus to make you money – If you are not profitable, we are not doing our job. The success of your company is measured by how much revenue you are generating. That means everything we do is going to focus on ROI and Revenue.

2.  We are traffic experts especially when it comes to video. – You will often times find us speaking at events, attending conferences and jumping on webinars. It’s our job to know all of the latest a greatest ways to drive you traffic especially when it comes to video marketing.

3.  We spend the time necessary…We work – Our clients hire us because they know that we will put in the time and work necessary to improve their profitability. We use tools like adwords, analytics, emails campaigns and video to create the perfect automated system. But it still takes a lot of work.

4. We are available – We’re are part of your company, and you can’t be successful unless there is quality communication. That means we will pick up the phone and make ourselves available when you have questions or concerns. Because you will have them.

5.  We are Fun and do not take ourselves too serious – Business is stressful but it doesn’t need to be. We try to have a good time without sacrificing results. When you interact with Marketing Hy, we want you to enjoy it.

We’re proud to say that we have over 100 clients worldwide

We have worked with big and small companies. From Ford to your small carpeting clean store on the corner. We love helping businesses.

Ready to Hire a Digital Marketing Team

Marketing Hy (a RED company) is a small group of people, and a few dogs and cats working to help companies grow their business

The Marketing Agency model is broken. You can’t risk the growth of your company on a system that is set up to Fail You! Marketing Hy is different.

Work with only the best marketing talent. Our marketers have experience from global brands and hot startups.