The number one problem every one faces when running Facebook ads they ask are these working? Are they worth it? I think you should always be running ads  wether you are branding or generating leads. You should always be running ads but it is important that you are running them efficiently. I have a list of metirics below that can help you determine if your Facebook ads are performing properly.

Ad Engagement

Your audience needs to engage with your ad. I will list different ways that your audience can engage with your ad

  • Like your page
  • like your ad
  • watch your video
  • comment on your ad
  • Share your ad
  • Click to your site

Biggest Factor To Your Ads Success Is Relevance Score

Now the question is What is relevance score. Relevance score is calculated on the reaction that your ad generates. The more likes, views, comments, clicks to site. The higher the relevance score. Facebook rewards you for creating amazing content. If you create content that isn’t engaging you are punished. Facebook won’t deliver your ad up as much and your cost of impressions will increase. Now if you create an amazing ad Facebook rewards you and your cost per impression will be cheaper. We highly recommend creating amazing content.

Ad Delivery

When you’re looking into your ad delivery. Never let your ad go over five on the frequency score. We generally don’t like to exceed five because we feel like we will starts over deliver. We know this because he always start to see a decrease in our relevance score. So once you turn off your ad you might ask what do I do now? What we do is we start to deliver up new content to these audiences. We might us booster post or showing the video we shot. Just keep your audience interested in continue to educate them.

Performance And Clicks

In this section we always we are missing look at the relevant score. Always make sure they’re open score again as in the 6 to 10 area. The next thing we look at an this section is the click through rate also known as the CTR. We like our click through rate to be around above %1.75 this tells us right up front before are relevant scores even released that our ad is performing properly. And then obviously depending on what your market is we like to have our clicks to site below a dollar. Sometimes we will let our odds go if they’re above a dollar but I just depends on your market.

Video Engagement

The thing that you have to look at when determining if your Facebook ads are performing properly.

  1. Video percentage watched
    • You have to see how long people are actually watching your video. We generally like to see anywhere from 15% and up
  2. Cost per view
    • You have to ask what is my cost per view? We generally don’t like to pay more than 3 cents a view. If you’re paying more than that then the likelihood is; you need to change your audience or you need to remake a video.
    • Is your video getting shared? It’s important that you are getting some sort of engagement on your video. If your audience is asking questions, if they’re tagging people in your posts.


These are some of the factors that we look for as far as seeing if your Facebook ads are performing. There are a lot of factors that go into determining if your ads are performing properly if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us. When all else fails just check relevant score !Don’t forget every market is different!