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Google Adwords is back for Addiction Treatment Centers, but there are some certifications and paperwork that needs to be completed.

Google announced and introduced a new certification process for rehabilitation and addiction treatment facilities.

Back in September of 2017 Google shutdown Adwords for addiction treatment centers. It was devastating for a lot of them. Even the good ones had to close their doors.

Google has confirmed that starting on the 15th, addiction treatment providers can contact LegitScript and fill out an application to be certified.

Starting in July 2018, LegitScript legitimate certified addiction treatment providers can request certification with Google through a form that we will publish.

After the two certifications, those advertisers can then advertise on all AdWords channels. This is the same process that our healthcare pharmaceutical certified advertisers follow.

The previous suspension of these ads was the result of this category being ripe for exploitation by spammers and third-party middlemen — such as lead generation providers who were falsely advertising services that they did not offer and then, for a fee or “kickback,” passing the resulting lead on to treatment centers.

Google’s decision to partner with LegitScript, a verification and monitoring service that online pharmacies utilize — and implement a two-step certification process — will make it much harder for third-party, non-service providers to exploit Google’s ad ecosystem. It will also be more expensive.

From the Reuters article:

LegitScript will evaluate treatment providers beginning Monday on 15 criteria, including criminal background checks and license and insurance verification. They must also provide “written policies and procedures demonstrating a commitment to best practices, effective recovery, and continuous improvement,” according to LegitScript, which will charge $995 upfront and then $1,995 annually for vetting.

3 New Features For To Get Better Results With YouTube Video Ads | Video Marketing

3 New Features For To Get Better Results With YouTube Video Ads | Video Marketing

The battles of YouTube Ads are not won today by men with the largest forces.

Sure they can spend a lot more than you, but that doesn’t mean they are going to win.

YouTube ads have changed and they can be tested in a couple of weeks. There is no long waiting—no serious uncertainty—no drawn-out period when expense overtops result.

One gets his answer immediately. The YouTube campaign is based on exact information that you can see right in your Analytics and Adwords accounts.

What you do in 1 state can be one is all 50, and the views and click will be in proportion to your test states. The law of average is sure. When you expand, you will be spending your money on absolute certainty.

Let’s do a quick recap before we check out whats new.

TrueView ads

TrueView ads provide a way for you to drive traffic and sales on YouTube. Businesses who run YouTube ads often see a big lift in brand search and traffic.


You have to know what you are doing.

TrueView ads can be skipped after five seconds—so it’s important that your video is done correctly and will capture attention in the first 5 seconds. Unless you’re optimizing based on action or reach (more on that below), you only have to pay for these ads when the viewer watches 30 seconds or more, which makes them a pretty safe bet for advertising on a budget.

TrueView ads have two formats, In-Stream ads and Discovery ads. Here’s the differences:

Play before a video

Show up in search

Here’s what’s new with YouTube.

TrueView For Action

Couple week back YouTube can out with TrueView For Action Youtube ads.

You can read about it on our last blog.

It was in BETA but now my accounts have this new feature.

“Soon you’ll be able to reach people on YouTube who recently searched for your products or services on Google. For example, an airline could reach people on YouTube who recently searched for “flights to Hawaii.” We call this custom intent audiences. Custom intent audiences can be an effective way to move undecided customers to action using the persuasive power of video. To get started, all you have to do is create a keyword list for your video campaign in the new AdWords experience.”

Here’s a simple video tutorial where you can see how to set up a TrueView For Action video campaign.

TrueView For Reach

If you are looking to build brand awareness and increase market penetrations, you may want to look at TrueView for reach.

I would not recommend it because I think TrueView for Action Ads are better.


I know they are better.

YouTube Video Ad Reach Planner Tool

One of the big problems with YouTube ads are the unknown. They lack transparency but they are changing. Google has launched the do Reach planner tool.

“Starting today, we’ve made it easier to answer questions like these by introducing Reach Planner, a new tool in AdWords. Now, for the first time, advertisers can forecast the reach and frequency achievable on YouTube and across Google’s video partners, in over 50 countries. This resource will simplify the planning process by providing unique reach across devices, for all core audiences and video formats.

Please for all things practical get on this and start running ads. If you need help, that is what we are here for. Contact us and we would be happy to create a killer YouTube Ad Campaign that will get you more sales, leads, and traffic.

TrueView For Action YouTube Ads | Are You Ready?

TrueView for Action Video Ads are starting to roll out. We have been waiting for it and are excited to finally see it hit.

What does this mean for you?

Two Things

1. The new YouTube video ad format has a call to action and you’re able to run your message (video ads) in front of people who have searched for your product or service.

2. Better call to action and buyer flow.

Let me repeat.

You are now able to run video ads based on recent search history and give them a better call to action.

Google says, “their future goal is to optimize delivery to viewers more likely to take action.”

What Are TrueView for Action Ads?

Google is improving direct-response advertising performance on YouTube.

It’s about time…

Facebook and Instagram have been serving up some very target ads for a while now. And despite what they tell you…Google, Facebook, Amazon are all listening to your conversations.

YouTube Ads are going to get more targeted and direct. It’s time to start betting big on video ads.

Here’s a sample of what the ad would look like. (they are just rolling out)

Soon you’ll be able to reach people on YouTube who recently searched for your products or services on Google. For example, an airline could reach people on YouTube who recently searched on for “flights to Hawaii.”

This is called a custom intent audience.

Custom intent audiences can be an effective way to move undecided customers to action using the persuasive power of video.

To get started, all you have to do is create a keyword list for your video campaign in the new AdWords experience.

Online investment company Betterment used custom intent audiences to reach YouTube viewers who recently searched for financial keywords on Google.

The brand increased its return on ad spend 6X compared to previous YouTube campaigns, and saw a 245% increase in searches on, including their brand term: “Betterment.”

Custom intent audiences are likely to drive the best results when paired with TrueView for action, our direct response video ad format expanding to global availability later this month.

These video ads allow you to customize a call-to-action to drive the outcome that’s most important to your business, like leads or referrals. YouTube will automatically optimize these campaigns with Target CPA bidding for the most efficient results possible.

If you want to take advantage of the NEW video ad format, you need to have a couple of things in place.

1. A Video
2. Adwords Account
3. Landing Page
4. Tracking
5. Budget

Happy Marketing. If you need help creating a video ad or a video campaign, get in touch with us.

Just Duck…Simple And Effective

When did advertising become so complicated?

I am going to give you a formula that will change the way you write your ads, website copy, and video scripts.

Are you ready?

Keep it simple!

A perfect ad offers wanted information; it shows the advantages, gives a sample or proof of claim and calls the audience to action.

That is it.

Check out Duluth Trading Company.

They created TV commercials that were engaging, entertaining and effective. It doubled their sales over a one year period.

They showed the problem and how their product would fix the problem in an entertaining way.

So remember to simplify. You will get better results.

To prove my point and smile, watch this.

How To Grow Your Business With Online Marketing

How To Grow Your Business With Online Marketing

“Content creates conversations…Conversations creates customers…Customers creates companies”

Click Here for the PDF version

1. Simple Clean Website

   – Headline: Clear message of what you do and how you help your customers
   – Subheadline: Success they will achieve by using your product or service
   – Call to action
   – Offer something of value to capture leads
   – Social Proof – Testimonials
   – Lead Capture Form
   – Video
“Track Everything. Google Analytics is FREE and it’s all you will ever need”

2. Create An Email Campaign For Leads

– Give Value in each email
– Use simple text format
– Automate the process and follow up
“The Money is in the list.”

3. Send Traffic To Your Site

-Identify your target audience
-Buy Social Media Ads
-Buy Youtube Video AD
-Buy Native Ads

4. Follow up, Follow up, and follow up

“Your leads will need 6 to 12 touches maybe more.
– Give them a Free Trial
– Keep your Leads coming back with remarketing campaigns, (both video and display)
– Call them
– Text them
“If you want to accelerate growth, call your leads within 3 minutes”

5. Rinse, Repeat, and Scale

– Invest your Revenues Back Into Traffic
– Buy influence
– Adjust email campaigns to increase engagement
– Test different audiences and Ads
– Perfect your online marketing system
“Don’t quit too soon. It takes work. An Online Marketing Campaign will work for you 24/7…nobody else will.”


Letter 1 To Marketing Hy & Clients | Marketing Has To Be Simple

Letter 1 To Marketing Hy & Clients | Marketing Has To Be Simple

It’s has been extremely stressful few weeks for everyone. It’s a battle out there. Keep up the great work. This last month we have been all over the place. We shot videos in Phoenix and Baltimore, I spoke at Las Vegas Pubcon on Video Marketing and Lead generation, and Taylor may have found a girl…lol

I want to go over a couple of things and give you some tools to help with some of your clients messaging.

I have mentioned this before, but I think it is important that I go back over it. We have to keep things simple. Our clients tend to want to complicate their message which causes customer confusion.

Less is more. We are seeing that people are browsing sites. If you have a large paragraph on your website, it’s most likely getting skipped.

Every message must be simple and clear. Every website should have a clear call to action and some type of offer. There’s a proven system behind everything that we do.

The message needs to be directed to the customer and hit on their pain points. We want to make it clear and simple as possible.

Once you have created a clear and simple message you can move onto the offer.

Today I was looking at the websites of some of the clients and very few of them had an offer. Let’s get that fixed.

They all need an offer.

Here is a little tool to help you. It’s from Donald Miller at Storybrand. I recommend reading his book.


Don’t get too crazy. Use it as a simple guideline and make the necessary adjustments.

Just keep thing simple. Here is a video to remind you.

I will write more tomorrow.

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