The Most Profitable Square Feet In The House

My bathroom is the most profitable square feet in the house. Whether I am in the shower or cutting off the circulation to my legs, the ideas are always flowing.

They are usually money makers.

I’ve been getting daily deposits of marketing advice from the famous Seth Godin. His latest book, “This is Marketing” has a couple of one-liners that are worth mentioning.

Effective marketing makes a promise.”

When creating Youtube videos, Facebook ads, Instagram ads or Blogs. Make sure there’s a promise or an offer.

Once you have the promise/offer it’s now time to put it to work.

Here’s a simple way to generate quality traffic and keep your promise in front of your target audience.

Spend $100 a month on a YouTube Remarketing campaign.

Create a simple video and build a youtube campaign that will follow your website visitors around. You will need the following to make it happen

  1. Upload your video to YouTube
  2. Google Ads account
  3. 30-day remarketing list (put a pixel on your website)

Make it happen or we can do it for you

Are you guilty?

After months of hearing whines from my small but good looking following, I have decided to finally teach a little video marketing method that I have kept to myself.


Because I am going to be switching things up a bit. ​​​​ It’s time to become a lot more outspoken when it comes to marketing campaigns. I’m going to lay it out on the table so that businesses can make better decisions.

I’m tired.

Tired of seeing companies​​​​ blow their budget on bad Google Ad campaigns
Tired of companies hiring the cheapest digital marketing agencies expecting to get everything
Tired of bad messages
Tired of seeing expensive commercials that mean nothing to the consumer
Tired of so many lousy ads​​​​

The list keeps going.

Man, that was a bit negative.

Sorry, I will lay off a bit.

But, I am calling some of you out… 🙂

So here’s something that will brighten your day. ​​​​​​

The last 12 months I have been testing my audiences on YouTube Ads. I’ve been looking for the best audiences to increase my conversions.

Here’s one you can use that will give you a good ROI.

Download your lists and upload those emails to Google Ads. ​​​​

Once you uploaded them, you can create a killer YouTube campaign.

Trust me…

It works like a charm.

Here is a video where I show you how to do this.

Enjoy the free be and only share this with your Mom. ​​

Happy Marketing​​​​​. It’s time to go lift, eat breakfast, and get to making some money.


5 Warning Signs To Watch Out For When Hiring An Online Marketing Agency – Don’t Be Fooled By Digital Marketing Agencies.

5 Warning Signs To Watch Out For When Hiring An Online Marketing Agency – Don’t Be Fooled By Digital Marketing Agencies.

For 10 years I have seen businesses thrive and businesses die from what they do online and a lot of it comes down to the online marketing company they hired.

Here’s what you should watch out for when hiring an online marketing agency. I hope this guide will help you because the odds are not in your favor.

But first, a small disclaimer. There are such things as bad products and services. Even though a marketing company does everything right, not all products and services are equal.


A good online marketing company is not going to save a tanking business. If you have internal issues or no budget, an online marketing company is not going to save you. It doesn’t work that way.

There are always exceptions but this guide is going to point you in the right direction.

But first, let’s answer this question.

Why hire an online marketing company in the first place?

There are a lot of reasons:

  • Leads
  • More customers
  • Build trust with future clients
  • Increase sales
  • Increase traffic
  • Build influence
  • etc..

Does all of this happen overnight? No, it does not. Online marketing is extremely competitive and takes time, money, expertise, and patience.

Whether big or small, all companies need to have an online presence. If someone is going to buy your product or service they need to be able to look into your company and see some type of online presence.

We created a simple lead gen campaign for a body sculpting company. We were able to generate leads and free consultations at an excellent price, but there was one problem: our leads were setting up consultations and not showing up. Why were we losing them?

Because we were just doing a lead gen campaign. There was no nurturing campaigns, no remarketing, no followup, and no case studies. The company needed a full marketing campaign.

It builds trust.

Once you have established the fact that you do need to be online, the next question is…

Do you hire an in-house marketing team or do you hire an outside agency?

Hiring an in-house agency is a really good choice if you yourself know enough about online marketing. That way, you can manage a team and track the numbers.

But this is usually not the case.

What I have seen companies do is hire interns or hire a low wage employee that does not know what they are doing.

It’s not fair for new hires but they are expected to learn about online marketing and run a successful campaign without ever learning the basics.

You may have done this already.

We love competing against these types of companies. By the time the new hires learn enough to be dangerous, they have moved onto another company. Or they abandon their plans too quickly because they get pressure from above.

Plus, most of the hires just want a paycheck. Their performance is not tracked because nobody knows what they should be tracking.

If you want to compete you need to have good players.

A larger established business is in a little different situation. They can afford to hire the best. Bringing everything in-house could be a good solution. They’re the best suited to hire a full online marketing team and pay for their expertise.

Some of the most successful campaigns have come from in-house marketing teams being directed by a legit online marketer.

Doing this may not be in your budget. A team could cost hundreds of thousands a year, if not millions.

Big companies may find it to be more beneficial to hire an outside agency to train and run your campaigns.

At least until the in-house team gets caught up to speed.

Which brings us back to the start.

What things should you look out for when hiring a digital marketing agency?

Let’s get started.

The 5 Online Marketing Agencies to Watch Out For

1. Fooled By The Lowest Price And Size Of Company. (DexYP, network solutions, yellow pages, radio stations, etc.)

These agencies are a dime a dozen. They pitch a $300+ a month package to get you to page one of Google. The salesman’s job is to get you to pay as much as possible and stick you in a long-term contract. I have seen some of these contracts go as high as $9,000 a month.

A lot of dentists, plumbers, HVAC companies, and small local businesses get pulled into these contracts.

You may be in one now.

The price is attractive, but don’t be fooled.

Companies like DexYP, Dex Media, Network Solutions, YP are the exact opposite of what you want.

Think about it…

Who do they hire to manage your account? How many clients does that new hire take on?

My first hire was a young college kid that turned out to be a rock star. She loved online marketing. After 2 years she moved away and was hired by a company called Fusion.

She called me to ask a couple of questions about a client. I asked her, “How many clients are you handling?”

89 was the answer.

She said it was a total mess and she felt bad. But it was her job to try and keep them on as long as possible.

How can any one person handle 89 clients? Online marketing takes time and expertise. If your account is only getting 2 hours a month you will never make progress.

Here’s how these companies do it.

They have a client relationship manager (title may be different) that is in charge of talking with the client. Their job is to do everything possible to keep the client on board. If you go to cancel they will remind you that you have a contract that cannot be broken.

There will be a couple of weeks where they focus on your account until the next person complains.

When something on the campaign needs to be changed they will have the PPC person make the change. Who is that guy?

You don’t know. And you have no idea how many clients or accounts he is managing. It’s a terrible system.

Every marketing campaign requires quality time.

I think you can see the problem.

Better yet, just go read the reviews of these companies. Minus out the fake reviews and you should get a good idea of who you are hiring.

Just a word of caution on bad reviews. A few bad reviews are not a problem. Online marketing does not have a 100% success rate. 60% of businesses are going to succeed which leaves 40% disgruntled businesses.

So bad reviews happen.

The warning signs should go off when you see a consistency of bad reviews and mad businesses on complaint boards.


Paying the least amount possible is a great idea. I am all about bargain shopping, but you have to pay to play.

No legit marketing company is going to do what is necessary for $500 a month.

Stay away.

2. Fooled By The Lack Of Transparency. (Mystery Agency Where Everything Is Hidden And Secret)

Lack of transparency is one of my biggest issues with Online Marketing Agencies and it should be a big concern of yours.

You should have access to all the numbers and accounts behind your business. There should be a total transparency. If you want to see it, they should show it.

Why wouldn’t they?


Most do not want you to see how much money is actually going into their pocket vs how much is being spent on ads.

They will also try to hold you hostage, if you leave them.

Any marketing company that really cares about transparency gives clients full access to all accounts. It’s your business and you are paying money.

A word of warning. Don’t let these marketing agencies put your assets in their name and make sure they drive traffic to your website not some landing page that they create.

I am amazed at how many businesses turn over their domain names, website, Google Ads, and channels over to these agencies.

If you try to leave them, you will have a hard time getting everything back.

3. Fooled By Shiny Objects And Promises

Getting on page one of Google is not easy. Optimizing a Google ad campaign is hard. Creating quality content that people love takes a lot of time.

With online marketing…nothing is guaranteed and everything is a battle.

Marketing agencies that make crazy promises about how successful your online marketing campaign will be should be avoided.

How long does a good SEO campaign take? 6 Months to 2 years is a good time frame.

How long does it take to optimize a PPC campaign? Months.

There are exceptions. I don’t want to scare you away from Online Marketing. You can get customers quickly through ads.

Some businesses just need a few simple adjustments to start generating traffic and sales. Others need a full overhaul of everything.

Just depends.

Case in point.

A couple months back we took on a plumbing business. They had 3 different websites being run by 3 different marketing people.

One of the agencies (it’s a popular one) took their original website and placed it on their platform. They had years worth of awesome content that ended up being duplicated on a different website.

It was a total mess.

The 3rd agency was running their PPC campaign which was using another website for PPC. This agency didn’t even find out we switched the website for 3 months.


The account had not been checked in 3 months.

Don’t be fooled.

4. Fooled By The Agency That Doesn’t Practice What They Preach

This has to be one of the number one things to consider when hiring an agency. Do they themselves have a good online marketing campaign?

Do they have a good blog? Do they have a followup email sequence in place? Are they running ads? Do they eat their own dog food?

We have a couple of online marketing companies in my town that create sales through cold calling. They have no idea how to generate leads online. So they cold call the business and sell them on their online marketing packages.

Do you see the problem?

If an agency had a junky website and a terrible social media campaign, what makes you think they can do better with yours?

Why hire an agency for SEO help if that agency doesn’t seem to have their own SEO figured out?

If that agency cannot even get themselves positioning for their own organic phrases, then do you really think they’re going to be able to help you do so?

Be careful. Do a simple check and see what the online marketing agency is doing for themselves.

5. Fooled by Family, Friends, And Buddies

We have all heard this one.

The family’s neighborhood friend learned some coding and they are now in control of your digital marketing campaign.

I was in meeting with some attorneys last month that said this…

“My father-in-law likes to build websites and we have been waiting for him to build ours.”

Building a site and marketing a website go hand in hand. Once your family or friend builds your website then what?

One of the worst episodes I have seen was a couple of years back when I presented to a company that had their friend running their marketing.

He was charging them $15,000 a month and not doing the work. How did we know this?

The PPC account, emails, and campaigns had not been touched in weeks. The “friend” had been enjoying a monthly income without doing much work.

It’s good to hire family, friends or neighbors as long as they do marketing for a living.

Watch out!

Here are some of the questions you should ask when hiring a digital marketing agency.

  1. Do you have case studies?
  2. Do you have digital marketing for your own company?
  3. Do you track everything in Analytics?
  4. What failures have you experienced and why did the campaigns fail?
  5. Do I have full access to all accounts?
  6. Do I own the accounts when I quit using you?
  7. Do you use Google Webmaster Tools and follow their guidelines?
  8. How long will it take to see results? (run if they say a couple weeks).
  9. Will I be able to see actual spend within AdWords?
  10. How do you measure ROI?
  11. Do you take my calls and are you available when I need you?

Start there.

I hope this helps. Just be careful because digital marketing is war and you want to have the best. Don’t go into battle with mediocre. It’s not worth it and you will lose a lot of time and money.

Time that you cannot get back and money that could have been spent the right way.

Not all digital marketing campaigns are going to be successful. The key is, to hire a company that gives you the best chance to win.

How To Target TV Users With YouTube Ads

How To Target TV Users With YouTube Ads

On average, users watch over 180 million hours of YouTube on TV screens every day. 

YouTube is starting to get in on the TV commercial action. Here’s a quick update on a few changes they have made to the platform.

They know that marketers have been wanting a way to target and adjust bids according to TV viewers, so they have been hard at work building a rich YouTube experience for set-top boxes, gaming consoles, streaming devices like Chromecasts and smart TVs of all stripes.

On October 16 they launched the TV screens device type to make it easy for you to find engaged, valuable audiences while they are watching YouTube on that original device purpose-built for watching video: the TV. The TV screens device type joins computers, mobile phones and tablets in Google Ads and Display & Video 360, meaning you can tailor your campaigns for connected TVs – for example, by using a different creative or setting a specific device bid adjustment. You can also see reporting for ads that run on TV screens to help you determine the impact of these ads within your overall mix.


We’ve already seen that people react positively to ads on the TV screen – based on Ipsos Lab Experiments, YouTube ads shown on TV drove a significant lift in ad recall and purchase intent, with an average lift of 47 percent and 35 percent respectively2. And customers like Pixability are voicing their excitement for the feature:

“Consumers are cutting the cord and this is a tremendous opportunity for advertisers to reach their audiences in the living room with digital video. With the launch of TV Screens device targeting and measurement on YouTube, our customers are better able to understand how their audiences are watching TV screens, and connect with those audiences as they’re engaged in leaned-back viewing.” – David George, CEO, Pixability

Start reaching users on devices that stream TV content – such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming devices like Chromecast – today. 

Turning Off Automatic Targeting On Remarketing (retargeting) Campaigns.

So in this video, I am going to show you guys how to save a bit of money on your remarketing campaigns, especially if you feel like you’re spending a little too much.

This is something that I feel like is a bit of a flaw in the new Ad Words campaign system and it shouldn’t be there but it is and it’s usually checked.

This thing I’m talking about, it’s between conservative and aggressive targeting. Okay?

It’s usually checked conservative, which is just allowing Google to go outside your actual remarketing audience and see if they can find more.

And this is happening more and more with artificial intelligence and campaigns being more and more automated. But I want to show you this setting because it can make a lot of difference.

So over here on your remarketing campaign, 30-day remarketing campaign, you’re going to click on the actual ad group. Now, I get very high click-through rates on my campaigns because of these banner ads. Just a little side notes. These are custom made, very engaging. Okay? So these banner ads get really good click-through rates, but I still was spending too much for my audience.

So you have to go down here to settings, and then you have to click ‘edit ad group’ ‘group targeting’. Under ‘group targeting’ you can see something called ‘automated targeting’. It’s under settings, and this is not easy to find. ‘Automated targeting’ a lot of times this is what’s checked, ‘conservative automation’.

This means Google is going outside of your remarketing audience, which isn’t good. Okay. You don’t want that. Nor do you want aggressive targeting. If it’s a remarketing audience, you only want your ads being shown to that audience.

So what you need to do is turn this off. No automated targeting. Hit save, and then that will eliminate Google from going outside of your actual audience that you’re going after.

So if you’re spending a lot on your remarketing campaign and you’re only spending … Let’s assume you’re spending $1000 on driving traffic, but you’re also spending $200 on remarketing.

Okay. Those numbers, that’s not a really good or healthy ratio. So you probably have a couple things checked that shouldn’t be checked and I want to show you where.

So I hope this helps. Quick little tip. Should save you some money on your remarketing campaigns, and if you like this video, subscribe to our channel.

We do a lot of this stuff where we show you little tips and tricks just on stuff we learn and should help you out. 

Lessons From Moneyball About Marketing, Profits and Business.

Lessons From Moneyball About Marketing, Profits and Business.

I love watching Moneyball. Yes, my wife thinks it’s boring, but I have seen it 3 times and still can’t get enough.  It is a story about perseverance, numbers, consistency and a bit of luck.  The kind of luck that comes when preparation meets opportunity. The movie is also about how sticking to a plan can produce victory.

The Moneyball plot goes like this: Before the 2002 season, the Oakland A’s had one of the smallest payrolls in baseball, had lost key players to free agency, and team ownership expected them to compete with the big teams like the Angels, Rangers, and Yankees.  Billy Beane, the general manager, had a choice – do the same thing as the rest of the league and accept his fate or be bold and try something different to create a better outcome. The results were incredible and revolutionized baseball. The A’s became the first team in over a 100 years in the American League to win 20 straight games.

What changed? The A’s still had a small payroll and few resources. It was Billy Beane’s approach that changed.

Lets start there.

Moneyball Teaches us To:

Think Differently

The majority isn’t always right, yet we tend to accept that since everyone else is doing it then it must be right.  Well, that can be a recipe for disaster.  Billy Beane was forced to think differently about the game of baseball. He didn’t have a huge budget to lure top players like big market teams. He didn’t have lucrative TV deals and sponsors to generate the resources similar to other clubs. If he was going toe to toe with the competition, doing things the way they did, the A’s were doomed to fail.

So… he focused on what he did have – a great minor league farm system, all the data he could want on players, and the authority to change things up.

Billy’s unique approach changed the team’s priorities, analyzed data differently and focused where the competition wasn’t, such as spending more time looking for great high school players. Billy didn’t blindly follow the rest of baseball, or even listen to his own scouts, instead he looked for a new way to do things to create better results.

Think Numbers

Billy Beane (played by Brad Pitt) hired an assistant who looked at the numbers and not the players.  While the rest of the league was obsessed with home runs and batting average, the A’s focus was on base percentage, reducing errors, and favoring matchups that resulted in more wins. Billy wasn’t just looking at numbers differently, he was also looking at the right numbers.

Often times we get so distracted by things that have nothing do with actual performance – in this case, how stable a player’s relationship was with his girlfriend (that was in the movie, btw). By looking at the actual numbers you will see what is really working.  If a webpage gives you a 5% conversion rate compared to 2%, does it really matter what the page looks like?  Stick to the actual numbers and not the eye.  It can be deceiving.  For business it is all about the results regardless of what your circumstances or challenges may be.

Think Results

Moneyball and online marketing

Results are the name of the game.  The movie Moneyball would have never hit the theaters if the Oakland A’s did not achieve results. The same goes for your business. It’s not about traffic, likes, tweets etc.  It is about the results – wins!  Do what works for you business and if you have not discovered it yet, keep planting the seeds until the success that really matters starts to come.  Also remember to hire and surround yourself with people that get results – no matter their age, gender, nationality or sleep habits.

“Your goal shouldn’t be to buy players, your goal should be to buy wins.”

–       Billy Beane from the movie Moneyball

Let me illustrate this by a typical conversation I have with business owners.

Me: What are you looking for?

Business:  We need to get to the top of Google. Our business is struggling and our numbers are looking ugly.  What can you do for me?

Me: Is your goal to get to the top of Google or to get more sales?

Business: Well both, we are looking for SEO experts who can get us to the top.

Me. Getting on page 1 of Google can take a lot of content, time and research.  It may or may not produce the conversion.  What kind of budget are you setting aside for this?

Business: Well I have my cousin who is charging $500 a month to put me on the first page of Google.  We have been with him for 10 months and have not seen much traffic.

Me. Here is the thing; you do not need an SEO guy. Most of them do not understand business.  You need sales. Getting to page one of Google may or may not produce sales.  You need to research then test, and then test some more.  Find out what is actually producing results. You need to capture leads, nurture leads and then convert those leads into loyal customers.  Your online marketing efforts need to be focused on results, not hitting page one of Google.  Page one of Google will come automatically if you put in the right system.

Make a Plan and See It Through

Once the system is put into place you have to trust that it will work.  The Oakland A’s won 20 consecutive games all because Billy Beane had some faith in the system he created.  He didn’t cave when ownership started asking questions or the press second-guessed his moves. He stayed the course and the results did come… in a big way!

In marketing you have to have a little faith and some patience too.  It’s tempting to instantly jump on board when the next new rookie comes to town – Don’t do it!  Why dive into Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter just to leave it all behind for the “next big thing”?  Moneyball teaches us to stick to the plan until you see it through.

Stick to the task ’till it sticks to you,

Beginners are many but enders are few.

Honor, power, place and praise

Will come in time to the one who stays.

Stick to the task ’till it sticks to you,

Bend at it, sweat at it, and smile at it too.

For out of the bend, the sweat, and the smile,

Will come life’s victory after awhile.

–        Thomas S. Monson

Believe in the System (believe in yourself)

What is the best attribute of a winner?  Let me put it this way.   I’m a winner and people often times come to me for advice.  Why do they?  Well, it is not because of my good looks.  It is because I believe that I deserve to win no matter the barriers.

“Winners have developed a strong sense of self-worth, regardless of their status. They weren’t necessarily born with these good feelings, but they’ve learned to like themselves through practice.”

–       The Key to Winning by Dennis Waitley

The simple practice of believing in yourself will propel you to put in the necessary effort to do what it takes to win. It’s not easy and the first guy through the wall usually gets bloody.  There will be opposition, resistance and challenges – count on it. Your belief in the system will be the strength to help get you through to the other side when others are saying “give up”, or “it’s time for something else”.

Oh, and by the way, Billy Beane is still the manager of the Oakland A’s and recently had his contract extended to 2019. The A’s are in the playoffs again this year while the Yankees, Angels and Rangers are all watching from the stands. Think his system still works? Yep, it sure does.

Until next time this is Jace Vernon signing off.  Keep up the amazing work and remember to do business the Moneyball way!


+Jace Vernon