Why should we outsource our marketing to Marketing Hy?

Companies struggle with online marketing. They have two choices. Outsource or bring someone in house. The problem is…

— most online marketing companies don’t get results because they fail to do the work.

— in-house marketers usually lack the expertise and knowledge required to succeed. So they higher a bunch of vendors.

We become part of your company and work towards your goals. It’s about growing your business.

We can create websites, run ppc campaigns, create social media ads, rank webpages, create video and generate leads. Anything related to growing your company’s revenue – we don’t focus on creating the perfect slogan or business cards, but we do create an online story that turns into clients.


“We work together to find the right message for your audience. Simplicity is key!”



“We want resutls just like you do.”


What kind of results can I expect?

Results vary according to your industry and your product. It also can depend on your ad budget. Little ad budgets tend to perform worse than big ones, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work.

At Marketing Hy, we have doubled businesses by creating Facebook Campaigns. There’s a lot that goes into them. Here are some of our results.

Addiction Recovery Space 

  • 700 leads in one week (lead is a name, number, and email address)
  • Cost per lead $4 to $7 per lead
  • 15 – 20 people requested they be contacted per day
  • 1800 Leads in a month

Video Production Space

  • 500 Leads per week
  • Cost per lead $2
  • $300,000 in revenue

The screenshot below are the stats over a 2 month period

Other industries we have worked in.

  • Financial service
  • Healthcare
  • Medical Spa
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Fitness
  • Software
  • Health Supplements
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Video Production
  • Real Estate
  • Lawyers

What is remarketing/retargeting?

The conversion rate of your website is all that matters. Most businesses have a conversion rate below 1%. This is a problem. That means 1% or less of the traffic that hits your website is ever going to fill out the contact form.


You can fix this with a Remarketing Campaign. Most people take multiple touches before they convert. 8 to 12 is a good number to shoot for.

Remarketing means putting a pixel into the header of your website that tracks everyone that visits your site that doesn’t fill out the form, and targets them with advertisements that follow them around the web. We do this with both Banner Ads and Video. You can read more about video remarketing by clicking here.

Remarketing is a cheap way to get multiple touches and increase the conversion rate on your site. It works and we recommend it for all our clients.


“We broadcast your story to the right audience with Video Ads and Online Marketing.”


What do you typically charge for your service?

Engagements start at $2,500 – $5000 per month plus passthrough costs for any ad spend or vendor fees. Six month minimum on all engagements.

What should we expect to spend on Ads? What’s the typical marketing budget?

Not including our fee…you should start with $100 per day to spend on Advertising. That is a good start for a small business. For corporate or enterprise clients you could spend millions on year. It’s based off of your budget.

If you want to scale your business, be prepared to increase the budgets as revenue comes in. We care about scaling and ROI.

How does your Guarantee work?

Online marketing is full of difficulties, but we do Guarantee results.

Our Guarantee is simple. If you’re not satisfied with our work, we work harder until you are. We don’t quit unless you want to.

Why the name Marketing Hy?

Well you want the truth? We used to be called Yinc Marketing, but after we heard everyone say the name wrong, we decided to make a switch. Plus we wanted Marketing to be the first word. A past employee had Marketing Hy and we loved it. Originally we were going to do a high school theme, but changed our minds. The whole idea of elevating ones mind was better. The exact definition of getting high (hy) is… Elevating ones state of mind. 🙂

We elevate your marketing.

Or I guess you could say we are Hy on marketing…


“With our system, we are able to find where your target audience is located.”