Our work is to grow companies. Here’s how!

Below are different case studies where we show you how we used digital marketing and Video marketing to generate leads, traffic and customers. Industries include medical, addiction, plumbers and more.

truth about cancer

Pure YouTube marketing campaign and remarketing campaign.

Which direction would be best and most efficient to push the rest of the month.

Video Marketing Case Study

james garlimah

Build out two YouTube campaigns, one for leads and brand consideration, and test for best results

We wrapped up the campaign with numbers that were even better than expected.

Video Marketing Case Study

HVAC, Plumbing, and Services

Watch the video to get a good feel for a project we have been working on. It’s important that you have all the right pieces in place to get results.

Building a business from scratch with Belle Medical

See how we created 54 consultation request per day. Here are the successes and failures of taking a medical practice from nothing to something.

Competing in the Addiction Recovery space

Addiction recovery is one of the most highly competitive industries. See what it takes to produce close to 500 leads per month and how to sift through all the junk.

More Success and Failures

These cases studies will highlight our success but we have had many failures. You can read about those failures here

F&Q Why Campaign Fail

See how Ydraw used Marketing Hy to go from zero to millions in revenue

Ydraw is a sister company of Marketing Hy. I guess you could say that it all started here.

See Ydraw’s Case Study


Fixing what was broken and lowering the marketing costs of New Roads Behavioral health

Addiction programs can be very difficult. We decided to focus on clean up and SEO.

New Roads Case Study


Millions of video views to celebrate 50 years in business

Now foods had a set budget with a  goal of 1 Million quality views on both YouTube and Facebook. Here’s how we did it.

Now Foods Case Study

Twin home experts consolidation and content strategy.

Jim and Dave had some of the best video and website content we have ever seen, but there was just one problem…

See Video Above