Ydraw Case Study

Taking a business from zero to millions in 18 months.

The Back Story

Ydraw, the creator of explainer videos, started with an excellent idea. They created the whole Whiteboard Animation phenomenon back in 2011.

Two guys on a couch created something of value and needed to educate the world. They both knew that the best way to inform the masses was through online marketing.

How do you take an idea, product, or service and generate a thriving business online?

How do you develop a website, email campaign, traffic systems, forms, and videos?

How do you generate traffic with Adwords campaigns, Facebook campaigns, SEO, networking, etc.

How do you take a company with Zero revenue and make it profitable from day one?

This is where Marketing Hy was born.

The Opportunity

Ydraw focused on 3 things. Which is the foundation for all Marketing Hy marketing campaigns!

Lead Capture
Lead Nurture
Lead Conversion
Each step, specific assets are created.

To capture leads Marketing Hy created a website, banner ads, text ads, and content. Ydraw designed a whiteboard video to be placed on YouTube and the home page.

Secondly we built an Email Nurturing campaign that would establish Ydraw’s expertise and educate the consumer on Whiteboard Videos.

Ydraw started with a $500 a month Adspend which quickly grew to $5000. For every $1.00 spent, $20 came back.

The Creative Assets

The Website

Online marketing starts with the website and your message. We discover the why behind your product or service.

The Video

Some companies have the luxury of creating their own video. Ydraw’s video is still one of the highest converting videos we have seen.

Traffic Generating Activity

Email Campaign, Google ads, YouTube, Facebook and other social media accounts are a must if you plan on running an effective campaign. 

The Results

How Long Did It Take?

From the moment Ydraw launched it’s first whiteboard video, sales started to come in. It took 1 day to generate their first customer and 6 months to put the whole marketing system into place.

Today, Ydraw can increase leads, customers, and revenue with a simple increase in ad spend. Their customers include Google, Microsoft, Ford, Oracle and hundreds of small businesses around the world.

Marketing Hy was able to create a marketing ecosystem that is scaleable.

This is the ultimate goal!