Belle Medical Case Study

Building A Full Online Marketing Campaign From Scratch.

The Back Story

Belle Medical Vegas just opened two locations and needed to start generating leads.

Belle does HD body sculpting for people looking to remove unwanted fat. It was something new in Las Vegas.

If you are trying to market anything that has to do with Plastic Surgery, Spas, or Fitness; Instagram, Google ads, and Facebook are the first play.

The problem is…the competition (Plastic surgery, lipo, coolsculpting, sonnbello, etc)

The Opportunity

Marketing Hy and Belle Medical Vegas decided to do the following:

  • Create a new website
  • Start social media campaigns
  • Use active campaign for the CRM
  • Create a better User Experience with videos
  • Buy Traffic
  • User Influencers
  • Start ads on Facebook, Google, & Instagram

The Creative Assets

The Website

Online marketing starts with the website and your message. We discover the why behind your product or service.

Traffic Generating Activity

Email Campaign, Google ads, YouTube, Facebook and other social media accounts are a must if you plan on running an effective campaign.  Just click on the images to see the different things we created. 

The Results

A Happy Customer

Belle Medical Vegas‘ Instagram followers are now at 4,000 and growing. All done organically.
Day 1 of campaign we had 38 pageviews and 2 consults. By day 2, we had 258 pageviews and 11 consults. By day 3…we had 348 pageviews and 23 consults.
Most consults we created in 1 day?….54