I have found one of the most powerful ways to get others to purchase your product or services is by demonstration and sampling. Let me explain.

Claude C. Hopkins is one of the inventors of test marketing and coupon sampling. In his book, he tells the story about his experience with a Beer company. He took classes to learn how Beer was made but learned nothing. So Claude decided it would be best to visit the factory and see for himself.

“I saw plate-glass rooms where Beer was dripping over pipes, and I asked the reason for them. They told me those rooms were filled with filtered air, so the Beer could be cooled in purity. I saw great filters filled with white-wood pulp. They explained how that filtered the Beer. They showed how they cleaned every pump and pipe, twice daily, to avoid contaminations, how every bottle was cleaned four times by machinery. They showed me artesian wells, where they went 4,000 feet deep for pure water, though their brewery was a Lake Michigan. They showed me the vats where Beer was aged for six months before it went out to the user.

They took me to their laboratory and showed me their original mother yeast cell. It had been developed by 1,200 experiments to bring out the utmost in flavor. All of the yeast used in making Schlitz Beer was developed from that original cell.

I came back to the office, amazed. I said: “Why don’t you tell people these things? Why do you merely try to cry louder than others that your bee is pure? Why don’ you tell the reason?”

“Why,” they said, “the processes we use are just the same as others use. No one can make good Beer without them.”

“But,” I replied, “others have never told this story.

Claude told the story and this went on to be one of his most successful campaigns.

There is power in demonstration! This story occurs in almost all businesses. The creator is too close to the product or service that he sees his methods as ordinary. When in fact they are far from ordinary. Where he sees routine, the masses will see the quality.

There’s power in Demonstration. When you show people what you do, how you do it, and why you do it, there is no argument. Just pure selling!

Every Saturday I head to Costco to load up on groceries for the week. I can’t seem to get out of the place without spending $400 bucks. It’s those darn demonstrations and samples. There’s a reason they do it.

Take a lesson from Costco. Give your audience a demonstration and a sample of what you can do for them.

Do it and watch your sells will increase.

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