How To Export Your Linkedin Contacts To Google And Facebook Custom Audiences

How To Export Your Linkedin Contacts To Google And Facebook Custom Audiences

I did a presentation the other day for on video marketing. One of the tip I like to teach is how you can run video ads to your Linkedin contacts. One of the members asked if I would show him how to export his Linkedin contacts and upload them into Facebook and Google custom audiences.

So here is a video on how you can export your Linkedin contacts to Google and Facebook custom audiences.

The video transcript. Forgive bad grammar and spelling errors this is done by a computer.

Jace Vernon: In this video we’re going to discuss how you guys can export your LinkedIn contacts into your Google Adwords custom email addresses, and also into your Facebook custom email. So, it’s just a way for you guys to take everyone you contacted or people who you’re trying to get a hold of in LinkedIn. You can take all of those contacts export them into Google and Facebook, and then you’re able to run video ads; you are able to run different kind of advertisements to them.

So, example, I use this to contact some executives and CEOs of a certain companies. Let’s assume that you want to get a hold of the CFO of the business. Well, a lot of times they’re hard to track. If you know that they need your product or service a good way to do it is to become friends with them on LinkedIn, or become friends with a bunch of people in their business on LinkedIn and then go after them that way. Create an advertisement or a video exactly for that business, and then export your LinkedIn contacts and then start running them ad.

Okay. So, I’m going to show you how you can do this. First thing you’re going to do is get your LinkedIn contacts. Go over here to LinkedIn. Click on My network. Go to Connections. And here are the connections I have. So I have to 6768 connections. Then go in here and say happy birthday to any of them. Click on this icon over here, the Settings icon and then put Export linking connections. We’re going to do it in a simple Microsoft Outlook export. Got it?

Okay. There is going to be a lot of information that you do not need on this and that kind a messes you up. So, I will go in here and I will delete everything I have, except for the email address. Now sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. You may not need to do this but I just do it to be safe. Okay. So, now I have a list of all of my LinkedIn contacts right here. I may go up here and save this list. Okay, now I have my list. It’s all nice and safe. First thing you’re going to do is jump over into your Google Adwords account. Go down to the left-hand side; I’m going to scroll down so you guys can see this a little better. Left-hand side, you see a Shared library; click on Shared library and then here are your audiences. Click on View the audiences. Click on remarketing lists and custom emails, and put LinkedIn contacts. There we go. We’re going to No expiration on this. Another cool thing you can do with your LinkedIn contacts are you can build audience, similar audiences. So, once you get that audience out there, you can do a similar one. Got it? So, uploaded in, and of the 6562 email addresses 99.98% are good. And you’ll see that it will take them a bit to start building, but now you’re able to advertise on search; you’re able to advertise on YouTube, display on Gmail only.

Okay, So, I talk to you guys about Gmail ads. If you want, you can go check out my other Gmail video at How to run Gmail video Ads or just Gmail sponsored Ads. So, those are all my other tutorials, but you’re able to market to this list through Gmail. So, once there we won’t into have us created all the ads, but that’s how you get your list into Google.

Now, let’s jump over to Facebook. Go to your Ads Account. It will go… Okay, you’re just going to go up here to audiences. Click on Saved audience. I’m teasing, I’m teasing, sorry. It’s a Custom audience. You’re just going to use custom file. Choose a file. Import from Mailchimp; obviously we’re going to choose a file that we want. Click here. Upload that same file that you just uploaded. Now this one, you can put phone number, date, first name, last name, zip code, all those other things, but I’m just going to use the email addresses for now. Then click next. So, it uploaded 6519 rows. There, my audience is created. Done. So, it’s not ready yet. It actually takes Facebook a little bit to update that audience, but same thing here, you can upload this audience then do a similar audience, or a look alike audience, and you’re able to run ads to them.

Okay. So, that is it. Pretty simple. If you have any questions let us know go to or We have a ton of other video tutorials if you want to check them out on Gmail ads, on video ads. Mainly we like to focus a lot on the different video ads out there. We think it’s a huge opportunity. Shoot us a comment. If you have a certain video that you’d like to see a shoot, record,    or show you how to do something let us know. We’re all about helping businesses grow, capturing leads, those types of things.

Okay. Signing off.

How you can export your Linkedin contacts to Google and Facebook custom audiences.


Gmail Video Ad Tutorial. Here’s How To Create Them!

Gmail Video Ad Tutorial. Here’s How To Create Them!

Gmail Video Ads are here! Are you using them?

Before we jump into the Gmail video ad explanation and tutorial, I wanted to show all of you what I did this week. I dunked on Shaq.

Here is the proof.

It’s not everyday you get the chance to dunk on the big guy. I took it. 🙂

Now back to Gmail Video Ads.

Many of you know that I love Gmail ads. I have spent thousand of dollars testing them. So far, the ROI has been exceptional.

I highly recommend using Gmail Ads if you are not. You can check out a Gmail tutorial here to learn how to set up your first Gmail campaign.

Yesterday I was creating some ads and I found this, a video ad option.


This is perfect! You can deliver your full message right within gmail. The audience clicks on the play button and the video pops up.

A lot of times visitors do not like to leave their Gmail account. With a Gmail video ad, they do not have to. They watch your message and then decide if they are interested in your product or service.

Before we jump into the tutorial you need to make sure you have a couple of things in place.

  1. A great video.
  2. Your video has to be uploaded to YouTube.

Without those two step you do not even have the option to run video ads.

Here is how to create a Gmail Video Ad

1. Open up an Adwords account (If you would like $100 dollars in Google ads, let me know. I can send you a code created by my partner account. You do have to spend $25 to get the $100.)
2. Create a new display campaign
3. Create the actual Gmail ad
4. Choose the right audience
5. Let it run

I find it a lot easier to shoot a simple video. Watch the video and I will show you exactly how to set up the campaign.

Here is the transcript for the Video. Forgive the typos and spellings. A computer does this…

Jace Vernon: Good morning, everyone. It is Jace with Yinc Marketing and Ydraw. I am here to bring you a video on Gmail video ads. So, the other day I was on my Gmail and I saw a promotional ad, clicked on it and there popped up a video ad, where you just click, watch the video.

So, once I saw that, I love video ads. I love the whole thing about Gmail ads. It’s kind of the perfect mix for me. I jumped over there, started creating, and I wanted to get you guys out a video to show you guys how to create Gmail video ads. That way, come Tuesday (it is the 4th of July today, so Happy 4th of July for those in the US)…

So, I wanted to get this out today, so tomorrow – come Tuesday – you guys are able to jump on it and start implementing it. Got it?

So, we’re going to jump right in. I’m going to try to do this here within five minutes. So, first thing you’re going to do is create a new campaign. Go down to Display. This is going to be our Gmail video ad. Got it? I’m not going to worry about a lot of the copywriting. Not the copywriting like the copy. Normally I’d spend some time creating the best copy I could, but I’m not doing that right now, because I want to get this out. That’s something that you need to study.

So, enhanced CPC – you can leave that. It’s not; there’s no location, there’s no call ad. You don’t need to worry about that. I do like to go down here and change this to rotate indefinitely, because I like to do my own AB testing first. I’ll upload multiple ads. I will see which one’s getting a higher conversion, higher click-through rates, then I will pick. I don’t allow Google to do it, because I just don’t feel like they’re doing a good job. Two viewable impressions – you can do as many as you want there. I like to do 2, and then I hit Save.

Then it jumps over to this portion. I like to click this off – targeting options like Adwords automatically finding new customers. No, I don’t want to do that due to the fact that I’m going to be choosing my keywords. I just don’t like Google trying to go out there, because I felt like I wasted my budget sometimes. You may feel differently on that, but that’s just what I found. Enhanced CPC bid – we’re going to go 10 cents per click.

We need to now do our targeting method. We’re not going to worry about that right now. So, I’ll just go Save. Great. I skipped that. Okay.

So, it now brings you to here. You are now ready to do a few things. First, thing you need to do is go in and add your actual targeting. You have to go to placements, so you click over on the display network tab; then you click on displacements just to see that there’s nothing there and then we are going to add in… Just teasing. Just teasing, just teasing. We have to go add our ad first. So, first thing we’re going to do is create an ad group. We were just here. I skipped it and I shouldn’t have. So, we’re going to do targeting method. You have to go to placement.

Okay. Use a different targeting method. Down here multiple placements, Now, what I did I just opened up that now allows us to be on the Gmail network. Okay, we’re going to skip ad creation. We do not want the ad creation right this second, because we’re going to go in here, and go to ad gallery and we’re going to do an actual Gmail ad. Okay, so you’re not going to do a text ad. You’re going to do an actual Gmail ad. Now you have the Gmail image template, you have the Gmail single promotion template, Gmail multiple template and Gmail catalogue. Okay, right here this one Gmail single promotion template, this is where you’re going to find the option to be able to put it in your video. So, we’re going to go to Ydraw. Image – make sure you put in a good image here. I’m going to throw in, like something like this is usually pretty good just because it grabs your attention.

Now, let me change that. So, I don’t want to spend a lot of time doing this. You need to actually spend some time on creating these headlines. The whole idea is to get a high click through rate. So, do some testing, create these headlines, use your search, search campaigns to find out what’s really converting for you. And use kind of that same wording. So, I’m just going to throw in some stuff.

Okay. Now, here is where you are going to create your video ad. This gives you the option. You’re going to select the video. So click on this one over here, type it in – it will find it, and then you are able to pop in your video. Now, the nice thing about this is when they’re in your Gmail; a lot of people when they’re in Gmail, they don’t want to go outside of Gmail. Okay. So, with a video ad you’re able to deliver your message right there within Gmail.

So, if they’re interested in your product, they click on this watch your video, and then they’ll decide if they want to leave and go out to your website. So, it’s a good thing to weed out customers or interested customers, because they’re not going to go to your website if they watch your video. Another thing you want to be careful with is if your video is terrible or it’s not good at conversions, or it’s boring, anything, that actually can look bad on your business. So, make sure you have a pretty good video there. Got it?

Headline… Okay.

So, there is our ad. Like I said, spend some time creating it and you can see this is what pops up when you click on the promotions tab, so let me… I’m over on my Gmail. I just clicked over so here is the copy. You can click on this, and this is the actual ad within Gmail. Now, how does Gmail decide what to stick there, so what ad pops up here? They are reading your emails. They know what your likes, interest and all that are, so they will try to match up an ad according to your likes, and interests and topics, and everything. Got it?

So, that’s where your ad is going to show up. So, they’ll click on it and then right there you’ll going to have a play button. They can watch your video and it just opens up right here on their Gmail. Got it?

So, once you’ve gone that far, you then click Save and your video ad is running right now. It is running on the whole entire network. Okay. You are not targeted, so don’t leave it like that; you’re going to lose a lot of money. You need to now go in there and put in your display keywords. So, whether you’re in the video business or orthodontist, I mean whatever you’re doing, you need to put in your display keywords.

Now, I recommend choosing one target group and then doing another ad. So, don’t do a bunch of different topics mixed with keywords, mixed with remarketing, any of those types of things. Yet something I like about Gmail is you’re able to go in here and click on interest and remarketing, you can upload custom email list. So, like I have a list of 20,000 sitting in Infusionsoft. So, I can go grab that list, upload it in here, and do Gmail ads to my list. And then also Google will create a similar audience according to my list. I can market to them. So there you have a lot of options within this display network. Got it?
And I have some other video you can go watch- How to Actually Target Gmail Ads.

Now, last thing. I want to give you guys a little secret that I have been testing. Let me bring up an ad. I saw somebody do this and just caught my eye. Here is a Gmail ad I’m running; I’m just bringing it over to you right now, from my own business. So, I wrote up a simple page document, a Word Document. Then, I screenshot this simple image. So, it’s almost like I get all this wording. Well, you don’t have the ability to put all this wording in when you’re doing Gmail ads. So, this is kind of like a short form sales letter and you can go over here to the display network, right here where you do ads. You can upload a Gmail ad and do it with the image. So right here is the Gmail image template. What I do; sorry, this is kind of off. I just want to show you guys real quickly how to do this. same thing, you’re going to get really good headline subject descriptions, but look, now I have an image in there that they can read and they can click here. so, it’s a way to get a lot more wording, but that is what the ad looks like.

Got it? So, good luck. If you have any questions left, let me know. You can email me [email protected]. Go check out our other videos. You can go to our website, or if you’re needing a video, you can always go to Questions, like I said, I’m available.

Good luck. Get out there. Build your Gmail video ads and we can chat later. See you.

Video Marketing On Facebook! Does it work?

Top Benefits of Facebook Video Marketing

The value of top Video Marketing has been heavily explored in the past and nowadays businesses of all sizes have begun implementing video in their marketing campaigns. Video is a cheap way to get your message across and with Social Media platforms like Facebook taking full advantage of video to drive up engagement, it is only sensible that business and brands use video accordingly.

In the following article, we’ll be going over the top benefits of using your video on Facebook and how it has helped thousands of brands obtain killer traffic to their sites. In addition, we’ll be outlining some of the best tactics you can implement right now to put your brand on the map.


Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform boasting over one billion users and while the organic reach of Facebook has dropped significantly over the past few years, their paid advertisement platform is one of the best available when used correctly.

Facebook is the second largest trafficked website and at any given time has more than five hundred million active users. In other words, there are roughly 500 million people right now on Facebook engaging in content from friends and brands alike. If you could only manage to obtain 1% of this traffic and direct it to your business, we’re talking about 5 million potential prospects visiting your brand. Now that’s impressive!

Mobile Users

Another important factor that brands and businesses must take into consideration is that the world is moving to searching the internet through mobile devices. It’s estimated that by 2019 that mobile users will surpass every other medium of exploring content online. Facebook is Mobile friendly and with 1 billion people using Facebook from a mobile device every month, it only makes sense to utilize the platform to reach your ideal customer.

Facebook videos are mobile friendly and is quickly becoming the main means for users to watch video.

Video and Social Behavior

Another killer reason why Facebook video marketing is so effective is due to the fact that users have all the means to share the content in a flash. With ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ buttons right below your video, you can tap into organic traffic much quicker than other platforms. In addition, Facebook gives you more exposure if the videos are hosted on their platform, meaning you’ll reach further demographics a lot easier than Youtube videos within their platform.

Hot Triggers – Awesome CTAs

One feature that Facebook videos have that is lacking on Youtube is the embedded call to action. When loading up a Facebook video, you have the option to embed a CTA at the end of the video. What this means is that once the user has finished watching the video, a clickable CTA is posted in the center of the screen. Typically, it reads “Learn more” or “subscribe” and once clicked will re-direct the user to the designated page.

In other words, after you have engaged your users and grabbed their attention, you can quickly send them to a relevant offer to help drive up conversions.

Boosting Virality Potential

Now let’s get into the true potential of marketing on Facebook with video. The Facebook advertising platform is one of the best in the world. You have the ability to reach millions of viewers if you understand how to properly boost your videos. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty details of boosting as that is a topic all on its own, however I will provide you with a general overview on how it works.

We already established that Facebook will show you more “love” if you upload the video directly on their platform. However, while the organic reach is dismal, the boosting potential can create a landslide of traffic coming your way.

The way you do this is by creating ‘audiences’ within the platform. You select ‘interests’ (which essentially are your keywords) of which Facebook will give you an estimated reach. You can continue to refine your reach based on geographic locations, general interests, excluding interests from a general interest and much more.

I strongly suggest you take time to explore their advertising options as many people have managed to boost videos into the millions of views on budgets as low as $20 USD.

The ‘Like-Invite’ Feature

This option isn’t available for all pages, however for the most part if your Facebook page has fewer than a hundred thousand likes you could take advantage of this feature. Essentially the “like-invite” feature (I don’t know if that’s what it’s called officially) allows you to invite users to like your page if they ‘liked your content’ even if they aren’t a fan or a friend of your brand.

In other words, if you manage to create a viral video. Let’s say there are 5,000 likes on the video and your page only has 3,000 likes; that means that there are potentially 2,000 people who could become fans of your page. You simply have to go down to where it says “These many people liked this post” and select the ‘Others’ link. This will bring up a list of people who liked your particular post. You’ll quickly notice that there are options that says “Invite to page”, simply click that and you could have a new fan on your business page.

This feature has helped people build solid communities really quickly by creating engaging content and taking advantage of the paid advertisement platform.

The Bottom Line

Video Marketing is no longer the ‘future of marketing’, it’s what’s happening right now! Facebook has worked hard over the years to incorporate video into their platform and many brands have seen the massive benefits of this integration. Seeing that people spend more time on Facebook than they do on Google, should give you the motivation to start incorporating video marketing on Facebook right now.

People are social creatures and the latest statistics and trends are clear on the fact that the Facebook community loves videos. Tap into the power of Facebook Video Marketing today!


Video Marketing Workshop For The ITEXPO

Video Marketing Workshop For The ITEXPO

This last week I gave a simple Video Marketing Presentation at the ITEXPO. It’s more like a video marketing workshop. I enjoy teaching people about video marketing and how to use it in their business.

I recorded the power point and had my person overseas write down the transcript. Enjoy!

[Start of video Video Marketing Tutorial and Presentation given at Florida ITEXPO]
[Beginning of recorded material]

Jace Vernon: Hey, good morning everyone. Jace over here, at Yinc Marketing. I’m sitting here in Las Vegas. Just got back from doing a presentation in Fort Lauderdale Florida, and I thought I would come home and record that presentation for you guys, just so you can use it abuse it. Always some pretty good information. This is my second time recording this thing. I don’t know what happened. I am sitting here in an Airbnb, and big noise, freaky. So, this is Round 2. Got it? So, let’s jump in.

First thing, whenever I give a presentation the first thing I like to do is inspire and educate on you guys, on how you can take video and use it for your business. Okay? Everything that I talk about, all these videos that I’m giving you, I want you to take them and I want you to apply them to your business. We always get bombarded with so much information that we figure it to apply that information. It’s a lot better to learn little and apply it, than it is to learn a ton and not to apply it. So, try to take this PowerPoint; try to take these slides and use them. Put video marketing to work right away. And, if you ever have any questions, you can always text me; you can always send me an e-mail. My information is all over. Okay?

So, a little bit about myself. I started two companies Ydraw, Yinc Marketing. I’ve started other companies before that, but right now what takes up my time is Ydraw and Yinc Marketing. Ydraw- we have created the Whiteboard animation thing, and Yinc Marketing- we do video marketing, Instagram marketing, Facebook ads, Mail marketing, those types of things. You can always just go to the websites and see what we do. That’s me. Father- I’ve got four great kids; spend a lot of time with them, spend a lot of time with work, love what I do. So, like I said, I am available for you guys if you have questions or need anything, let me know. But we’ll jump right into this presentation.
Videos, our video- I kind a like to do then and now.

So, it all started…

I put up some numbers up here- $4.500.000 vs. $0.08. When I asked the people in the audience what do that $4.5 million represent, no one really knew, so I’m just going to tell you. $4.5 million is the amount you’re going to have to pay for a Super Bowl ad this year. Okay, it’s like in two weeks. So, that’s for a 30 seconds commercial ad. You’re going to pay $4.5 million vs. $0.08. Now, that $0.08 represents the amount of money you’re going to pay for one view on YouTube. Go back in the day, a lot of small businesses or companies couldn’t afford to put $4.5 million out there, and a lot of times that $4.5 million does not get them a return. It’s just to say they have a commercial on the Super Bowl. They’re usually terrible commercials that are just fun, but most do not get that get of a return. The $0.08 is something that small business can afford. You can afford $5 a day to run video ads. So, it is available to us now. It used to don’t be, is like computers. Not everyone had a computer when they first came out, now everyone does. Not everyone can do a video marketing; well, now everyone can, because it’s now affordable and technology is only going to get better. You think video marketing is good today; wait till five years. So, my recommendation is jump on it quickly. I also put a number here. I spent $120 to make $18.000 in one day.

So, I’ve given a presentation at the affiliate summit a couple of weeks ago, and before the presentation, I wanted to find out what we were spending. I called Wes, who is my sales guy. I wanted to know what we made, and I just said ‘hey Wes, what did we make today on Instagram ads only, not counting all our other sources?’ And he said ‘well, I’ve made over $18.000 in sells just from Instagram video ads today’. Well, I looked up how much I spent that day so far and it was $120. Got it? So, not saying you’re going to get this kind of a return, you may, you may not. Here, we have continued to run video ads ever since we could, and they work. They get comments, they get shares, they get likes, and obviously they get us business. Got it? So, what I mean by giving that to you is hey, you do not to jump on the bandwagon. It’s only going to get more competitive. So, it’s pretty cheap right now, so get on it. If you can’t link video marketing to leads, sales and customers, lead sales, customers and revenue, you’re doing it all wrong. Got it? It’s not about the views- it’s all about the results. Everything we do, everything I talk about, I want you to be able to take that through you funnel and say, okay, these video ads are generating these many leads, these many customers, these many sales. Long gone are the days of just blasting and hope it works. So, make sure you have your conversion pixels in place.

Video marketing workshop break

So, here we go. Four steps to video domination. Got it? So, all of us have ADHD. We only have s long to capture people’s attention. One of our videos says 54 seconds, and it’s funny. The video that says 54 seconds it’s actually a 2-minute 30 seconds video, and people make it all the way to the end all the time. The whole idea about us having ADHD is you need to entertain first, educate second. Get their attention first, educate second. Got it? You can’t just do your standard boring videos anymore, because there’s just too many other things that the viewer could be doing. There is too many other things that they could be watching, and a lot of times you’re interrupting them while they are doing something. You’re interrupting them while they’re on their Instagram; you’re interrupting them while they’re on Facebook, on YouTube. So, you have to make sure that you’re entertaining and just unique.
So, I’m going to show you a video that we created. This was created specifically for YouTube ads. So, let’s go here, bring yourself a browser.

“W-w-w-wait, wait, wait. We have an amazing message for you. But first, we have to get rid of the skip button.”
Okay. Basically what happens is we first have a pattern interrupt, where he jumps up, wave his hands as w-w-wait, wait, wait, we have good message and then he does something kind a fun. That skip button will appear right at five seconds and he shoots that skip button. And obviously doesn’t go anywhere, just hits and drops. And then…
“Obviously that doesn’t going to work, but you will want to stick around.”
Then, they sit around for the message. Okay? So, we get comments on all the time that people love this video. Make sure that’s entertaining. It does get us good business. Here is another really fun video that I like to show. I wish we would’ve done this one. You can always go back to and find these videos.
“You could skip this ad, but then you’ll electrocute this puppy.
Good for you. You just saved the puppy.”

Okay. So, wish I would’ve thought of that video. That’s another something that this guys did and obviously people are watching. You’ve got 300.000 views on this one just from some communications. So, very kind a creative to think of that; obviously have the puppy, cute little puppy there, a guy, skip button interacting with that. And Geico does some really good ones. You have some, let’s click on this one.

“What if this one time you didn’t press skip? You’re going to set the whole eye play through. What journey could your life take? You can see the world, places that are unbelievable.”

Okay. Now, there is another good one that’s a pre-roll ad, but here is the problem with that one. It’s only 15 seconds. So, you don’t want to create a pre-roll ad that’s only 15 seconds due to the fact that now every time that plays, you’re going to be paying. Got it? So, just some stuff that you can do.

Now, what makes a good video? You need to make sure- go back to your… A good video always has a headline problem solution call to action. That’s kind of how you need to structure your videos. It’s a simple formula, but it’s a formula that works. You always open up with a strong headline. Then you go through and identify the problem so that the person is like ‘yeah, I have that problem’. Then you show them the solution or your product and service, and how it solves their problem, and then obviously do a strong call to action. And that is where you ask them to do something. You get them to click on your website; you get them to call you. These are kind an all marketing 101. Your copy should have kind of the same structure. Okay? And then, I like to wrap it all within a story; stories convert. So, if you can tell your story, but to have a fall within the headline problem solution call to action, that is what you need. And, headline can be anything. It can be a pattern interruption thing, can be something exciting. Just, you can start at a high, high point of like excitement or desperation, or you have somebody in a situation that just gets their attention immediately, and then you can go through the rest of the script. Problem solution call to action, got it?

Video marketing workshop break

Everyone ask what links they should have on their video- doesn’t really matter. You do whatever it takes. Now, you don’t want to go up one-hour video, but you need to do whatever it takes to get the conversion. Sometimes you can do it in 30 seconds, sometimes it takes 7 minutes. So, just don’t get repeating yourself.

Now, once you have that video done, first thing you want to do is get it onto YouTube. I like t use YouTube, I don’t like to use my own like hosting services or any other, just because YouTube is the best. It has all the capabilities, everything you’re going to need, plus you have the ability to remarket anyone that watches your videos, which is huge. So, you get your video on YouTube, and then what you want to do is rank that video. You might as well get some good SEO, which is search engine optimization out of it. So, give it a good title tag, give it a very good description tag, a long one. Make sure your website, your URLs are in there, make sure you have good keyword tags. And then, what you want to do is go out and get some links to that video. I have other videos that explain how to rank them exactly and some examples of use ranking. In like 20 minutes we get them to page 1 of Google, Facebook. Got it? So, it is something you can take a video and get some traffic immediately from it, as long as you rank it. Now, you can see an example. We just got this video. This took about two minutes to do. We create a video for an orthodontist and immediately we ranked at first local area. Here is another example. These are ours ranked at ‘I want a best video marketing company’. It took me about 30 minutes ranked at there. Also, that’s an ad that I bought. So, I have both an ad out of the top three spots, I’ve got two of them. Got it? So, you just want to be out there, get people to your video so they can watch your message and then from there convert them.

So, let’s talk about ads. Once you have the video done, it’s time to start putting it to work with some video ads. You have some options, you have YouTube ads, you got Instagram ads, and you have Facebook ads. And when I say ads, I’m talking video ads. You can also do standard image, but this is specific for YouTube ads, and Instagram and Facebook. I mean, specific for video ads. Okay. So, let’s talk YouTube. And, I don’t know why that clicked on. So, on YouTube you have two options. You have an in-stream ad, which plays before the videos, and then you have in-display ad, which are the search results ones I showed you earlier, right here. Let me jump over back here to… Not there. Okay, let’s go to YouTube. Let’s type in lawyer. I don’t know why I give examples of lawyer. Interesting. Okay, there is about 2.5 million results when you type in lawyer. Right there, that’s one of our clients. You can see he pops at number 1, for that spot on lawyer. So, that’s an in-display ad right there. That’s an in-display ad. Got it? If you want to type in, let’s say you are in the speaking industry. Speaking coach. Got it? That’s- no ads. So, if there is a speaking coach out there, they might want to look at running some ad. So, let’s click on this one, and I want to show you where else you can run ad. Okay, stop. So, right here, this video right here is allowing ads. So, you can not only be here at the top, where you can have your ad here for the keyword ‘speaking coach’, but you could also if they click on this one, what do you want to do is run your video ad right here. Got it? So, you know you have a captive audience, you know you have an audience that is interested in at what you do. So, you play your [Inaudible 13:57]. Then you click on this one. She does not allow ads, and how you know that is there’s a little yellow bar. If you don’t see them at the front, it doesn’t mean they’re not available. It has a little yellow bar right there. I’ll find one for you. So, this is what you want to do, is just keyword it out. Do like 20 keywords and then go through the first two pages. Skip a few. One, two, skip a few. I would pick something that… I just want to show you this bar. So, this is kind a time-consuming thing. There’s some softwares out there that will do it for you. Come on, show me the yellow bar. There is some software, but I don’t recommend it, especially if you knew I recommend going through and doing it manually like this. Funny, funny, all these speaking people. I just want to show you guys that little tag. Actually, I think I’ve been looking for that guy. Speakers is probably not. Let’s jump over to- what can we do here? Try anything. Okay. Telecom. We had some people yesterday on Telecom stuff. That one does allow ads, but we didn’t see the yellow bar. So, you can take that one, that one showing at the first. Okay, there. Finally. So, right there. Here is a little yellow thing that just says that it allows ads. So, you want to go through every single video with your keywords, go through the first two pages actually. So, get like 10 keywords, 20 keywords. You want to rank four; you want your ad to pop up four. Then go through them and find the exact videos you want to play on. Got it? And you can do that with YouTube. And you’re going to use the Ad Words platform. So, you got before videos, and then you got in-search results; so, in-stream and in-display. Got it?

And like I said, I’ve got tutorial videos for every single one of these. So, here is something you need to watch out for on YouTube videos. Placement- obviously you don’t want to be playing on videos like “Wheels on the bus”. You’re going to waste your money. You make sure you’re very selective on where you’re placing your videos. Keywords- use quotes and be very strict. So, if you’re going to put in a keyword make sure you put quotes around it or make sure you put brackets. Brackets is an exact quote as a phrase. So, use quotes, use brackets. And then the other one is remarketing only for now. So, display… I meant discuss remarketing in the second. Oh display- so Google gives you option to put on a display videos where it’s the one that pops up in the bottom of videos. I don’t recommend doing those only for remarketing. Just big as you could waste, a lot of money. I watch my kids all the time on their phones and they always accidentally click those display ads and that’s not what you want. Got it? Here is an example of some results of some YouTube pre-roll ads. Total cost- $264. You got 2.000 clicks, 676 conversions, 39 cents of conversion. That’s very good. You may get those, you may not. I’m willing to pay $20 a conversion, $30 a conversion, $100 a conversion with some of my products. Got it? So, everybody’s numbers are going to look a little different, you just need to make sure you get where you need to be to get that return on investment. Got it?

Okay, after that you have Facebook, you have Instagram. So, Facebook video ads, Instagram video ads, we are loving these right now, and here is the reason why. With Facebook and Instagram they have so much information on consumers. They know what their liking, they know their e-mail addresses, they know how they interact, they know how much time they spend on computers. They got all this information that we’re able to take and use as advertisers. So, I can say ‘I want to run my video ad in front of all the mothers in Texas that are at this zip code, that are soccer moms, that like these pages, that do this things; or I want to run an ad to all the CEOs in New York. Okay? So, you can be very, very selective on the audience as that you want to choose, which is just so powerful. And then, the nice thing about Facebook’s algorithm is it adjust. So, as you get more conversions, you can then take your conversions and do look alike audiences. Facebook will automatically start adjusting to get you more conversions. Okay? I don’t understand how the algorithm works. All I know that it works and it’s only going to get better. Facebook is under a lot of pressure to perform and to perform, while will their stock prices are going to perform well, if us advertisers are spending money. Got it? So, their algorithm is awesome and I just feel like it’s getting better and better. I just build a look alike audience so I went and put a pixel on my conversion page, did a look alike audience, and I’m converting like $5 a conversion all day long. Go it?

Video marketing workshop break


Stuff about Instagram that you have to be aware of, it’s not like your typical platform due to the fact that people like to interact on Instagram. So, you need to keep an eye on it. This video ad that we’re running has 97 comments and a lot of these comments are like ‘hey, can you e-mail me information?’And also a lot of them are ‘take a look at this’. So, they share it back and forth, so you can really interact with the consumers, answer questions on there. It’s just a different platform, but it’s working. Facebook is the same way. People are able to interact, make comments, share it with others. So, that’s a power. And, I really like retargeting for both YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Okay. Let me explain now how that works, after I go through these numbers real quick. So, here is an example of some tests I was running. You can see during the December years, if you go back her from December`, the price went way up. That’s due to the fact of all your holidays, people running ads, and then it just dies down. Got it? So, you can see my cost per lead up here goes up during the holidays, and then it goes back down. Got it? I’m paying 374 cost per result, website clicks- 27. See over here. Now, this is the one where they’re interacting on Instagram. We made a lot of money. I’ve spent $3.000, but trust me I’ve probably made a way, way, way more than that. Got it?

So, let me go back and I want to discuss retargeting with you guys. I didn’t do this on the presentation, but I’m going to do that now, just because I want to show you. Let’s say that I watched this video. Okay, if I decide to watch this video, if you want- you can pixel anyone that’s watching your videos. Then you can turn around and run them another video. So, let’s say they’re going to put a cookie in your browser. So, they’ll put a pixel on your browser, so they know I watch that video. Let’s say I click this guy. Of course… Let’s say I click this guy. Okay, this allows an add. So if I wanted to, I could then run that person another ad. That I know that they’ve watched one of my videos, now I can run them a different video. And, there is a lot you can do with that. Let’s say they watch a video on a certain page; you can then retarget them. Same with Facebook, Instagram. You can put a pixel on your website. So, if you go to, I’m going to pixel your browser. Got it? Then I’m able to run you video ads, I’m able to run you banner ads. I just know you’re a visitor, and I’m able to take that information and build audiences of my visitors. But more powerful than that, like I talked about was look alike audiences. I know that people are coming to my site. I want those people. I could go to Facebook and say ‘Build me an audience that looks like all the people visiting my site, and they’ll build out a million person audience and you can run them ads. Okay. And we’re seeing really good conversions from that also, from the look alike audiences.

That is it. That is a quick short presentation on video marketing. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. My e-mails are usually on my website. Go to I’m [email protected] Feel free to contact me. Let me know if you have questions. Let me know if you need help. I’m always producing these types of videos, so for some reason you need some more education, jump over onto my YouTube channel, both Ydraw and Yinc, and you can get educated. Got it?

Thanks for listening. Have a good day.

[End of recorded material]

Video Marketing Presentation

Hope you enjoyed our Video marketing workshop 

The Most Incredible and Comprehensive Video Marketing Article You Will Ever Read

The Most Incredible and Comprehensive Video Marketing Article You Will Ever Read

During my morning routine at the gym I had an idea about video marketing. I seem to get my best ideas when I am actively doing something besides work. It’s kind of weird.

If you are like me… you tend to start lifting weights or exercising and then the next thing you know you’re off in space thinking about business.

It’s a curse… 🙂

A good curse that can bring you guys a lot of value.

So I was on some back-lifting machine when it hit me:

“Why don’t you create a guide on the whole video marketing system, so they can see how it all works together?”


I have yet to create an article or webinar that covers the whole video marketing system.

Sure, I’ve covered parts of the system – but I have yet to show you how it all comes together.

The whole system is what gets the best results and I am about to show how it all works together.

But first let’s talk numbers.

“Does video marketing really work?”


Here are some case studies:

Rick Case Honda launched a simple YouTube TrueView campaign encouraging people to trade in their vehicles.

After launching the ads, the dealership doubled their number of trade-ins and increased their website traffic by 18%. They found that video advertising converted 4x as much as other advertising avenues.

The best number of all… They got a 12x return on their investment.


That is not bad for a car dealership.

My company, Ydraw, has received over 1000 qualified leads from video marketing ads. That doesn’t even count all of the calls I get from people searching for explainer videos on YouTube and my ads pop up in front of my competitor’s videos.

Here are a couple of screenshots:

Keywords in-display video ads:

YouTube In-Display Keywords video ads

Placement video ads:

Placement Video Ads

These numbers are amazing and you can see what some of my conversions are costing me. I would be happy to explain these numbers to you, if you would like to set up a free consultation just click here.

If you’re on the fence about video ads, I recommend that you get in touch with my team. We can tell right away if you have a product or service that will work great with video ads.

I believe every company needs some type of video marketing campaign, but I also know that video ads do not work for everyone.

Let’s jump in. We are going to cover the following:

1. It all starts with a video
2. Place the video on your home page
3. Create a YouTube channel then post, rank, and optimize the video
4. Place annotations and YouTube cards on your video
5. Run YouTube video ads
6. Cookie people who watch your video
7. Upload the video to Facebook and run Facebook ads
8. Share your video everywhere

It all starts with a video.

Have you ever heard of Dr. James McQuivey?

Me neither, but everyone in the video world keeps quoting the guy. And since he has “Dr.” in front of his name we will use his study to build our case.

The Doc says, “The value of one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words.”

That is a lot (a lot of BS, that is). Sorry, most stats are made up and this one is no exception.

You, my reader, are smarter than the average Dr. but at the same time I hope you see that a one minute video can say a lot more than 150 words of text.

Yes I know it doesn’t equal 1.8 million words, but it is somewhere in the ballpark.

Either way, video is better, and needs to be placed on your home page, social media, video ads, and email campaigns.

The video you create needs to be customized to speak to your audience. Unless you’re a huge organization that everyone knows, your video has to use more of a direct sales approach for it to be effective.


You consider where your audience is in the buying cycle and design accordingly. Here’s one of the better quotes/ideas I have heard about this subject.

It came from Russell Brunson who was quoting Gene Schwartz.

“If your prospect is aware of your product and has realized it can satisfy his desire, your headline starts with the product. If he is not aware of your product, but only of the desire itself, your headline starts with the desire. If he is not yet aware of what he really seeks, but is concerned with the general problem, your headline starts with the problem and crystallizes it into a specific need.”

The Story

We all relate to stories and if you are looking to convince someone to buy your product or service, a story is where you should begin.

Here is a great example:

I love speaking at conferences, because I get the chance to help other business owners. I have found that whenever I share my story about how I started my first company, was a multiple millionaire within a couple of years, and broke just a few years later, I get a lot better result. (Obviously there’s a lot more that goes into it than that, but we’re summarizing.)

By sharing my ups and downs the audience relates more and is willing to listen to what I have to say.

Video is the same.

Use experiences, stories, and testimonials that others can relate to. Big corporations have a tendency to become too robotic and start talking facts. Stop with the crazy facts and features and start with a story; your message will stay with the audience longer.

Entertain first, educate second.

Your video can’t be boring!

Over the last 8 weeks we have been working on a big project. It is actually one of the biggest projects we have done so far.

Curtis did an amazing job on selling the vision to this company. It was exciting and we were going to create a masterpiece.

It started out great, but because of bureaucracy, boring executives playing it safe, and lame suggestions by people who have no idea… the video has gone from great to junk.

Instead of creating a masterpiece, the client has become concerned with not offending anyone. They’ve forgotten the simple rule of polarity.

I can’t tell you how much it hurts to say this, because Ydraw hates creating junk.

This is one of the reasons that so few videos get shared or passed around. We have to first entertain and then educate.

So when you design your video, if you want to get any traction at all, you take risks.

Please trust me on this one.

Polarity works. Stop trying to make everyone happy.

Moving on…

If you’re really nervous about creating video ads, let Ydraw do it, they can help you get the job done.

If you are on a very tight budget you can check out some of the resources that Google provides here. It’s kind of cool!


Once your video is done, you’re going to put it to work. The rest of this article is going to discuss the different ways to get your video pushed out.

1. Place it on your home page


2. Create a YouTube channel. Post, rank, and optimize the video

Treat your YouTube Channel like an extension of your website. Take a quick look at a couple of this channel.

Great Example of a YouTube Channel

You will see that they are totally decked out and have the following:

Icon photo
Cover photo
Social media links
Website link

Your cover photo should have some type of benefit, message, or call to action.

What you’re not seeing is that this YouTube channel is also connected to Google Analytics and their website. That way, they are able to direct traffic from their videos to their website.

I’ve created some articles and videos on how you can do all of this in about 30 minutes. Here are the links:

4. Place annotations and YouTube cards on your videos

This can make or break your campaign. When a video is uploaded, your first step should be to add YouTube cards and annotations.

It is so simple

Step 1: Click on “edit” or “video”
Step 2: Create some annotations (calls to action)
Step 3: Create YouTube card



5. Run YouTube video ads

There are two different kinds of YouTube ads: skippable ads and non-skippable ads. I am sure you have all seen both types. I tend to play in the skippable space.

If people do not want to watch my ad, I want them to skip it as soon as possible–that way I don’t get charged.

With YouTube, the viewer has to watch the video to the end or out to 30 seconds before you get charged.

**Note: this is the reason that I tell people to create a video that’s more than 30 seconds.**

Here is a screenshot of the different types of ads you are able to run:

in-display video ad number 2 example

in-display video ads

I will use both in-stream ads and in-display ads.

I will use the in-stream ads when I’m looking for specific placements and I will use in-display ads for keywords.

I like to keep them separated.

Watch this simple video to see how I set up in-stream ads to run on my competitor’s videos, it will give you a visual to see how it is done:

When you create in-display ads you’re going to get a different look:

in-display video ads

Make sure you use the right type of headlines and call to action, this is where your copywriting skills come into play.

Here’s an example of a video ad that I created, and below that, you’ll find another one. Notice how the bottom one uses a customized image that has text. (great idea)

Indisplay video ad

in-display video ad number 2 example

If you are still a little bit lost on how to create YouTube ads, I suggest watching a couple more of our YouTube videos and reading our YouTube marketing guides.

6. Cookie (build lists of) the people who watch your videos and run video ads to them.

Did you know that you could create retargeting lists to people who have watched your videos?

You can!

Video retargeting or retargeting in general is awesome and I love it. We spend 1000’s on remarketing ads and they can have an amazing ROI.

“We’ve found that conversion rates actually increase the more users see an ad within remarketing campaigns. It’s true that click-through rates decline over time, but those people who do click on your ad, after having seen it a few times already, become twice as likely to convert!

Understand that people are busy and have other stuff going on in their life. Remarketing gives people a gentle reminder to finish what they started on your site, while reinforcing your branding and messaging to that user every time they see you around. They’re getting to know you, and learning to trust you, and when they finally do have a free moment, they are increasingly likely to do business with you.”

-Larry Kim

But, it does not stop there. You have multiple combinations of retargeting that I am going to show you in another blog. It is going to be called “Advanced Video Remarketing.” Keep an eye out for it.
Here is how it works:

Let’s assume someone searched for your product or service.

You show up in the search results and they click on your ad or web page. You’re then able to run video ads on YouTube for a couple of cents.

I was about to write this all down when I realized it is going to be easier if I just show you…

So here’s a simple video on how to set up remarketing lists on YouTube:

7. Upload your video to Facebook and run video ads

If you’re looking for a way to get $.01 views, Facebook is a great avenue. Although they are not nearly as effective as YouTube, I am constantly running and testing Facebook video ads.

Facebook Video Views Image

8. Share your video

A video needs to be shared. Here’s your list:

Google plus
Email list


There you have it. If you need help, let us know. Thanks for reading.

The Most Incredible and Comprehensive Video Marketing Article You Will Ever Read


Huge updates are coming down the pipe for Video Ads and Video marketing. I am so excited and I am counting the days.

Are you ready? Do you have a powerful video in place and do you have a video marketing strategy that is prepared to take on these new avenues?

Google knows how powerful video is and three weeks ago they joined Video ads with Search ads which mean we have more capabilities for running video ads.

Keep an eye out for our next post