How To Export Your Linkedin Contacts To Google And Facebook Custom Audiences

How To Export Your Linkedin Contacts To Google And Facebook Custom Audiences

I did a presentation the other day for on video marketing. One of the tip I like to teach is how you can run video ads to your Linkedin contacts. One of the members asked if I would show him how to export his Linkedin contacts and upload them into Facebook and Google custom audiences.

So here is a video on how you can export your Linkedin contacts to Google and Facebook custom audiences.

The video transcript. Forgive bad grammar and spelling errors this is done by a computer.

Jace Vernon: In this video we’re going to discuss how you guys can export your LinkedIn contacts into your Google Adwords custom email addresses, and also into your Facebook custom email. So, it’s just a way for you guys to take everyone you contacted or people who you’re trying to get a hold of in LinkedIn. You can take all of those contacts export them into Google and Facebook, and then you’re able to run video ads; you are able to run different kind of advertisements to them.

So, example, I use this to contact some executives and CEOs of a certain companies. Let’s assume that you want to get a hold of the CFO of the business. Well, a lot of times they’re hard to track. If you know that they need your product or service a good way to do it is to become friends with them on LinkedIn, or become friends with a bunch of people in their business on LinkedIn and then go after them that way. Create an advertisement or a video exactly for that business, and then export your LinkedIn contacts and then start running them ad.

Okay. So, I’m going to show you how you can do this. First thing you’re going to do is get your LinkedIn contacts. Go over here to LinkedIn. Click on My network. Go to Connections. And here are the connections I have. So I have to 6768 connections. Then go in here and say happy birthday to any of them. Click on this icon over here, the Settings icon and then put Export linking connections. We’re going to do it in a simple Microsoft Outlook export. Got it?

Okay. There is going to be a lot of information that you do not need on this and that kind a messes you up. So, I will go in here and I will delete everything I have, except for the email address. Now sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. You may not need to do this but I just do it to be safe. Okay. So, now I have a list of all of my LinkedIn contacts right here. I may go up here and save this list. Okay, now I have my list. It’s all nice and safe. First thing you’re going to do is jump over into your Google Adwords account. Go down to the left-hand side; I’m going to scroll down so you guys can see this a little better. Left-hand side, you see a Shared library; click on Shared library and then here are your audiences. Click on View the audiences. Click on remarketing lists and custom emails, and put LinkedIn contacts. There we go. We’re going to No expiration on this. Another cool thing you can do with your LinkedIn contacts are you can build audience, similar audiences. So, once you get that audience out there, you can do a similar one. Got it? So, uploaded in, and of the 6562 email addresses 99.98% are good. And you’ll see that it will take them a bit to start building, but now you’re able to advertise on search; you’re able to advertise on YouTube, display on Gmail only.

Okay, So, I talk to you guys about Gmail ads. If you want, you can go check out my other Gmail video at How to run Gmail video Ads or just Gmail sponsored Ads. So, those are all my other tutorials, but you’re able to market to this list through Gmail. So, once there we won’t into have us created all the ads, but that’s how you get your list into Google.

Now, let’s jump over to Facebook. Go to your Ads Account. It will go… Okay, you’re just going to go up here to audiences. Click on Saved audience. I’m teasing, I’m teasing, sorry. It’s a Custom audience. You’re just going to use custom file. Choose a file. Import from Mailchimp; obviously we’re going to choose a file that we want. Click here. Upload that same file that you just uploaded. Now this one, you can put phone number, date, first name, last name, zip code, all those other things, but I’m just going to use the email addresses for now. Then click next. So, it uploaded 6519 rows. There, my audience is created. Done. So, it’s not ready yet. It actually takes Facebook a little bit to update that audience, but same thing here, you can upload this audience then do a similar audience, or a look alike audience, and you’re able to run ads to them.

Okay. So, that is it. Pretty simple. If you have any questions let us know go to or We have a ton of other video tutorials if you want to check them out on Gmail ads, on video ads. Mainly we like to focus a lot on the different video ads out there. We think it’s a huge opportunity. Shoot us a comment. If you have a certain video that you’d like to see a shoot, record,    or show you how to do something let us know. We’re all about helping businesses grow, capturing leads, those types of things.

Okay. Signing off.

How you can export your Linkedin contacts to Google and Facebook custom audiences.


Gmail Video Ad Tutorial. Here’s How To Create Them!

Gmail Video Ad Tutorial. Here’s How To Create Them!

Gmail Video Ads are here! Are you using them?

Before we jump into the Gmail video ad explanation and tutorial, I wanted to show all of you what I did this week. I dunked on Shaq.

Here is the proof.

It’s not everyday you get the chance to dunk on the big guy. I took it. 🙂

Now back to Gmail Video Ads.

Many of you know that I love Gmail ads. I have spent thousand of dollars testing them. So far, the ROI has been exceptional.

I highly recommend using Gmail Ads if you are not. You can check out a Gmail tutorial here to learn how to set up your first Gmail campaign.

Yesterday I was creating some ads and I found this, a video ad option.


This is perfect! You can deliver your full message right within gmail. The audience clicks on the play button and the video pops up.

A lot of times visitors do not like to leave their Gmail account. With a Gmail video ad, they do not have to. They watch your message and then decide if they are interested in your product or service.

Before we jump into the tutorial you need to make sure you have a couple of things in place.

  1. A great video.
  2. Your video has to be uploaded to YouTube.

Without those two step you do not even have the option to run video ads.

Here is how to create a Gmail Video Ad

1. Open up an Adwords account (If you would like $100 dollars in Google ads, let me know. I can send you a code created by my partner account. You do have to spend $25 to get the $100.)
2. Create a new display campaign
3. Create the actual Gmail ad
4. Choose the right audience
5. Let it run

I find it a lot easier to shoot a simple video. Watch the video and I will show you exactly how to set up the campaign.

Here is the transcript for the Video. Forgive the typos and spellings. A computer does this…

Jace Vernon: Good morning, everyone. It is Jace with Yinc Marketing and Ydraw. I am here to bring you a video on Gmail video ads. So, the other day I was on my Gmail and I saw a promotional ad, clicked on it and there popped up a video ad, where you just click, watch the video.

So, once I saw that, I love video ads. I love the whole thing about Gmail ads. It’s kind of the perfect mix for me. I jumped over there, started creating, and I wanted to get you guys out a video to show you guys how to create Gmail video ads. That way, come Tuesday (it is the 4th of July today, so Happy 4th of July for those in the US)…

So, I wanted to get this out today, so tomorrow – come Tuesday – you guys are able to jump on it and start implementing it. Got it?

So, we’re going to jump right in. I’m going to try to do this here within five minutes. So, first thing you’re going to do is create a new campaign. Go down to Display. This is going to be our Gmail video ad. Got it? I’m not going to worry about a lot of the copywriting. Not the copywriting like the copy. Normally I’d spend some time creating the best copy I could, but I’m not doing that right now, because I want to get this out. That’s something that you need to study.

So, enhanced CPC – you can leave that. It’s not; there’s no location, there’s no call ad. You don’t need to worry about that. I do like to go down here and change this to rotate indefinitely, because I like to do my own AB testing first. I’ll upload multiple ads. I will see which one’s getting a higher conversion, higher click-through rates, then I will pick. I don’t allow Google to do it, because I just don’t feel like they’re doing a good job. Two viewable impressions – you can do as many as you want there. I like to do 2, and then I hit Save.

Then it jumps over to this portion. I like to click this off – targeting options like Adwords automatically finding new customers. No, I don’t want to do that due to the fact that I’m going to be choosing my keywords. I just don’t like Google trying to go out there, because I felt like I wasted my budget sometimes. You may feel differently on that, but that’s just what I found. Enhanced CPC bid – we’re going to go 10 cents per click.

We need to now do our targeting method. We’re not going to worry about that right now. So, I’ll just go Save. Great. I skipped that. Okay.

So, it now brings you to here. You are now ready to do a few things. First, thing you need to do is go in and add your actual targeting. You have to go to placements, so you click over on the display network tab; then you click on displacements just to see that there’s nothing there and then we are going to add in… Just teasing. Just teasing, just teasing. We have to go add our ad first. So, first thing we’re going to do is create an ad group. We were just here. I skipped it and I shouldn’t have. So, we’re going to do targeting method. You have to go to placement.

Okay. Use a different targeting method. Down here multiple placements, Now, what I did I just opened up that now allows us to be on the Gmail network. Okay, we’re going to skip ad creation. We do not want the ad creation right this second, because we’re going to go in here, and go to ad gallery and we’re going to do an actual Gmail ad. Okay, so you’re not going to do a text ad. You’re going to do an actual Gmail ad. Now you have the Gmail image template, you have the Gmail single promotion template, Gmail multiple template and Gmail catalogue. Okay, right here this one Gmail single promotion template, this is where you’re going to find the option to be able to put it in your video. So, we’re going to go to Ydraw. Image – make sure you put in a good image here. I’m going to throw in, like something like this is usually pretty good just because it grabs your attention.

Now, let me change that. So, I don’t want to spend a lot of time doing this. You need to actually spend some time on creating these headlines. The whole idea is to get a high click through rate. So, do some testing, create these headlines, use your search, search campaigns to find out what’s really converting for you. And use kind of that same wording. So, I’m just going to throw in some stuff.

Okay. Now, here is where you are going to create your video ad. This gives you the option. You’re going to select the video. So click on this one over here, type it in – it will find it, and then you are able to pop in your video. Now, the nice thing about this is when they’re in your Gmail; a lot of people when they’re in Gmail, they don’t want to go outside of Gmail. Okay. So, with a video ad you’re able to deliver your message right there within Gmail.

So, if they’re interested in your product, they click on this watch your video, and then they’ll decide if they want to leave and go out to your website. So, it’s a good thing to weed out customers or interested customers, because they’re not going to go to your website if they watch your video. Another thing you want to be careful with is if your video is terrible or it’s not good at conversions, or it’s boring, anything, that actually can look bad on your business. So, make sure you have a pretty good video there. Got it?

Headline… Okay.

So, there is our ad. Like I said, spend some time creating it and you can see this is what pops up when you click on the promotions tab, so let me… I’m over on my Gmail. I just clicked over so here is the copy. You can click on this, and this is the actual ad within Gmail. Now, how does Gmail decide what to stick there, so what ad pops up here? They are reading your emails. They know what your likes, interest and all that are, so they will try to match up an ad according to your likes, and interests and topics, and everything. Got it?

So, that’s where your ad is going to show up. So, they’ll click on it and then right there you’ll going to have a play button. They can watch your video and it just opens up right here on their Gmail. Got it?

So, once you’ve gone that far, you then click Save and your video ad is running right now. It is running on the whole entire network. Okay. You are not targeted, so don’t leave it like that; you’re going to lose a lot of money. You need to now go in there and put in your display keywords. So, whether you’re in the video business or orthodontist, I mean whatever you’re doing, you need to put in your display keywords.

Now, I recommend choosing one target group and then doing another ad. So, don’t do a bunch of different topics mixed with keywords, mixed with remarketing, any of those types of things. Yet something I like about Gmail is you’re able to go in here and click on interest and remarketing, you can upload custom email list. So, like I have a list of 20,000 sitting in Infusionsoft. So, I can go grab that list, upload it in here, and do Gmail ads to my list. And then also Google will create a similar audience according to my list. I can market to them. So there you have a lot of options within this display network. Got it?
And I have some other video you can go watch- How to Actually Target Gmail Ads.

Now, last thing. I want to give you guys a little secret that I have been testing. Let me bring up an ad. I saw somebody do this and just caught my eye. Here is a Gmail ad I’m running; I’m just bringing it over to you right now, from my own business. So, I wrote up a simple page document, a Word Document. Then, I screenshot this simple image. So, it’s almost like I get all this wording. Well, you don’t have the ability to put all this wording in when you’re doing Gmail ads. So, this is kind of like a short form sales letter and you can go over here to the display network, right here where you do ads. You can upload a Gmail ad and do it with the image. So right here is the Gmail image template. What I do; sorry, this is kind of off. I just want to show you guys real quickly how to do this. same thing, you’re going to get really good headline subject descriptions, but look, now I have an image in there that they can read and they can click here. so, it’s a way to get a lot more wording, but that is what the ad looks like.

Got it? So, good luck. If you have any questions left, let me know. You can email me Go check out our other videos. You can go to our website, or if you’re needing a video, you can always go to Questions, like I said, I’m available.

Good luck. Get out there. Build your Gmail video ads and we can chat later. See you.

Gmail Ads? Step By Step Blog On How To Create Gmail Ads.

How To Create Online Marketing Funnel With Gmail Ads

I am going to take some of the information created by Neil Patel. I can’t tell you how many times I create a video or an article and he comes out with a similar one the next day. I have to admit, he had some good stuff.

My video will show you how to set up Gmail ads and Neil supplied us with a simple checklist.

Download this simple checklist to help you create your first Gmail ad.


Email ads is a great way to reach your target audience.

Google has been beta testing them since 2013. They look like your regular email and are not obstructive for most users.

In September 2015, Google integrated native Gmail Ads with your Google AdWords toolbox and made it available to all advertisers.

Let us know how you new Gmail Ads perform. If you have questions we will answer them.

Here is the Gmail Ad Video transcript. It is done by a machine so forgive the typos.

[Start of video How to Create Online Marketing Funnel With Gmail Sponsored Ads]

[Beginning of recorded material]

Jace Vernon:    Hey. Good afternoon, everyone. This is Jace. I am with Yinc Marketing today. We are going to be going over some Gmail ads. I started to set up a whole campaign. I thought- hey, why not go show you guys exactly how to do it. Get a video; get a campaign; all-in-one.

So, let me tell you how this came about. First off, I was working up north this week, going to some meetings, and I saw a couple of ads that I like. I saw good Instagram ad. I saw a good Gmail ad; one was from HubSpot, one was from WordStream. Both companies are really good, kind of the top of the field in the PPC, top of the field in the marketing. So, when I find a good funnel, I like to hack the funnel. I like to go through, I like to see what kind of landing pages they have, I like to see their ads, their graphics, and then instead of going out there and try to recreate everything, I like to mimic what they’ve done. Okay. It’s just a way to not have to spend a lot of money, because I can guarantee you WordStream, those companies are spending huge amounts of money on getting conversions, huge amounts of money on ads. So you might as well take what they do, and apply it to your own business. I kind a call it the Art of the Still. Okay?

So, let’s start. First thing, what are Gmail ads? So, here are Gmail ads. They are found in your Gmail inbox. Under promotions you see there’s one from Yellow Pages, there is one from Marketing 360. They are ads. These ads, once you click on them, this is what it looks like. Sorry Marketing brand 360. Sorry Yellow Pages. So, you click on them and you have an ad. And you can Forward it, you can save it to Inbox, or you can click here and it should go to a landing page.

Now, let’s look at Yellow Pages. I’ve done this. It’s obviously very simple. There is a tracking code on here that will track their conversions. Okay? So, what I did, I first set up a simple landing page- How To Create Video Marketing Campaigns- That Generate Views, Sales, Leads and Customers. I want to drive people in; I want them to download my free guide on video marketing, video marketing ads. Some of you may have already done this on some of my other landing pages, but the whole idea is to drive some good qualified traffic through Gmail ads to this landing page. Once they fill out the form here, they’re going to kick over into my thank you page, where they can download the free guides. They can also watch the webinar. I try to provide a lot of good content on this page, almost overkill maybe. Maybe I need to simplify them and bring these other things later. But you can click on these and download each guide, watch our 40-minute webinar, then also all these YouTube tutorials. Got it?

Now, on this page, you have to remember once you design this landing page, you need a conversion page. And this is the conversion page. If you go in the back, you’ll see that I set up a conversion goal right here in Google Analytics. I also set up a conversion goal over here in my AdWords. Okay. And you can just create it in your Google Analytics in enticing your AdWords either way. Got it? So, your funnel is from your Gmail ad you’re going to drive into your landing page. Once, they fill our form, it’s going to go to a thank you page, where they’ll get the download, and also you can put them in an email sequence, whatever you want to do. Very, very simple.

So, let’s set up an ad. So, you’re going to go into your ad campaign. Go under campaigns, go to New Campaign and then click on Display Network only. And here we are. So, I’m going to put Video Marketing Gmail Ads. Got it? My objective, there it is, you can just put take action on my website.

I’m going to start from scratch. Okay, I’m going to go United States. We’re going to go in here, how much do I want to spend a day- I‘m just going to say $20 a day. Manual CPC, fine. Don’t want any of these things, just because it’s going to be a Gmail ad.

So, Video mail AD. We’re going to go I’m willing to pay $0.30. Gmail ads are not that expensive. Okay? Now, here is where you have to do the right thing. So, Interest & Remarketing, now we’re going to go Display. You have to go- no, no, no. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Display keywords. Okay.

So, we’re going to target them first off by our displayed keywords. Now, how does Gmail, or how does Google determine where to run your ads? They scan through your Gmails. They read your Gmails, they know the things you search for, they know what you’re interested in. So, what you can do I target according to the words that are found within their Gmail accounts. Okay, so for example, if you are a lawyer and somebody’s out there looking for a business, or business contracts or trust, you can target those keywords.

So, we’re going to go here and go Video marketing. I’ll come back to this and add a lot more to it. Video marketing, Lead Generation, Online marketing, New Business, Video Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, and then we’ll go Facebook Video Ads, Instagram Video Ads, Video Ads, Instream Video Ads. Okay, you can add all your keywords and then find. Video marketing; we’re going to find related keywords right here: Digital marketing, Web marketing, Sales and marketing, Marketing companies, Internet Marketing. Something that you might want to do- I’m going to stop there on those ones. Something you really want to do is target some of your competitors. So, you can put in your competitor’s keywords here also. Got it?

We’re going to save and continue. Okay, we’re going to skip the ad creation. We’re going to come back to this, because there are a couple of other things we have to do.

So, you click over here on Display network once you get to this point, and you need to add, you need to tell Google where you want to run these ads. So, you’re going to click on Placements. It’s coming up. At least I think it’s coming up. Okay, so we’re going to add a placement here. Add Multiple Placements: Save. Okay, you have to put in That is what registers the Gmail. Okay, so my two targeting things are- I’m going after Display keywords, what you’re going to see here. that are found within the or Gmail. Okay, you can also go in and add a retargeting list of people who’s visited the website. You can target them by demographics. I do like to go in here and exclude 18-year-olds, unknowns, unknowns. I like to do- well that looks fine. Okay, so if I exclude the age, I don’t really like running adds to 18 to 24-year-olds. They really don’t have the money to be buying things sometimes, and that’s different for each industry, but for my industry most of them don’t have that much money.

Okay, so next step, you’re going to then jump over here to your Art gallery. Go down here and click on a Gmail add. We’re going to create this right here. I’m going to put, first off want to go YouTube Video Ad. You’re going to want to put in your landing page here. Okay, there is your landing page. Now, you’re going to want to go right here and select the fun image. I‘m going to put that one in. Of course it’s not like me. Try that again. I didn’t actually create one for this. Okay, I’m going to have to come back and fix that. So for now I’m just going to throw something in from here. Let’s throw this one in. I’ll normally crop it; we’re going to just save that. Okay?

Advertiser. So, right here you want to put Video marketing. Fine. Only allows fifteen characters. Okay, 100-500 Leads Video Ads. Okay, that kind of looks a little different up here and you’re limited to words. If I go to type any more you’re limited there. So, you need to really get fancy with your description. So, that might actually work just where; we have 100 to 500 lead. Can I do a how-to video YouTube video ads? Then right here. So, 100 to 500 leads per week using Video ads on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Learn more! Okay. You see that we are cut off. You’re not going to get 100- 500 leads per week using video ads. Okay. I don’t like this YouTube video ads. Okay, I’m taking a little longer than I hoped here.


Okay, now I created some ads here. I will go back and probably play with that and to see if I can get better. First thing I’m going to do, I have two different images. I’m going to do this one first. 100 to 500 Leads with video marketing. Want to see how? Free download. Okay, so very simple. They’re going to click on it. Sorry, I have to shrink the screen back down. Save. So, we saved that ad and bam there you have an ad. It’s going to go under review. I’m going to add another ad right now to see which one does better. But the whole idea is you going to have a Gmail add. Okay I’m going to refresh this page, so we can see another example. So here’s your Gmail add. Here is the new one that pooped up. This add is based off of what’s happening in my Gmail according to the display, so here is a Gmail add that I can now click on go to a landing page. So you want to have a landing page, Gmail add that goes to a landing page. That landing page then has some kind of offer on it. They fill out that offer. It goes to a thank you page. On that thank you page you are tracking it. Remember if any of the ads you’re running, if you not tracking them, you are throwing away money. Got it? And you can just track them over here by setting up a goal through your Google Analytics.

Okay, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. We do a lot of these tutorials. Check out our Facebook ad tutorial, our You Tube ads. We show you how to actually set up video ads. Got it? On all those different platforms they work really well. So check out our other videos. You can always go visit us at If you need a video, go to Thanks for listening and I’m out.


[End of recorded material]


Incredible: From 100 To 500 Leads Per Week. How did we do it?

Incredible: From 100 To 500 Leads Per Week. How did we do it?

We are finally to part 3 of scaling your business. It has been an eye opener thus far and I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months hold. If you haven’t read part one or part two you may want to.

Here are the links:

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.23.51 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.23.41 AM

The other morning I was laying in bed in the twilight zone. I may be a little weird; I’ve had some crazy ideas come to me in the realm between fully awake and asleep. It’s like my brain is firing on all cylinders and the ideas start to flow.

It may sound crazy to some, but it happens to me all the time. One of these days I’ll tell you about the time I did calculus all night in my dreams, which helped be get a 99% on my calculus test.

Anyhow… I jumped out of bed and sketched our marketing blueprint.

As I looked at it, I could see a few holes that need to be filled and where we could adjust our remarketing and banner ad campaigns.

I’ll keep you posted on our results in the coming weeks. But for now, we have a complete online marketing blueprint. Here’s what it looks like:


As you can see, I am not the artist behind Ydraw videos. My chicken scratches will pass for a third grader and are fine for the time being, but I’m having this created professionally.

When I got done drawing I could see why we were generating so many leads. This Online Marketing Blueprint is a system that keeps getting better and better over time. To get the kind of results we are getting, each section has to be mastered. For example…Adwords is a big part of our business. We have put in a lot of time and effort to create the right text ads, keywords campaigns, display campaigns, etc. The same goes for Facebook, emails, and YouTube. Each section needs to be perfected.

It’s a lot of work, but very doable.

If you leave a part out…it may not work.

I just know that we have gone from 100 leads per week to 500 leads per week in a 3-month period. Which brings with it some growing pains, but those are great problems to have.

Here are the numbers from our Adwords accounts:

October 2015

Spend: $8,083
Leads: 81
Cost per lead $99.79
Click To Conversion Rate was 3% to 9%

March 2015

Spend: $10,653
Leads: 165
Cost Per Lead: $54.55
Click to Conversion Rate 13%

The Changes We Made to Adwords

You can see we’ve doubled our leads and cut our cost per lead in half. With the small changes we are making weekly, I can see this getting even better over the next couple of months.

Here are some of the changes:

  • We redesigned and simplified the website. I can’t stress the importance of simplification. Cut out steps and cut out the clutter. It made a huge impact on our conversion and I know it will make a huge impact on yours.
  • Create one call to action. What do you want the audience to do?
  • Google eliminated the right hand ads which gave us a little boost. This may have hurt a lot of other companies. We were always bidding high. It eliminated some of our competition.
  • Added more negative keywords.
  • Did A/B testing with text ads.
  • **added Gmail sponsored ads to the mix**

Gmail Sponsored Ads

I hate giving away secrets like Gmail Sponsored Ads because I know there are other video companies out their watching our every move. It’s a curse, but I want to make sure I give you as much value as possible.

In return I ask that you subscribe to our blog. It’s for the greater good. 🙂

Gmail sponsored ads have been a big focus of mine for the last couple of weeks. With Gmail sponsored ads you are able to run ads within Gmail.

We can place ads based on the account activity of a personal Gmail account. Think of all Gmail users out there. We are able to run promotions directly in their inbox.

The Gmail advert is set out in two sections in the Gmail inbox – a collapsed ad and an expanded ad, but essentially this is the same advert. The collapsed ad appears as a ‘new message’ in your inbox and when you click on it, this then leads you to another ad – the expanded ad. You pay for the cost per click (CPC) every time somebody clicks on the collapsed ad. The expanded ad then leads the user to your landing page; however, you do not pay for the click from the expanded ad to the landing page (this is free).

Here is what one looks like.


They are simple and have had a big impact on our Adwords account.

I created a simple tutorial video on how to set up Gmail sponsored ads. Watch it so you can see what I am talking about.

Now let’s jump over to Facebook and Instagram.

When we first started…here is what the numbers looked like:

Facebook and Instagram

(30 Day Time Period)

Spend: $4665
Number of Leads 446
Cost Per Lead: $10.45

Facebook and Instagram March 2016

(30 Day Time Period)

Spend: $6970
Number of Leads: 1461
Cost Per Lead: $4.77

Yay for Facebook and Instagram! Our leads have gone up drastically and our cost per lead has been cut in half.

Here are the changes we made to our Facebook and Instagram ads to achieve our results:

  • We basically had Facebook track anyone who hit our conversion page and created a lookalike audience that matched our conversions. It has been very effective.
  • Created a new whiteboard animation video that provided a little better messaging.
  • Increased our ad spend budget.
  • Allowed our good ads to keep running continuously.

That is exactly how we increased our leads.

Please note that we have created an overall system and you are getting a glimpse into this portion of our marketing campaigns. There are more videos and blogs coming in the near future (and most likely a book).

Now it is your turn.

Let us know if you have any questions. We would love to help implement our whole marketing strategy to your business.

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