How To Create Online Marketing Funnel With Gmail Ads

I am going to take some of the information created by Neil Patel. I can’t tell you how many times I create a video or an article and he comes out with a similar one the next day. I have to admit, he had some good stuff.

My video will show you how to set up Gmail ads and Neil supplied us with a simple checklist.

Download this simple checklist to help you create your first Gmail ad.


Email ads is a great way to reach your target audience.

Google has been beta testing them since 2013. They look like your regular email and are not obstructive for most users.

In September 2015, Google integrated native Gmail Ads with your Google AdWords toolbox and made it available to all advertisers.

Let us know how you new Gmail Ads perform. If you have questions we will answer them.

Here is the Gmail Ad Video transcript. It is done by a machine so forgive the typos.

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Jace Vernon:    Hey. Good afternoon, everyone. This is Jace. I am with Yinc Marketing today. We are going to be going over some Gmail ads. I started to set up a whole campaign. I thought- hey, why not go show you guys exactly how to do it. Get a video; get a campaign; all-in-one.

So, let me tell you how this came about. First off, I was working up north this week, going to some meetings, and I saw a couple of ads that I like. I saw good Instagram ad. I saw a good Gmail ad; one was from HubSpot, one was from WordStream. Both companies are really good, kind of the top of the field in the PPC, top of the field in the marketing. So, when I find a good funnel, I like to hack the funnel. I like to go through, I like to see what kind of landing pages they have, I like to see their ads, their graphics, and then instead of going out there and try to recreate everything, I like to mimic what they’ve done. Okay. It’s just a way to not have to spend a lot of money, because I can guarantee you WordStream, those companies are spending huge amounts of money on getting conversions, huge amounts of money on ads. So you might as well take what they do, and apply it to your own business. I kind a call it the Art of the Still. Okay?

So, let’s start. First thing, what are Gmail ads? So, here are Gmail ads. They are found in your Gmail inbox. Under promotions you see there’s one from Yellow Pages, there is one from Marketing 360. They are ads. These ads, once you click on them, this is what it looks like. Sorry Marketing brand 360. Sorry Yellow Pages. So, you click on them and you have an ad. And you can Forward it, you can save it to Inbox, or you can click here and it should go to a landing page.

Now, let’s look at Yellow Pages. I’ve done this. It’s obviously very simple. There is a tracking code on here that will track their conversions. Okay? So, what I did, I first set up a simple landing page- How To Create Video Marketing Campaigns- That Generate Views, Sales, Leads and Customers. I want to drive people in; I want them to download my free guide on video marketing, video marketing ads. Some of you may have already done this on some of my other landing pages, but the whole idea is to drive some good qualified traffic through Gmail ads to this landing page. Once they fill out the form here, they’re going to kick over into my thank you page, where they can download the free guides. They can also watch the webinar. I try to provide a lot of good content on this page, almost overkill maybe. Maybe I need to simplify them and bring these other things later. But you can click on these and download each guide, watch our 40-minute webinar, then also all these YouTube tutorials. Got it?

Now, on this page, you have to remember once you design this landing page, you need a conversion page. And this is the conversion page. If you go in the back, you’ll see that I set up a conversion goal right here in Google Analytics. I also set up a conversion goal over here in my AdWords. Okay. And you can just create it in your Google Analytics in enticing your AdWords either way. Got it? So, your funnel is from your Gmail ad you’re going to drive into your landing page. Once, they fill our form, it’s going to go to a thank you page, where they’ll get the download, and also you can put them in an email sequence, whatever you want to do. Very, very simple.

So, let’s set up an ad. So, you’re going to go into your ad campaign. Go under campaigns, go to New Campaign and then click on Display Network only. And here we are. So, I’m going to put Video Marketing Gmail Ads. Got it? My objective, there it is, you can just put take action on my website.

I’m going to start from scratch. Okay, I’m going to go United States. We’re going to go in here, how much do I want to spend a day- I‘m just going to say $20 a day. Manual CPC, fine. Don’t want any of these things, just because it’s going to be a Gmail ad.

So, Video mail AD. We’re going to go I’m willing to pay $0.30. Gmail ads are not that expensive. Okay? Now, here is where you have to do the right thing. So, Interest & Remarketing, now we’re going to go Display. You have to go- no, no, no. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Display keywords. Okay.

So, we’re going to target them first off by our displayed keywords. Now, how does Gmail, or how does Google determine where to run your ads? They scan through your Gmails. They read your Gmails, they know the things you search for, they know what you’re interested in. So, what you can do I target according to the words that are found within their Gmail accounts. Okay, so for example, if you are a lawyer and somebody’s out there looking for a business, or business contracts or trust, you can target those keywords.

So, we’re going to go here and go Video marketing. I’ll come back to this and add a lot more to it. Video marketing, Lead Generation, Online marketing, New Business, Video Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, and then we’ll go Facebook Video Ads, Instagram Video Ads, Video Ads, Instream Video Ads. Okay, you can add all your keywords and then find. Video marketing; we’re going to find related keywords right here: Digital marketing, Web marketing, Sales and marketing, Marketing companies, Internet Marketing. Something that you might want to do- I’m going to stop there on those ones. Something you really want to do is target some of your competitors. So, you can put in your competitor’s keywords here also. Got it?

We’re going to save and continue. Okay, we’re going to skip the ad creation. We’re going to come back to this, because there are a couple of other things we have to do.

So, you click over here on Display network once you get to this point, and you need to add, you need to tell Google where you want to run these ads. So, you’re going to click on Placements. It’s coming up. At least I think it’s coming up. Okay, so we’re going to add a placement here. Add Multiple Placements: Save. Okay, you have to put in That is what registers the Gmail. Okay, so my two targeting things are- I’m going after Display keywords, what you’re going to see here. that are found within the or Gmail. Okay, you can also go in and add a retargeting list of people who’s visited the website. You can target them by demographics. I do like to go in here and exclude 18-year-olds, unknowns, unknowns. I like to do- well that looks fine. Okay, so if I exclude the age, I don’t really like running adds to 18 to 24-year-olds. They really don’t have the money to be buying things sometimes, and that’s different for each industry, but for my industry most of them don’t have that much money.

Okay, so next step, you’re going to then jump over here to your Art gallery. Go down here and click on a Gmail add. We’re going to create this right here. I’m going to put, first off want to go YouTube Video Ad. You’re going to want to put in your landing page here. Okay, there is your landing page. Now, you’re going to want to go right here and select the fun image. I‘m going to put that one in. Of course it’s not like me. Try that again. I didn’t actually create one for this. Okay, I’m going to have to come back and fix that. So for now I’m just going to throw something in from here. Let’s throw this one in. I’ll normally crop it; we’re going to just save that. Okay?

Advertiser. So, right here you want to put Video marketing. Fine. Only allows fifteen characters. Okay, 100-500 Leads Video Ads. Okay, that kind of looks a little different up here and you’re limited to words. If I go to type any more you’re limited there. So, you need to really get fancy with your description. So, that might actually work just where; we have 100 to 500 lead. Can I do a how-to video YouTube video ads? Then right here. So, 100 to 500 leads per week using Video ads on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Learn more! Okay. You see that we are cut off. You’re not going to get 100- 500 leads per week using video ads. Okay. I don’t like this YouTube video ads. Okay, I’m taking a little longer than I hoped here.


Okay, now I created some ads here. I will go back and probably play with that and to see if I can get better. First thing I’m going to do, I have two different images. I’m going to do this one first. 100 to 500 Leads with video marketing. Want to see how? Free download. Okay, so very simple. They’re going to click on it. Sorry, I have to shrink the screen back down. Save. So, we saved that ad and bam there you have an ad. It’s going to go under review. I’m going to add another ad right now to see which one does better. But the whole idea is you going to have a Gmail add. Okay I’m going to refresh this page, so we can see another example. So here’s your Gmail add. Here is the new one that pooped up. This add is based off of what’s happening in my Gmail according to the display, so here is a Gmail add that I can now click on go to a landing page. So you want to have a landing page, Gmail add that goes to a landing page. That landing page then has some kind of offer on it. They fill out that offer. It goes to a thank you page. On that thank you page you are tracking it. Remember if any of the ads you’re running, if you not tracking them, you are throwing away money. Got it? And you can just track them over here by setting up a goal through your Google Analytics.

Okay, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. We do a lot of these tutorials. Check out our Facebook ad tutorial, our You Tube ads. We show you how to actually set up video ads. Got it? On all those different platforms they work really well. So check out our other videos. You can always go visit us at If you need a video, go to Thanks for listening and I’m out.


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