How To Create Copy That Converts – It Makes All The Difference.

How To Create Copy That Converts – It Makes All The Difference.

Creating copy is not easy. It take a lot of time and practice. You may have the money to go hire an expensive copy writer, but I would save the money. I have found it’s better to educate yourself and become a student of great copy. It’s a great skill to have.

You do not need to make it complicated…

When you find something you like, use it and make it your own. That’s what a lot of great copy writers do.

Here’s a video where I discuss a couple of different ads.

How to create great copy!

The video recording transcript. (yes you may see errors. It’s a software)


In this video, we are going to be discussing copy, ad copy, why it matters, why it doesn’t matter, and things you need to be doing to get better at creating copy. Let me go over what I’ve been doing a little bit. Facebook.

What I did with Facebook is have a video marketing checklist. Some of you might have seen our marketing checklist. That is kind of my trip wire, that’s the offer.

Now whenever I’m asking for a simple email, I don’t do a lot of copy. Now I’m just testing this. You can see my ads. On this simple one I have like 10 dollars a day going at it. Very simple. You can see 16 leads, three leads, my average lead cost is around two dollars and 30 cents. That is not bad. It works. The numbers all pan out. On this one, I don’t do a lot of, let me go down here and show you. I don’t do a lot of copy.

All I do is write this. Businesses are not taking advantage of video marketing and most agencies have no idea what they’re doing. Here’s a free checklist we use to dominate our competitors. This one gets a lot better. I have one that’s like two sentences and it costs a little bit more. Now, over the weekend, I was looking up my numbers. I’m like, “Hey. Forget trying to get the whole trip wire, forget trying to get people into my email.” Now that’s not always a good thing. I’m just going to go for a direct conversion. Okay?

I set up a new campaign just for conversions, where I want somebody to actually come to me and request a full proposal. You can see our cost is it just started, and we’re at 19 dollars. I want to keep it under 20 dollars. Got it? Now this ad takes a lot more work. Okay? Let me show you the difference. Okay.

First off, I say, “Hey dear business owner or marketing manager, what if,” and then I go into these things. Now where did I get this information? I’m not the type of guy that will go out and spend days and days on creating copy. What I like to do is I like to take bits and pieces from everyone and then combine it and make it my own. Now, everyone’s doing it.

You’ll find out ads. If you see a good ad, that’s probably been created by some other good ad. This one, I saw this used by I think his name’s Cody Butler, and then there’s another one called Brad Ads, it’s a mixture. I like to use some of [Russel Brunson’s 00:02:51] stuff sometimes. But whenever I find a really good ad, I take that ad, I put it on a spreadsheet, and then I keep them. I look at what’s working, what’s not working. It takes some time, though. You can’t expect to just go out there and create a Facebook ad and have it work, got it? You want to spend time on studying copy, finding out what works, finding out what doesn’t work, and then you test it. Got it? Here’s some good material to help you on your copy.

I loved this book, “Confessions of an Advertising Man.” Okay? It’s an old school one. Another one is “Influence.” If you go here onto Google and you just type in influence, the power of persuasion pdf, that’s a free one. You can click right there and get the download. It’s free. Another one I like, Gary Halbert. He did a book called “Boron Letters.”

Love this book. He got put into jail and he wrote his son these letters and explained to him how direct mail works, how copy works. Very good. Very good read. If you want to go out there and learn about stuff, learn about Gary Halbert, his copy was really good. David Ogilvy very good.

Then just put it on a spreadsheet or text, this is just a text doc. Then you make it your own. You adjust it, you change it, you put in stuff you like, stuff you don’t like you take out. It works. It works for me. You’ll see since I adjusted that copy on this Facebook ad, now I’m asking for a lot more. I’m not just asking for an email address, so I made it a lot more powerful. The more they commit, the more they read, the more they’re going to be willing to do business with you. Okay?

Remember a good structure is what’s the problem? Really identify the problem, and then show them a solution. Got it? Then a strong call to action. Those are just some things you can do. But everything’s based off of they have a problem, you have the solution. Got it? That’s a quick video on copy. Make sure you spend some time creating some good stuff. That is it. We’ll be in touch.

How To Create Copy That Converts – It Makes All The Difference.

5 Video Marketing Campaigns The Best Business Are Running To Grow Their Business

5 Video Marketing Campaigns The Best Business Are Running To Grow Their Business

The 5 Video Marketing Campaigns.

I just finished speaking at a video marketing event in Florida and as I am flying home I want to introduce you to the 5 video marketing campaigns you should be running. Let me explain why I decided to write this.

During the event, my slides did not work, so I had to shoot from the hip and change up my presentation. I improvised. It ended up working because I pulled in some audience participation. I was stunned with their responses. I quickly learned that video marketing is STILL not being used.

Here is the first question I asked…

How many of you are running YouTube ads?

1 person in the whole audience raised their hand.

This was surprising because the audience was full of digital marketers and they are supposed to keep up on the latest and greatest.

Some of them actually own agencies.


Next question.

How many of you are running Gmail video ads?

Nada, zero, zip, zilch. The crowd was silent.

Gmail Video Ads started to get popular back in 2015 and nobody was doing it.

I was stunned and a little baffled on what I was seeing


Third question.

How many of you actually know anything about digital marketing?


They knew where I was coming from. They could see my disappointment and I had to give them a hard time.

We spent the next 30 minutes diving into different types of marketing campaigns they could get started on right away. That’s what inspired me to create “5 Video Marketing Campaigns You Need to Be Running.”

Here they are!

1. YouTube Video Campaign. Both In-stream and In-display.
2. Gmail Video Campaign.
3. YouTube Remarketing Campaign.
4. Facebook Video Campaign.
5. Facebook Remarketing Campaign.

I am going to walk you through these 5 campaigns with video, so let’s get started.

If you have any questions on how to implement these video marketing strategies, let us know. We would be happy to help

Video Transcript.

We’re going to go over the five video marketing campaigns that I think every business should be running. This is part of a blog sequence where I discuss a little bit about where this came from. Here are five things that all businesses should be running. Not things, video marketing campaigns. The first thing is a YouTube video campaign, both in stream and in display. I’m going to show you what those are in a second. I think all businesses should be running a Gmail video campaign and YouTube remarketing campaign, a Facebook video campaign, and obviously a Facebook remarketing campaign.

If I bring over a browser, I jump over here to YouTube. It’s always good if you’re any type of business. Most businesses have competitors, so let’s say you’re in the pest control. Pest control. If you type in “pest control company,” a lot of times what you can do is you can play your video in front of your competitors’ videos. Some competitors don’t allow for videos, some do. What I like to do is I like to go down and find the videos that will allow you to play on them, and anything to do with pest control, we’re going to want to run your video on those videos. Simple thing to do. It costs maybe 8-12 cents a view, and they have to watch out past 30 seconds for it to be counted as a view.

If you have questions on that, there’s a ton other videos in our channel that you can look at to learn more about YouTube ads. You want to run in stream ads. Those are the ads that play in front of a video, and then you want to run in display ads. If you type in “cars,” type in … Knowing our luck, I’m not … Right up here, this one, High T Black Limited Offer, that is a display ad. That’s the first campaign that companies should be running.

The next one are Gmail video ads. Same concept. It’s just a way for you to get in front of your target audience. Jump over here to Gmail account. Right here under promotions are these Gmail ads. Right here, “Apply for a credit card.” Now, Gmail will take a look at what’s happening within your Gmail accounts, and they will serve you up an ad. They’re getting very good at this, at targeting things to what you like now. There’s always growing pains, but day by day they’re improving. Very smart to do, very few companies are doing this right now, and I don’t know why. My click-through rates, my conversion rates are extremely high on Gmail video ads.

Very simple to do. You set it up same place you set up your YouTube ads. It’s right there in the AdWords back office. We have other videos that if you want to take a look at, you can go check those out, that teach you how to set up Gmail video ads. Real quick, this is an image ad, you can actually stick your video right here, and they can watch it right within their Gmail. Another one, YouTube remarketing campaign, so how this works is let’s say you go to my YouTube channel. Well, this video right now. You’re watching this video, well what’s happening while you’re watching this video, you are getting a cookie or YouTube is keeping track of all the videos you’re watching. Now, I am building a list according to anyone who watches me videos, that way I can turn around and remarket to them, I can run them other types of videos.

Simple thing, very cost effective, very easy to do, so the third one is YouTube remarketing campaigns. Next is Facebook video campaigns and Facebook remarketing campaigns. Just like in Google, on Facebook you need to be cookieing your audience, you need to be tracking your audience, seeing how they interact with your webpage so that you can run them a remarketing campaign and we found that Facebook actually … Well, let’s just bring up a Facebook feed. If you can do Facebook video campaigns, it’s very effective. if I just scroll down through my feed, here’s one, this is [Doma 00:04:42], that’s an ad there. Gary Vaynerchuk, just fly down through here, let’s look at some ads. Here’s an ad where you can do a video ad right here where they can watch your video.

You can give them a message, once again very cheap. Now, the only problem … The big difference between Facebook and Google is the fact that if you start to watch a video, three seconds in, Facebook counts that as a view. Bad idea, but hey, we’ll live with it. Now, Google on the other hand, they aren’t going to count a view unless they watched 30 seconds. Still, very effective. You can do Facebook remarketing also if people have watched your videos. You can then turn around and remarket to them within Facebook. Let’s see if we can see one more sponsored ad. Okay. Real quick, here’s one. You click on this, it’s not an actual video, but here’s another ad, and this is just getting served up according to their interest, according to the audience they chose. Go it.

Very simple. Once again, just to repeat, these are five video campaigns that every business should be running. You’ve got a YouTube video campaign, both in stream and in display, Gmail video campaigns, YouTube remarketing campaign, Facebook video campaign, and Facebook remarketing campaign. Doesn’t need to be expensive. You can spend $5 a day on Gmail ads and get some pretty good results, $5 on YouTube, get some good views. Costs should be around 10 cents. Same with Facebook, Facebook remarketing, you don’t have to spend a lot. Now, the more you can spend, the better, so it’s always a good thing.

If you have questions, you can always look us up, check out our other videos, go to, that’s, and if you have any questions you can always email me,, and that is it. Have a good day, hope to see you implement these. Talk to you later.

How To Install The Facebook Pixel

How To Install The Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is one of the most important tools that you can have on your site. The Facebook pixel is so simple to install and takes just a few minutes to install. Below I will have a checklist on how you can install the Facebook pixel on your site.

Step 1 Create A Facebook Account

You need to create a Facebook ad account. You must have a Facebook profile linked to your ad account.

Step 2 In The Facebook Menu Click Pixels

Go into your ad manager and hit the drop-down menu and go and click on pixels.

Step 3 Set Up Pixel

Click on “Set up Pixel”.

Step 4 Copy And Paste The Code

Click on “Copy and Paste The code”. Inside of the box. The moment that you click on the box will open up to the code area.

Step 5 Copy The Pixel Code

Click on the box and it will copy the entire code.

Now paste this code inside in the header of your site. The installation of your Facebook pixel is complete.

The Benefits Of Installing The Pixel On Your Site.

Target audiences

After someone visits your website the pixel will record certain actions that your audience will perform and you will want to track. People view your products, possibly add a product to the cart, fill out a form, or even make a purchase, Facebook can track all of these events. You will be able to track this information and will have the ability to create specific audiences from your website traffic. And then you can re-target to  these visitors with Facebook ads.

See ad performance

The pixel has the power to show you your ad performance. Facebook can track sells, video views, content engagement, and much more. You have the ability to see how many impressions, video views your ads have received. You can also see how many people engaged with your ad.

Advertise more efficiently

The pixel helps optimize your ads. What this means is that Facebook will deliver your ad to people that are more likely to engage with your ad or even take action. You obtain the ability to generate more leads on a small budget. The more traffic to your site the more likely your ads will generate more leads.

Measure return on investment

Facebook can Report to you the amount of conversions and the cost per conversion. If you can determine how much you can spend on lead this will allow you to calculate your return on investment. Is the concept of spending money to make money it is essential that you know your numbers for your business to grow.

If want to learn more about Facebook and how it can benefit your business check out our other blogs or  feel free to reach out to us! Download our Facebook guide to get you started running your Facebook ads.


How to run Facebook Video Ads and Generate Leads

Facebook Checklist



  • Facebook page set up
  • Custom Facebook cover and icon (message and correct USP)
  • Facebook ad set up
  • Facebook Tracking Pixel on website
  • Custom Facebook audience website visitors
  • Create 3 different audiences on top of the website custom audience
  • Upload any lists (CRM, Patients, Email Lists, etc)
  • Create 5 ads (1 has to be dark post)
  • 5 custom Facebook ad images (1200 x 628)


How To Export Your Linkedin Contacts To Google And Facebook Custom Audiences

How To Export Your Linkedin Contacts To Google And Facebook Custom Audiences

I did a presentation the other day for on video marketing. One of the tip I like to teach is how you can run video ads to your Linkedin contacts. One of the members asked if I would show him how to export his Linkedin contacts and upload them into Facebook and Google custom audiences.

So here is a video on how you can export your Linkedin contacts to Google and Facebook custom audiences.

The video transcript. Forgive bad grammar and spelling errors this is done by a computer.

Jace Vernon: In this video we’re going to discuss how you guys can export your LinkedIn contacts into your Google Adwords custom email addresses, and also into your Facebook custom email. So, it’s just a way for you guys to take everyone you contacted or people who you’re trying to get a hold of in LinkedIn. You can take all of those contacts export them into Google and Facebook, and then you’re able to run video ads; you are able to run different kind of advertisements to them.

So, example, I use this to contact some executives and CEOs of a certain companies. Let’s assume that you want to get a hold of the CFO of the business. Well, a lot of times they’re hard to track. If you know that they need your product or service a good way to do it is to become friends with them on LinkedIn, or become friends with a bunch of people in their business on LinkedIn and then go after them that way. Create an advertisement or a video exactly for that business, and then export your LinkedIn contacts and then start running them ad.

Okay. So, I’m going to show you how you can do this. First thing you’re going to do is get your LinkedIn contacts. Go over here to LinkedIn. Click on My network. Go to Connections. And here are the connections I have. So I have to 6768 connections. Then go in here and say happy birthday to any of them. Click on this icon over here, the Settings icon and then put Export linking connections. We’re going to do it in a simple Microsoft Outlook export. Got it?

Okay. There is going to be a lot of information that you do not need on this and that kind a messes you up. So, I will go in here and I will delete everything I have, except for the email address. Now sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. You may not need to do this but I just do it to be safe. Okay. So, now I have a list of all of my LinkedIn contacts right here. I may go up here and save this list. Okay, now I have my list. It’s all nice and safe. First thing you’re going to do is jump over into your Google Adwords account. Go down to the left-hand side; I’m going to scroll down so you guys can see this a little better. Left-hand side, you see a Shared library; click on Shared library and then here are your audiences. Click on View the audiences. Click on remarketing lists and custom emails, and put LinkedIn contacts. There we go. We’re going to No expiration on this. Another cool thing you can do with your LinkedIn contacts are you can build audience, similar audiences. So, once you get that audience out there, you can do a similar one. Got it? So, uploaded in, and of the 6562 email addresses 99.98% are good. And you’ll see that it will take them a bit to start building, but now you’re able to advertise on search; you’re able to advertise on YouTube, display on Gmail only.

Okay, So, I talk to you guys about Gmail ads. If you want, you can go check out my other Gmail video at How to run Gmail video Ads or just Gmail sponsored Ads. So, those are all my other tutorials, but you’re able to market to this list through Gmail. So, once there we won’t into have us created all the ads, but that’s how you get your list into Google.

Now, let’s jump over to Facebook. Go to your Ads Account. It will go… Okay, you’re just going to go up here to audiences. Click on Saved audience. I’m teasing, I’m teasing, sorry. It’s a Custom audience. You’re just going to use custom file. Choose a file. Import from Mailchimp; obviously we’re going to choose a file that we want. Click here. Upload that same file that you just uploaded. Now this one, you can put phone number, date, first name, last name, zip code, all those other things, but I’m just going to use the email addresses for now. Then click next. So, it uploaded 6519 rows. There, my audience is created. Done. So, it’s not ready yet. It actually takes Facebook a little bit to update that audience, but same thing here, you can upload this audience then do a similar audience, or a look alike audience, and you’re able to run ads to them.

Okay. So, that is it. Pretty simple. If you have any questions let us know go to or We have a ton of other video tutorials if you want to check them out on Gmail ads, on video ads. Mainly we like to focus a lot on the different video ads out there. We think it’s a huge opportunity. Shoot us a comment. If you have a certain video that you’d like to see a shoot, record,    or show you how to do something let us know. We’re all about helping businesses grow, capturing leads, those types of things.

Okay. Signing off.

How you can export your Linkedin contacts to Google and Facebook custom audiences.