Creating copy is not easy. It take a lot of time and practice. You may have the money to go hire an expensive copy writer, but I would save the money. I have found it’s better to educate yourself and become a student of great copy. It’s a great skill to have.

You do not need to make it complicated…

When you find something you like, use it and make it your own. That’s what a lot of great copy writers do.

Here’s a video where I discuss a couple of different ads.

How to create great copy!

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In this video, we are going to be discussing copy, ad copy, why it matters, why it doesn’t matter, and things you need to be doing to get better at creating copy. Let me go over what I’ve been doing a little bit. Facebook.

What I did with Facebook is have a video marketing checklist. Some of you might have seen our marketing checklist. That is kind of my trip wire, that’s the offer.

Now whenever I’m asking for a simple email, I don’t do a lot of copy. Now I’m just testing this. You can see my ads. On this simple one I have like 10 dollars a day going at it. Very simple. You can see 16 leads, three leads, my average lead cost is around two dollars and 30 cents. That is not bad. It works. The numbers all pan out. On this one, I don’t do a lot of, let me go down here and show you. I don’t do a lot of copy.

All I do is write this. Businesses are not taking advantage of video marketing and most agencies have no idea what they’re doing. Here’s a free checklist we use to dominate our competitors. This one gets a lot better. I have one that’s like two sentences and it costs a little bit more. Now, over the weekend, I was looking up my numbers. I’m like, “Hey. Forget trying to get the whole trip wire, forget trying to get people into my email.” Now that’s not always a good thing. I’m just going to go for a direct conversion. Okay?

I set up a new campaign just for conversions, where I want somebody to actually come to me and request a full proposal. You can see our cost is it just started, and we’re at 19 dollars. I want to keep it under 20 dollars. Got it? Now this ad takes a lot more work. Okay? Let me show you the difference. Okay.

First off, I say, “Hey dear business owner or marketing manager, what if,” and then I go into these things. Now where did I get this information? I’m not the type of guy that will go out and spend days and days on creating copy. What I like to do is I like to take bits and pieces from everyone and then combine it and make it my own. Now, everyone’s doing it.

You’ll find out ads. If you see a good ad, that’s probably been created by some other good ad. This one, I saw this used by I think his name’s Cody Butler, and then there’s another one called Brad Ads, it’s a mixture. I like to use some of [Russel Brunson’s 00:02:51] stuff sometimes. But whenever I find a really good ad, I take that ad, I put it on a spreadsheet, and then I keep them. I look at what’s working, what’s not working. It takes some time, though. You can’t expect to just go out there and create a Facebook ad and have it work, got it? You want to spend time on studying copy, finding out what works, finding out what doesn’t work, and then you test it. Got it? Here’s some good material to help you on your copy.

I loved this book, “Confessions of an Advertising Man.” Okay? It’s an old school one. Another one is “Influence.” If you go here onto Google and you just type in influence, the power of persuasion pdf, that’s a free one. You can click right there and get the download. It’s free. Another one I like, Gary Halbert. He did a book called “Boron Letters.”

Love this book. He got put into jail and he wrote his son these letters and explained to him how direct mail works, how copy works. Very good. Very good read. If you want to go out there and learn about stuff, learn about Gary Halbert, his copy was really good. David Ogilvy very good.

Then just put it on a spreadsheet or text, this is just a text doc. Then you make it your own. You adjust it, you change it, you put in stuff you like, stuff you don’t like you take out. It works. It works for me. You’ll see since I adjusted that copy on this Facebook ad, now I’m asking for a lot more. I’m not just asking for an email address, so I made it a lot more powerful. The more they commit, the more they read, the more they’re going to be willing to do business with you. Okay?

Remember a good structure is what’s the problem? Really identify the problem, and then show them a solution. Got it? Then a strong call to action. Those are just some things you can do. But everything’s based off of they have a problem, you have the solution. Got it? That’s a quick video on copy. Make sure you spend some time creating some good stuff. That is it. We’ll be in touch.

How To Create Copy That Converts – It Makes All The Difference.