Facebook Checklist



  • Facebook page set up
  • Custom Facebook cover and icon (message and correct USP)
  • Facebook ad set up
  • Facebook Tracking Pixel on website
  • Custom Facebook audience website visitors
  • Create 3 different audiences on top of the website custom audience
  • Upload any lists (CRM, Patients, Email Lists, etc)
  • Create 5 ads (1 has to be dark post)
  • 5 custom Facebook ad images (1200 x 628)

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How to run Facebook Video Ads and Generate Leads (transcript)

Hey guys it’s Jace with Marketing Hy. Where we help businesses create and deliver the right message to the right audience. So, today I wanna take a second. We’re wrapping up 2016. We had a great year both for our companies.

We continued to grow. And I kinda wanna talk about 2016 and also 2017. What I see happening, and some things that I think are gonna really work. Obviously I’m a huge fan of video marketing, video ads. That’s gonna continue to grow. So I wanna make sure all you businesses are at the forefront, that you’re doing it the right way, and that you can get results. ‘Cause we all know how hard it is. Right now, a lot of you are operating companies, you’re having a hard time generating leads and we’ve found that, that comes down to two things. Usually it’s a problem with your message.

You’re just not clear. Secondly, it’s a problem with your marketing. Your just not getting in front of the right audience, okay? And that is one of the reasons that most businesses fail. Just because they don’t have the right message, and then they can’t get in front of the right audience. So this last, I think it was Friday, so Friday night, Thursday night, one of those nights I decided to go to the gym and I ran into an old friend. He actually owns this company, I’ll bring it up. It’s called Mango Voice. Great guy, so he was kind of explaining to me his situation. I asked him how business was, he said he’s doing well. I asked him what he was doing on marketing, just kind of prying around and he mentioned that right now he was doing a couple things.

He was running ads on, I think he was doing AdWords, he was paying a lot of money for shows. So alone he was paying different marketing businesses about $2,500 like, to each business. Grant Cardone was taking like $3,500 to mention his business a month. So, come to find out it was about $10,000 per month is what he was spending, and he basically said, “I’m getting nothing. “I’m getting zero leads from all of these guys “and I didn’t know whether they were “scamming me, or they weren’t.” So I, I said hey, let me show you what we do, and I will generate, I’ll put up the money, I’ll test it. I will show you your cost per lead or some certain amount. So, went home that night and I didn’t really wanna build out a landing page. I didn’t wanna do all of that stuff. All I wanted to do was generate one lead, and give him that cost per lead.

So you take a look. I jumped over and created a Facebook page. So, here is the actual Facebook page. I kinda duplicated the page he already had. This takes about 10 minutes to create. I then put in a couple posts, okay? Then, once you have a Facebook page, you can go in and generate an ad, well you just create an ads account. And you start running ads. And basically, here is the cost per lead. So after about, 48 hours is what it took me, I created his message, made sure it was clear made sure it was concise. Then I turn around and said okay, who’s my audience?

Obviously small business owners. I went after Telecom. Bunch of different things. Now, there’s a few, a few things you need to do if you plan on just doing Facebook ads. You need to make sure that you have a bunch of different ads that you’re testing. What we like to do, if I jump into this campaign. I’m running three different ad sets. Every ad set has one, two, three, four, five, okay? I have five different ads running on each ad set. And then I’ll spend around $5 per, you can see, per ad set, okay? Same thing here. So this was my small business audience, and what I like to do is generate a bunch of different audiences. Sometimes I’ll push this out to 20 different ad sets going to 20 different audiences. Like, this is my Telecom audience, this is small business, this was, I can’t really remember what it was. So, you can see that overall, between all of the ads it costs $35.

So I called him up and said hey, here is how much it costs to get a qualified lead. Now, I did not have a trip wire. I did not put in any type of remarketing, any code, I mean this was pure cold traffic with somebody who is looking for a telephone system. And $35, now to him he’s ecstatic. You go from where you’re spending $10,000 creating no leads, to all of a sudden being able to create one lead, qualified lead for $35. Now is that great in my eyes? No, you usually wanna be around $8 to $12 for a good qualified lead. If you’re doing trip offers and everything, you can get ’em down to $3, $2, some people get ’em into the cents, okay? But for a good qualified lead, your just looking for your message. I mean, it’s different for every business.

But if you look what, normally what we’d do is scale up on this campaign. So we can go to this campaign and see that it costs, this ad actually, was $3, is what we spent to generate that lead. So what we’d do is turn off everything else. Start scaling that ad up and make sure it stays under $8, okay?

Simple system, and like I said, this does not include a trip wire. It does not include remarketing. It does not include an email campaign. All of those necessary things, okay? So we have loan officers getting leads, $3 a lead. We have e-commerce businesses. And so what we see happening in 2017? We see video ads, Facebook ads, Google ads, I love AdWords. Those types of things. You can lose a lot if you don’t know what you’re doing. But, my suggestion is make sure in 2017 you’re getting your cost per lead down to where it is scalable. And you do that through messaging.

Make sure you got a, the right message that resonates with your audience, okay? So what we’ve done, this simple video but we do have a checklist for you that we want you to download. It’s a full online marketing checklist. If you don’t have a company that’s doing your marketing great, we’ve love to help but, if you’re doing your own marketing or have in house marketers, go over and get these checklists. We also supply you guys with a lot of video tutorials. It’s all free, so click the link, head on over there, and we will stay in touch. Thanks for listening.

Talk to you later.

How to run Facebook Video Ads and Generate Leads