The Facebook pixel is one of the most important tools that you can have on your site. The Facebook pixel is so simple to install and takes just a few minutes to install. Below I will have a checklist on how you can install the Facebook pixel on your site.

Step 1 Create A Facebook Account

You need to create a Facebook ad account. You must have a Facebook profile linked to your ad account.

Step 2 In The Facebook Menu Click Pixels

Go into your ad manager and hit the drop-down menu and go and click on pixels.

Step 3 Set Up Pixel

Click on “Set up Pixel”.

Step 4 Copy And Paste The Code

Click on “Copy and Paste The code”. Inside of the box. The moment that you click on the box will open up to the code area.

Step 5 Copy The Pixel Code

Click on the box and it will copy the entire code.

Now paste this code inside in the header of your site. The installation of your Facebook pixel is complete.

The Benefits Of Installing The Pixel On Your Site.

Target audiences

After someone visits your website the pixel will record certain actions that your audience will perform and you will want to track. People view your products, possibly add a product to the cart, fill out a form, or even make a purchase, Facebook can track all of these events. You will be able to track this information and will have the ability to create specific audiences from your website traffic. And then you can re-target to  these visitors with Facebook ads.

See ad performance

The pixel has the power to show you your ad performance. Facebook can track sells, video views, content engagement, and much more. You have the ability to see how many impressions, video views your ads have received. You can also see how many people engaged with your ad.

Advertise more efficiently

The pixel helps optimize your ads. What this means is that Facebook will deliver your ad to people that are more likely to engage with your ad or even take action. You obtain the ability to generate more leads on a small budget. The more traffic to your site the more likely your ads will generate more leads.

Measure return on investment

Facebook can Report to you the amount of conversions and the cost per conversion. If you can determine how much you can spend on lead this will allow you to calculate your return on investment. Is the concept of spending money to make money it is essential that you know your numbers for your business to grow.

If want to learn more about Facebook and how it can benefit your business check out our other blogs or  feel free to reach out to us! Download our Facebook guide to get you started running your Facebook ads.