The Secret Formula To Creating An Insane Video That Will Get Results

The Secret Formula To Creating An Insane Video That Will Get Results

A Good Video VS. A Bad Video. What makes all the difference?

As of late, I have been talking with leads and prospective clients about our NEW video marketing system. It’s funny that my main job as a business owner is still closing deals and getting more leads in the pipeline. The hustle never ends. This new video marketing system has been working like charm, but 87% of businesses still can’t seem to jump into Video Marketing.

Case in point.

Yesterday I was speaking with a guy that said he was not interested in running YouTube or Facebook video ads, because he had tried it, and it didn’t work for him. He spent some money promoting it, but didn’t get new clients. They even had 600,000 views.

That’s weird…

If your video has 600,000 views and you did not get one client…then you have a video problem.

If you never get any shares, likes, or comments, you have a video problem.

If you don’t get leads, sales, or more customers, you have a video problem.

When I speak at conferences, I always put this quote at the beginning.

“If you can’t link your video back to leads, sales, or customers…you’re doing it wrong.”
The exception to this is education videos and training videos. Those are in a totally different category.

So how do you do this? How do you create a video that will pull in viewers’ emotions to cause them to act? How do you create an insane video that will get you the results you desire?

We do this by creating a an actually story.

Video Storytelling 101

For the past 8 years we have focused on “Storytelling and Messaging.”

Our job is to convince people to take action.

We’ve found that great stories make all the difference.

I have been listening to an audio book called “The Hero’s Two Journeys.” Written by Michael Hauge and Christopher Volger. They laid out the simplest foundation for a good story.

This might surprise you, but all good movies are based off of a simple formula. I learned this when I read the story behind Pixar.

Pixar follows this structure.

Once upon a time
Every Day
One Day
Because of that
Because of that
Until Finally

The next time you watch a pixar movie, you’ll be able to identify the formula.

It’s a bit more complicated than the one I like to use, but it works.

Michael and Christopher made a formula that is even simpler. I recommend following this formula. Every good story should have:

  1. Character
  2. Desire
  3. Conflict

Michael says, “Good stories have a captivating character who is pursuing some compelling desire and who faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieving it.

You will obviously build on this structure, but it’s a great place to start.

Luke grew up in the outskirts of the galaxy. He wanted to learn the Force. Yet, he had no idea he was going to have to defeat Darth Vader who was part of the dark side.

Character: Luke
Desire: Learn the Force
Conflict: Darth Vader

Isn’t that easy? That’s a multi-billion dollar formula. ☺

Now, let’s apply this formula to the addiction recovery space.

A young doctor decided he was going to open up his own drug treatment facility. He wanted to help those who were struggling with addiction. The doctor soon realized that he was not able to get anyone to come to his new facility. He needed a way to deliver his message. He started to run ads on Google, but was paying over $115 per click. He could not afford to compete, so he closed the doors.

Character: Young doctor
Desire: Help people who are addicted
Conflict: Marketing and Google’s cost per click was too high

For a real estate business

The Jones family is looking to move because the father received a new job offer. There is just one problem. They have to sell their house ASAP. Are they going to list it with an agent and take a 6% hit or should they list it themselves and run the risk of not selling the house?

Character: Jones family
Desire: Sell their house
Conflict: List their home with an agent and pay 6% or list their home by themselves

I am leaving out one key component in the formula, which we discover a little later.

Why does this story telling formula work?

Sticking with the theme of addiction recovery, I want to show you a video that converts. I know this, because we use it for our clients.

How well does it work? Well, let’s just say that we get leads at 1/10th the cost of a click.

Take a look.

If we break it down, you will get the following:

Character: The drug addict
Desire: Wants to be clean and get his life back
Conflict: Battle with addiction and getting help

A couple of factors you will want to consider when telling your story.

1. The character has to be relatable in some way. If nobody can relate to your character the video will not get the desired result.
2. When watching your video, the viewer needs to feel something. If they can’t relate to the desire or the conflict, they will not act.
3. End with a resolution.

All great stories have a resolution. Have you ever left half way through a great movie?

It’s like torture.

You’ll do anything to see the end.

TV sitcoms are exceptional at this. They will keep us watching for months and some for years because we need a resolution.

Remember when you were a kid watching your favorite sitcom? Every couple of weeks your show would end with this:

…To Be Continued.

There’s nothing worse.

We can’t just end our story with a character, desire, and conflict. There has to be some kind of resolution. Good or bad.

Introducing… The Resolution.

When designing your video, your product or service is going to be the resolution. You can introduce your product in many different ways, but you have to make sure that it clearly helps achieve the character’s desire.

So how do you create a story in under 5 minutes that includes a Character, Desire, Conflict and a Resolution?

It’s not easy to design a story in under 5 minutes, let alone 30 seconds for a TV commercial. You have to create a character, explain his/her desire, battle the conflict, and end with a resolution.

That is a lot to do.

The goal is to dig deep into the viewer’s life. Make them feel like we are talking about them. We are describing THEIR desires and conflict.

Step 1: Character Development

This is one of the reasons that big brands pay huge amounts of money to get a superstar.

We already relate and know the superstar. They can jump right into the desire, conflict, and resolutions.

There’s no need to spend precious seconds defining the character.

If you are starting from scratch, here are some ideas to get the right character for your audience.

1. Know your target audience. Age, Desires, Wants, Likes, Color, etc.
2. Find, build, or create a character that matches your target audience.
3. Make them likable, lovable, kind, powerful, cute, or pitiful.

Step 2: Desire

What does the character want to accomplish? What’s his or hers greatest desire? Does the desire relate to the viewer?

Step 3: Conflict

The conflict should take up the highest percentage of the time. This is where you get the viewer to hurt a bit. We all hate conflict when it’s our battle, but we all love watching someone else battle. It’s what makes great stories.

Step 4: Resolution

This is the simple part. The conflict gets solved with your product or service and the character is happy. Problem is solved.

I hope this helped.

Now that you understand what it takes to create the story, the tricky part is actually getting started. If you would like us to create your story, we can do that. Our writers are exceptional at creating stories. We can take you product or service and design a video your audience will love.

If not…

Use the formula above and create an Insane Video that will get you results.

You’re Not Getting Enough Video Views. Let’s Fix It!

You’re Not Getting Enough Video Views. Let’s Fix It!

You’re Not Getting Enough Views

My Friends,

It has been a couple of weeks but it has given me some time to come up with something amazing. So far Ydraw has created about 940 different types of videos.

That is 940 stories, 940 different messages, 940 calls to action. It has been an amazing ride and we hope it will continue to grow. We love our clients and hope they have huge success.

But it is not all happy tears.

NO…It’s not!

In fact, there is one problem that keeps popping up.

You’re Not getting Enough Views.

A video needs to be seen and heard before it will produce the results and this does not happen without a bit of effort. Sure, you will get an occasional viral video, but this is extremely unlikely.

How unlikely? Put it this way…

You might have a better chance of winning the lottery than becoming a big YouTube sensation. If your video gets 1000 views, you are in the top 3.1 percent. If you get 10,000 views, you will enter the domain of 0.3 percent.

Don’t let this discourage you, because video marketing is all about quality not quantity. It’s by far better to have 5 qualified viewers than a million unqualified. If getting views created customers, then I would buy a million video views from click farms in China.

How do I know this?

Let’s move on…☺

I want to show you how you can get qualified views at an extremely low cost. You have your video, now it’s time to get the customers.

Run ads on YouTube.

I have been harping on this for the last 6 months. Before long it is going to get too expensive and the ROI is not going to be there. It happened to Google Adwords and it will eventually happen to Video Ads.

Marketers tend to ruin everything. We will all jump on board and drive up the price. Just last week I saw about 5 other network marketers start pushing YouTube Ads.

It is the next big thing, so you will want to get started.

The Cost?

8 to 15 cents per view.

I have created a simple How To Guide that will teach you how to exploit this secret source for high converting laser targeted, low competitions traffic.

Plus, I have a couple screen shots to show you some results.

You can get it here. (although I said it was simple the blasted thing took me all day to create, so make sure and use it.)

How To Drive Laser Targeted Traffic To Your Videos

We also have created a Video Marketing Academy for those who want to tackle video ads on their own.

Not only do we tell your story…We help you get it out there.

If you still do not have a video, then you need to start there. Telling your story is step number one. Ydraw can help with that.


New Watercolor Explainer Video… You Are Going To Want One

New Watercolor Explainer Video… You Are Going To Want One

One Sunday morning I was in church and me and Camdyn, by youngest daughter, needed to take a little break.

We found ourselves in the hallway where I came upon a flyer that said.

“I need some help and I would be happy to clean your home or office to make some extra money. I have a lot of experience and worked for a cleaning company.”


What does one live for if not to make the world a better place for those who are struggling?

So, I immediately called her and gave her some work.

It was all fine and dandy until last Monday she seemed a little distraught and nervous. Something was up.

Next thing we know, we are missing our $2000 camera and the cleaning lady has disappeared.

Elphaba said it best in the broadway play “Wicked”

“No good deed goes unpunished.”

I wish I could say this has never happened to be before, but I have a tendency to get ripped off a lot. It’s a good thing I can afford it.

Which brings me to the point.

Introducing our new Watercolor Videos.

Whenever we launch a new product you can bet 4 months later our competitors are going to be launching the same thing. Just a lot uglier.

I like to call them…

“The Swiping Men”

They did it with Yswipe, they did it with our Blackboard, and they will do it with Ypaint.

That’s the name of our new Watercolor Videos


You ought to get one…they are pretty cool.

And for those of you looking to rip us off…

Go ahead. We are all about sharing. I like to think of it this way.

Without competition nobody would cheer when we make a touchdown.

We all go to watch the battle.

So check out the new video

You are going to love it…

And one other thing:

If any of you have bought a used Nikon Camera in the last couple of days and you find pictures of a 4 year old’s birthday party on the memory card, send us the pictures…you can keep the camera.

Happy Hunting

If you want to order one of our Watercolor Explainer Videos, please get it touch with Your experts in Animation Explainer Videos.

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