If Our Videos Were Celebrities

clint eastwoodThe Whiteboard Animation Video:

Clint Eastwood

It’s the classic, the original.  You know exactly what it is you’re going to get with this.  It’s been around the longest, and it’s amassed a large portfolio of impressive work.  You’ve watched it grow from a young stud, to an intense matured master of work.



If Our Videos ScottThe Blackboard Animation Video:

Scott Eastwood

It’s our classic’s young hip son.  And freakishly good looking.  It’s almost as if they just cloned the original, and just added a few little upgrades.  While it might look similar to the original, it’s the only one of its kind.  That’s right, Ydraw is the only place you can get a blackboard video.  Just like Scott Eastwood is the worlds first successful human clone.*  Just like Scott, blackboard videos are just now breaking onto the scene and we are all sitting on the edge of our seats to see where they are going to go.



If Our Videos RDJThe 2D Animation Video:

Robert Downey Jr.

2D animation is nothing new, people do it a lot, I mean look at Disney.  However, it’s fairly new to Ydraw, and we couldn’t be prouder of the videos we have made.  So who are they?  Robert Downey Jr.  What’s a better comeback story than that one?  There really isn’t one.  So yes, while 2D animation has been around for quite a while, just like our man RDJ, they are coming back with a vengeance.  Pulling out some of the best work ever and looking better than ever.  It’s an oldie, but a goodie…with a new direction of their career.



If Our Videos JLawThe 3D Animation Video:

 Jennifer Lawrence

The 3D animation video is basically just like Jennifer Lawrence.  It’s new, awesome, and refreshing.  And unapologetic.  Yeah, you heard right.  Our 3D animation videos are unapologetic for just how awesome they are.  I mean, who knew a whiteboard animation company could bust out such awesome 3D animation?  Just like our girl J. Law these animation videos will bring a level of fun yet sophistication to your marketing.




If Our Videos MurrayThe Fast and Easy Video:

Bill Murray

Fast and Easy?  That’s gotta be Bill Murray.  The man shows up everywhere.  In fact, I just read yesterday that some people ran into him in Europe.  Not only does he swoop in and steal your fries (yeah, it’s happened), he crashes your party (also happened), and more.  Basically what we’re getting at is that Bill Murray is pretty versatile, he’ll be wherever you need him to be and whatever you need him to be.  Just like our fast and easy videos.  They are here to help you.  They can be manipulated to promote any company or product that you need.  Just like Bill, they are here to amp up the party.


chris prattHonorable mention:  Our Ydraw Angel:

He’s totally Chris Pratt.  He’s a little pudgy (Pratt was), and he’s probably getting himself into some kind of trouble, whether it’s intentional or completely innocent because he just doesn’t understand the problem.  And just like Pratt, we love him.




*This is the belief of one individual and Ydraw has no proof of this statement.