Where should you be running your ads?  Google? Facebook? YouTube?  Linkedin?

Where should you be running your ads? Google? Facebook? YouTube? Linkedin?

Most businesses have a hard time deciding where they want to run their ads. Google may work, but can get pretty costly. Facebook is the cheapest; but may not get you actual customers, YouTube takes a lot of work plus a video, and Linkedin still can’t figure out their ad platform.

Where are going to run you ads?

In this video we will go over the pros and cons of each platform and which one will work for you.

In this video we are going to be going over what is better and what you should be running as far as ads goes and we’re going to compare Google AdWords, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and LinkedIn ads.

Those are the four we’re going to discuss. First off, let’s go over each one of them.

1. Google Adwords

Basically, Google AdWords it controls mainly search campaigns, display campaigns, YouTube campaigns so all within Google AdWords you can find those types of things.

Here’s my experience with Google AdWords, I love Google AdWords but some businesses can lose a lot of money quickly and I’m going to discuss those.

Any business that people have an urgent need for works well. If you’re a dental practice or orthodontics practice where somebody needs a quick tooth fix. These work excellent for AdWords. If you’re in any type of niche market, excellent for AdWords.

When you start getting into personal injury or hotels or those types of things, you start competing with the big boys which can get very expensive and you can blow your budget quickly. I’m going to show you how our AdWords works for one of my companies, I’ll show you how our Facebook works, how YouTube works and then you can get a good feel for our ROI on both those. Let’s jump over first off into AdWords and discuss this.

This is for Ydraw, we do whiteboard animation. We have a bunch of different campaigns running so we have search campaigns which are over here on the left. We’re going after the words whiteboard, explainer video, whiteboard animation and you can look, let’s look at this one. This is one of our main keywords.

If you look at whiteboard animation, here is our campaign. We got 320 clicks. My average cost per click is $8 and I had 65 conversions. My average cost per conversion is $40. Okay, my conversion rate is 20%, that means they are opting in, they are filling out information to get pricing. Now, good things about this is I do work a lot on my AdWords campaign and AdWords campaign cannot just be set it and forget it. You have to actually put in the time necessary to get your quality scores up, make sure you’re going after the right keywords, make sure you have landing pages set up with those. Now, if you click on one of these search campaigns I also have a whiteboard remarketing campaign.

Anyone who hits that page then goes into my remarketing and you can see that this month, last 14 days, this is the last 14, let’s go last 30 to give you a good sense. Last 30 days I’ve had 94 clicks and this is remarketing only. My cost per converted click is $20. My conversion rate 10%. Now, this is when somebody already clicks on one of my ads then they turn around and they see one of my banner ads then they come back to the website and request pricing. Got it? That works really well. Now, a lot of you might look at my cost per lead is $20 here, on remarketing it’s $40 on AdWords. It can go as high as 70. The price of the product makes all the difference. Okay, if you are trying to sell a $19 product or a $25 product, you’re going to start to struggle.

The numbers are going to be real tight. When you start getting into the thousands then it’s very profitable. I can spend two, $300 per lead and be okay as long as I am closing one in ten deals. Got it? That is a good look at the Google AdWords campaign. It works, you should be running ads. You need to at least test it but don’t do it on your own. Make sure you get a professional or learn the way you should be running AdWords or go take classes, whatever you need to do. Don’t just jump in and start throwing money at it because you’re most likely going to lose. There’s a lot more that goes into it. I’ll just give you a little hint, on your keywords make sure you use phrase match, broad modifier and exact. Do not mess with the normal just broad keywords, you will get beat. Got it?

AdWords, I love AdWords. It works great for emergency medical, works great for niche products, as long as your price is high enough.

2. Facebook Ads

Now, let’s jump over to Facebook. Facebook works really well for most businesses. If you go into this, here’s the Facebook campaign that I’m running for the same company. I am requesting the exact same thing. I wanted to request pricing. You’ll see my cost per lead right here on this campaigns is $8 per lead, $8 per lead. I don’t like that, that seems high to me. I’ll probably jump in and start adjusting them. I’d rather be down in the three range. Now, a lot of you might be wondering, “Hey, he’s getting $8 leads here but he’s getting $20 leads over on Google AdWords,” or $40 leads, or $50 leads.

There’s a whole different return on investment and you need to treat each channel differently. You don’t want to go on to your AdWords campaign and think, “Oh, well I’m only getting 20, I’m getting a $20 lead over here but Facebook is $2. I’m going to put all my money into Facebook.” No, because your ROI could be a lot higher on Google because they are actually searching for your product or service. Facebook, they see it, it might pique interest, they might be like, “Oh, I just want to test out and see what pricing is,” and then they’ll fill out a form. Okay? I treat every channel as its separate channel as long as I’m getting a return on investment on that channel I will expand it. We have $8 leads, $3 leads, $5 leads. These are remarketing, some of these are remarketing campaigns. Got it?

Then I have a little engagement running. If you’re coaches, network marketing, fitness, all of those types of products worked really well on Facebook ads. A lot of people say B2B does not work on Facebook ads, I beg to differ, I’ve seen it work all the time. You just had to be very targeted. The best thing about Facebook is you can really nail down your audience. We do a lot with Boys Home Treatment Centers and Facebook has been a huge avenue for them. Got it? Because they are able to interact right there on the channel, on the Facebook page.

3. YouTube Ads

Back to our YouTube ads, okay, YouTube ads and I’ll lump in Gmail ads with this. YouTube ads are great way for remarketing.

I love them for remarketing and they are great way to get in front of your target audience. The only problem is you are so limited. If you go out there and create a video, then what you want to do is find the exact videos you want to play on. You can do things like take your competitor’s clients if you want because you can run in front of your competitors.

You can pick the exact videos you want to run in front, you can cater the message, there’s a lot you can do with YouTube ads but what a lot of people do is go out there and they just set their YouTube ads to run in front of all types of videos like Taylor Swift videos, Wheels On The Bus, and they will lose a lot of money and it’s not really a good way to go about it.

If you look at this one, I’ll just show you real quick. Let’s go to video campaigns. If we nail down and say okay, let’s take a look at specific placements. Okay, my cost per conversion this is just placement where I’ve picked where I want them to play, now I’m going pretty broad here. Look at my cost per conversion, $185. Now, does that work? Yes. It still works really well. Now, I’ve seen them as low as 13 cents. If we nail down this campaign and go into the placements I could turn off a lot of placements and get a very, very good return like take a look let’s go all time. Okay, if you go all time, the numbers look a little better and this is a YouTube campaign, I’m getting conversions, 313 conversions, $35 per conversion and these are all on YouTube ads.

You can see, YouTube ads work once again for this product and you just have to be very strategic about it, don’t go out there and spend a huge amount of money until you get the numbers figured out. Got it? I like YouTube ads, they work.

4. Linkedin Ads

Now, finally, let’s discuss LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn ads I have tried and they are so expensive and I need to try them again. It was a year ago when I started to run LinkedIn ads. Why it was so expensive? They were charging almost $25 a click is what it came out to be to get somebody to my website. I hope they fixed it since then but the rule on LinkedIn ads, you have to have a very high ticket item. You need to be in the 7, 10,000, $15,000 range and you can make LinkedIn ads work for you.

I’m not going to show you LinkedIn ads. I think this video is going to be long enough but take a look at them, make sure you test every single one of these things so Google AdWords, Facebook, YouTube ads and LinkedIn. A key to all of these is an email campaign behind it. Don’t be running ads unless you have a good follow up email campaign.
If you go look at a lot of my leads on my analytics come in from my email so I capture their attention by running ads in these places. Once I get them into my drip system then they go into an email sequence. Don’t forget direct mail, don’t forget cold emails, cold-calling, all those other things work but if you’re in certain types of businesses, you have to be running Google AdWords.

I really tell urgent care centers, hospitals, stuff like that, they should be running AdWords, dentists, doctors, those guys, niche products, plumbers, all those guys should be running ads. Facebook, you should be doing Facebook ads whether it’s just for remarketing, YouTube ads, spend $2 a day on YouTube ads and then LinkedIn ads, that’s the only one that I wouldn’t recommend for most people. Got it? If you have questions, you can always visit our website, go to marketinghy.com or if you do need a video we have ydraw.com, we can do whiteboard animation, whatever you need. Let us know and hope you enjoyed the video. See you.

Google vs Facebook vs YouTube vs Linkedin. Where should you be running ads?

Video Marketing On Facebook! Does it work?

Top Benefits of Facebook Video Marketing

The value of top Video Marketing has been heavily explored in the past and nowadays businesses of all sizes have begun implementing video in their marketing campaigns. Video is a cheap way to get your message across and with Social Media platforms like Facebook taking full advantage of video to drive up engagement, it is only sensible that business and brands use video accordingly.

In the following article, we’ll be going over the top benefits of using your video on Facebook and how it has helped thousands of brands obtain killer traffic to their sites. In addition, we’ll be outlining some of the best tactics you can implement right now to put your brand on the map.


Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform boasting over one billion users and while the organic reach of Facebook has dropped significantly over the past few years, their paid advertisement platform is one of the best available when used correctly.

Facebook is the second largest trafficked website and at any given time has more than five hundred million active users. In other words, there are roughly 500 million people right now on Facebook engaging in content from friends and brands alike. If you could only manage to obtain 1% of this traffic and direct it to your business, we’re talking about 5 million potential prospects visiting your brand. Now that’s impressive!

Mobile Users

Another important factor that brands and businesses must take into consideration is that the world is moving to searching the internet through mobile devices. It’s estimated that by 2019 that mobile users will surpass every other medium of exploring content online. Facebook is Mobile friendly and with 1 billion people using Facebook from a mobile device every month, it only makes sense to utilize the platform to reach your ideal customer.

Facebook videos are mobile friendly and is quickly becoming the main means for users to watch video.

Video and Social Behavior

Another killer reason why Facebook video marketing is so effective is due to the fact that users have all the means to share the content in a flash. With ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ buttons right below your video, you can tap into organic traffic much quicker than other platforms. In addition, Facebook gives you more exposure if the videos are hosted on their platform, meaning you’ll reach further demographics a lot easier than Youtube videos within their platform.

Hot Triggers – Awesome CTAs

One feature that Facebook videos have that is lacking on Youtube is the embedded call to action. When loading up a Facebook video, you have the option to embed a CTA at the end of the video. What this means is that once the user has finished watching the video, a clickable CTA is posted in the center of the screen. Typically, it reads “Learn more” or “subscribe” and once clicked will re-direct the user to the designated page.

In other words, after you have engaged your users and grabbed their attention, you can quickly send them to a relevant offer to help drive up conversions.

Boosting Virality Potential

Now let’s get into the true potential of marketing on Facebook with video. The Facebook advertising platform is one of the best in the world. You have the ability to reach millions of viewers if you understand how to properly boost your videos. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty details of boosting as that is a topic all on its own, however I will provide you with a general overview on how it works.

We already established that Facebook will show you more “love” if you upload the video directly on their platform. However, while the organic reach is dismal, the boosting potential can create a landslide of traffic coming your way.

The way you do this is by creating ‘audiences’ within the platform. You select ‘interests’ (which essentially are your keywords) of which Facebook will give you an estimated reach. You can continue to refine your reach based on geographic locations, general interests, excluding interests from a general interest and much more.

I strongly suggest you take time to explore their advertising options as many people have managed to boost videos into the millions of views on budgets as low as $20 USD.

The ‘Like-Invite’ Feature

This option isn’t available for all pages, however for the most part if your Facebook page has fewer than a hundred thousand likes you could take advantage of this feature. Essentially the “like-invite” feature (I don’t know if that’s what it’s called officially) allows you to invite users to like your page if they ‘liked your content’ even if they aren’t a fan or a friend of your brand.

In other words, if you manage to create a viral video. Let’s say there are 5,000 likes on the video and your page only has 3,000 likes; that means that there are potentially 2,000 people who could become fans of your page. You simply have to go down to where it says “These many people liked this post” and select the ‘Others’ link. This will bring up a list of people who liked your particular post. You’ll quickly notice that there are options that says “Invite to page”, simply click that and you could have a new fan on your business page.

This feature has helped people build solid communities really quickly by creating engaging content and taking advantage of the paid advertisement platform.

The Bottom Line

Video Marketing is no longer the ‘future of marketing’, it’s what’s happening right now! Facebook has worked hard over the years to incorporate video into their platform and many brands have seen the massive benefits of this integration. Seeing that people spend more time on Facebook than they do on Google, should give you the motivation to start incorporating video marketing on Facebook right now.

People are social creatures and the latest statistics and trends are clear on the fact that the Facebook community loves videos. Tap into the power of Facebook Video Marketing today!


Unlocking the Secret to Facebook Video Marketing

Unlocking the Secret to Facebook Video Marketing

Unlocking the Secret to Facebook Video Marketing

Facebook is unmatched in their social media presence.

As of January 2016, 1.591 billion people login every month and 1.038 billion login every single day.

In fact Facebook calculated in 2012 that 5 new profiles were created every second. People all over the globe are jumping on board every day, and Facebook’s users are of a wide age demographic ranging from tweens to octogenarians.

According to SproutSocial, the average American spends 40 minutes on Facebook a day. Not surprisingly 50 percent of 18-24 year olds log onto FB as soon as they wake up.

With a growing user population and no loss of popularity in sight, Facebook has now achieved superstar status and from a marketing stand point cannot be ignored.

Thats just one reason why you need to be using Facebook Video Marketing.

Obviously social media marketing’s unique advertising niche has many benefits, and creating a Facebook page is a no brainer. But how can you as a brand maximize your audience reach effectively?

It doesn’t matter if you you’re a pet shop in Hoboken New Jersey, Nike, or even Metamucil your audience is on FB and they are watching videos. There are around 8 billion video views on Facebook daily.

With an ever changing platform format, understanding the Facebook’s video distribution is key.

If you share a video that is already up on the internet, say for example a video from your YouTube channel, the audience reach is actually quite low.

Research conducted by SocialBakers tells us that the organic reach of a video post is only 8.7 percent which means only about 9 out of 100 fans get to see said video post.

Sounds low right?

Simply uploading the content directly to Facebook can make all the difference. Doing a direct video post (also known as posting a native video) has risen to some of the top viewed online video content.

SocialBakers’ analysis also shows us that native video uploads to Facebook have surpassed YouTube links and embeds in user news feeds.

This is due in large part to the auto play feature on FB. Auto play on Facebook automatically plays a native video silently while the user scrolls through their news feed.

Another added bonus of posting native videos to Facebook is the call to action.

Use Facebook Video Marketing today.

When the video is done playing, the viewer has two options, to replay or click the call to action button. A CTA is an instruction to the consumer that provokes an immediate response.

Often times a call to action is something along the lines of “learn more” or “buy now”. Further engaging the audience is so important because it drives brand awareness and in turn leads to sales.

A Cisco study projects that by 2019, 80 percent of the world’s internet traffic will be video. Combined with Facebook’s skyrocketing statistics, the marketing path for brands to take is quite clear.

Constant compelling video content is necessary in order to reach the target audience.

Facebook is the leading social media platform, and now is the time to fortify your brand’s online presence with video marketing.

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