Marketing Campaigns Don’t Need to be Complicated,  Keep it Simple.

Marketing Campaigns Don’t Need to be Complicated, Keep it Simple.

Marketing Strategies - Keep it Simple

Marketing does not need to be complicated, keep it simple and your marketing message will be clear.

Your marking campaign doesn’t need to be over complicated, keep it simple and your marketing message will be clear.

Marketing to Solve their Problem

First off, you have a product or service and that product or service solves a problem.

If you’re a property manager, the problem you’re solving is people don’t want to manage their own properties, it’s complicated, it’s a pain in the butt, and so tell people that. And you don’t need to over complicate it.

You don’t need to come up with some amazing slogan or anything that tries to sound pretty. The idea behind marketing is tell people how it is, tell the problem you solve, and then create a clear message.

Kinda simple.

Share Your Marketing Message

Step number two. Make sure you create a clear message and share your message.

Share your message on social media, video, on your website, on brochures, whatever you want to do.

You’re just gonna take that clear, simple message and you’re just gonna put it out there.

And then at the end, you are gonna invite people.

Give Them a Call to Action

I’m always surprised by these companies that build these amazing videos. They go out there and they’ll spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and the video doesn’t even invite people to do things.

So you want a clear call to action and invite them to change, invite them to buy, invite them to try, and that’s it.

Marketing Mistakes – What Not To Do:

Complicate Your Marketing Message

What most people do is they complicate things.

First, they confuse the heck out of their audience because they don’t create a simple message.

They want to talk about all the features of their product. How it does this, how it does that, how it solves, how it’s this color, and they forget at the end of the day they’re there to solve their customer’s problem and they don’t ever speak to the customer or mention their problem.

Confuse Your Ad with Features

Companies are just doing too much. They are using too many words and also using too many marketing strategies.

So you’ll go to a lot of websites and you have no idea what they do because they’re sharing so many different messages and what you want to do is stick to one message.

Another thing they do is have too many websites, too many funnels, just too many platforms. They over complicate things and they can’t figure out the one thing that’s gonna get them customers.

They’ll run display ads, video ads, Instagram ads, and it’s not bad to do all this stuff, it’s just what you need to do is find one avenue that’s gonna produce you income and then turn around and expand out from there.

Most importantly where most companies go wrong, is they like to do everything all at once. It just gets too complicated and at the end of the day they are not getting the results they want.

This week make it a goal to simplify your marketing.

Keep it simple.

I promise you if you keep it simple you’re gonna see great results without confusing your audience.

If you have questions, always reach out to us.

You can find us, or you can go to our other company, sister company, if you’re looking for a video.

Keep marketing!

13 Marketing Steps Every Company Needs To Achieve Online Marketing Results.

13 Marketing Steps Every Company Needs To Achieve Online Marketing Results.

Recently, I have gone a little overboard with my studies in online marketing. I just love to find little tips and tricks to help my own marketing efforts and yours.

So lets talk about marketing.

I’m big on it.

When I say marketing this includes every bit of interaction your company has with the outside world.

It’s so important to keep up on the latest trends. Yes, most of them are not going to contribute to your bottom line, but some will. If you don’t keep up, you will eventually get burned.

Here are a couple of Jaceisims

A message has to be heard and understood. It doesn’t do you any good to plant confusing seeds. (which most companies do) Simplify your message!

Simple can be harder than complex.

The better you teach the more you sell.

As long as you have material and content. Most customers and clients are 70% sold by the time they contact you.

Stop trying to sell with marketing. Instead, use marketing to help customers buy..

So enough of that..

I wanted to put together a comprehensive checklist.

Here is what everything single company should have in place if they expect to make it online.


[xt_list_font_item icon=”ok-circle”]Website: clean and mobile friendly. Focused on User Experience[/xt_list_font_item]
[xt_list_font_item icon=”ok-circle”]Explainer Video: Tell your story and the problem you solve.[/xt_list_font_item]
[xt_list_font_item icon=”ok-circle”]Adwords Campaign: PPC, Video Ads, Remarketing[/xt_list_font_item]
[xt_list_font_item icon=”ok-circle”]SEO campaign: different forms of Content, keyword research, etc.)[/xt_list_font_item]
[xt_list_font_item icon=”ok-circle”]Email Campaign: 12 sequence follow up.[/xt_list_font_item]
[xt_list_font_item icon=”ok-circle”]Facebook ads: [/xt_list_font_item]
[xt_list_font_item icon=”ok-circle”]Retargeting/remarketing[/xt_list_font_item]
[xt_list_font_item icon=”ok-circle”]Landing pages and sales funnel pages[/xt_list_font_item]
[xt_list_font_item icon=”ok-circle”]YouTube channel for Video marketing[/xt_list_font_item]
[xt_list_font_item icon=”ok-circle”]Explainer Video: Tell your story and the problem you solve.[/xt_list_font_item]
[xt_list_font_item icon=”ok-circle”]Backlink strategy[/xt_list_font_item]
[xt_list_font_item icon=”ok-circle”]Social Media: facebook, instagram, twitter, google+[/xt_list_font_item]
[xt_list_font_item icon=”ok-circle”]Analytics, indexing and tracking. [/xt_list_font_item]
[xt_list_font_item icon=”ok-circle”]Customer Love Campaign[/xt_list_font_item]


Once everything is put into place, you can determine where your highest ROI is coming from and allocate more resources to that avenue.

Now, I always get companies who say that the system doesn’t work with B2B businesses.

As if a B2B business advertise to Aliens…☺

At the end of the day B2B companies are ran by people and they are the decision makers behind a B2B business. The system works for any business marketing to any customer. Especially aliens…

How do I know this? Because it has helped land clients like: Amazon, Ford, Oracle, Google, Disney, P&G..etc.

So the questions is…

What are you lacking?

We are here to help and answer questions.

I would recommend reading our guides and blogs. Overtime we will discuss each one of the 13 steps in detail.

But, for now we have…

Facebook marketing Guide
Youtube Marketing Guide
Instagram Marketing Guide
SEO Autocomplete

Read them. That way you can be rich, take vacations, and use your money for good. ☺

Until next time..