Just Duck…Simple And Effective

When did advertising become so complicated?

I am going to give you a formula that will change the way you write your ads, website copy, and video scripts.

Are you ready?

Keep it simple!

A perfect ad offers wanted information; it shows the advantages, gives a sample or proof of claim and calls the audience to action.

That is it.

Check out Duluth Trading Company.

They created TV commercials that were engaging, entertaining and effective. It doubled their sales over a one year period.

They showed the problem and how their product would fix the problem in an entertaining way.

So remember to simplify. You will get better results.

To prove my point and smile, watch this.

Marketing Can Be Stressful. Work And Skill Will Help | Letter 2

Marketing Can Be Stressful. Work And Skill Will Help | Letter 2

These last couple of weeks have been an excellent example of how stressful marketing can be. I am sure some of you have wondered if it is worth it…haha

I may have added some additional pressure, but at the end of the day, I want all of you to increase your frustration quotient. I learned this a while back when I started my first business.

What used to be stressful doesn’t even phase me. I can take on a lot before I feel any pressure.

The more you take on, the more you can expand. Just don’t stress. Replace stress with work and skill. Those two things are the antidote.

Results Are The Only Thing That Matter

Last letter I talked about getting results for our clients. It’s the only thing that matters.

Here’s a great example

Nicole has been working like crazy on one of her clients. We have entered month three of the contract, and this last week she generated 700 leads. That’s 700 people getting introduced to our automated email sequence.

Once a lead is captured, they’re nurtured by the following:

1. Customized Email Sequence
2. Remarketing Campaign On Facebook And Google
3. Phone call or text message
4. Email Blasts

It takes multiple touches for a lead to convert to a customer.

Obviously out of the 700 leads you are going to land customers right away. Nicole mentioned 10 per day were requesting they be contacted immediately.

I love hearing this. Results matter.

We’re Ad Men and Women. The pressure is on us to perform. We earn our keep and do not get recognized for our success. Our images, ads, videos, content, and website have to generate results. That is just the way it is.

Fun right?

Advertising Is All About Human Nature

For the most part, the majority of the human race wants the same thing. Power, money, fame, youth, change, and progress.

They want to fulfill their desires.

But it’s hard for anyone to take action on desires alone. They need to face an actual problem first. Once a problem arises, they will go to great lengths to solve it.

We seldom spend money to prevent problems. We spend fortunes to fix them.

I have found that most do not take action until they have a problem.

I have been reading a book by Claude Hopkins. It’s a little gem and I want to quote some of the book that applies directly to our Facebook ads, blogs, Videos, etc.

“Never advertise negatively. Always present the attractive side, not the offensive side of a subject. Do not picture or feature ills. The people you appeal to have enough. Show and feature the happier results which come from your products or methods.

People are seeking happiness, safety, beauty, and content. Then show them the way. Picture happy people, not the unfortunate. Tell of what comes from right methods, not what results from the wrong. For instance, no tooth-past manufacturer ever made an impression by picturing dingy teeth. Or by talking decay and pyorrhea. The successes have been made by featuring the attractive sides. ”

Go stuff. Make sure you use it in your ads, offers, and your Headlines. A well-crafted headline and offer can be the determining factor in the success of your ads. Nicole’s campaign is a great example of this.

Video Marketing

Mckell and I had a very productive discussion on Friday about Video. She was stressed about a video, and I have not been communicating exactly what I am looking for in our video shoots.

We have issues and need to figure them out. This week we will have a conference call to go over our thoughts and see what we need to do moving forward.

A video is successful if it does the following:

  1. Generates a direct ROI on YouTube and Facebook ads
  2. Helps the client decide to make a purchase
  3. Ads to our nurture campaign or top of mind awareness (remarketing, email, etc.)
  4. Makes the client happy

I think our efforts are ok, but we have fallen short. This will all be discussed in our call.

House Keeping Items

We have found that people like our little guides and infographics that we have been creating. Everyone one of your clients could use them.

We have two artists that can produce them.

Kent and Dustin.

I will be emailing you their contact information so that you can contact them directly. No need to go through me. When you order one, let me know, because I do not want a huge bill at the end of the month.

You can check out the ones that I have created for Marketing Hy. Here are the links.

Video Marketing Infographic

The Ultimate Sales Guide

That’s about it. Keep up the work and keep pushing for results.

Don’t forget that:

Content creates conversations
Conversations create Closings
Closings Create Businesses.

10 Ways you can Market Your Business

10 Ways you can Market Your Business

Here’s a simple video on 10 ways you can market you business.

Some of these will work for you and some will not. The key is to learn them, test them, and then keep testing.

10 Ways to Market Your Business

The Video transcript (forgive errors)

Hey, guys, what’s up? This is Jace with Marketing Hy. Normally I don’t shoot live videos, but we’re going to do it today, so this ought to be interesting. I am going to go over 10 ways to market your business, okay? We’re going to try to get this done in about seven minutes. We’ve got 10 things to jump through.

1. Do you have a Website?

The very first thing you want to do if you’re going to market your business, especially online, is, website. Okay, get a website, get a good website. I always look at websites. I get a lot of people who request marketing proposals, and so first thing we do is go check out their website, what is their messaging? Is their website set up correctly? Do they have Google Analytics in place? Webmaster tools? All those little things that make all the difference. Have they got Pixels on their website? So the very first thing you want to do is make sure you have a website that is up and running and done properly. You can get them done for $1500, and some people like to spend $10,000. But normally you should spend between $1500 and $4,000 to get a good website.

2. YouTube Channel

Okay, number two is, YouTube. Make sure after your website gets done, get yourself a YouTube channel, brand it with your branding, brand it with your message. A lot of times people up at the top of YouTube will just put there an image, and then they don’t put their website where they should. I mean, you can add links to the cover photo. They don’t do any of those types of things. What I like to do on my YouTube channel is use it as an extension of your website, and make sure you put your value proposition up at the top. Okay?

3. Facebook Page and Facebook Ads

Number three, Facebook. Get yourself a Facebook page and go out there and make sure you are running Facebook Ads. Facebook is very, very good at finding your target audience. You can use Facebook and create … I mean, you can upload your email list. You can download your contacts from your LinkedIn, upload them into Facebook and then start running them ads. You can market your ads to mothers who have 13 year to 15 year old children and they live in these areas. I mean, you can get really targeted. Now, Facebook is the hot thing right now. It will probably change as more and more people drop off of Facebook it can hurt the advertising, okay?

4. Adwords Campaign

Number four, Adwords or Google Ads. I always want a company to run search ads. Okay, now you might not be able to spend a lot there, the return on investment might not be there, but it will be for certain key words. You just have to be careful, make sure you get the right keywords.

8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We’re going from four to eight here, SEO. Search engine optimization is big in my book. I like search engine optimization because once you create a really good article and push it up through the search engine it is there and it’ll stay there for a long time. So you just have to get used to creating good content and then get back links to that content, and that’s how you win at the SEO game.

5. Conferences (speaking and booths)

Number five, conferences. Okay, if you’re a small business and you are looking to get some good exposure, I like to go speak at conferences, okay? I will try to speak anywhere from about 10 conferences, like Pubcon, SMX, I like to do business things, DECA, all those types of things I like to speak at, just because when I speak at a conference I’m able to give them value and then in return a lot of times people are there to do business. So they’ll call you up, “Hey, I want you to run my ads.” And stuff like that. Booths, I put on there two booths. I am iffy on booths. I haven’t been able to get a really good return. I’d rather go speak and then attend the speeches.

6. Direct Mail Campaign (still testing this one)

Number six, direct mail. Okay, not a lot of people are doing it, but everyone likes to look at their mail. If you are a person that goes home and looks at his mail, then you probably should be running a direct mail campaign, okay? I am testing that right now. I have not been the greatest at direct mail but I am going to get good.

7. Radio for local area

Number seven is, radio. I’ve got a chiropractor that we do business with and we market for him, and he likes radio. He does a local radio show, gets a lot of leads. It’s harder if you’re going to go national, that is a little bit harder to get a ROI, but if you’re a local business, local chiropractors, financials, it’s good to do a radio show. Gets you some good exposure, and on top of that, whenever you’re doing a radio show, people immediately think that you’re an expert in that industry.

9. Cold Email

Okay, number nine, cold email. Okay, so I like cold email, but it’s being overdone. If you look at my email you would see tons of cold email and they try all these little tactics to say, “Hey, did you look at this?” They’ll put forward and all that, and they’ll be like … I need to think of an example. I’m on the spot, can’t think of it. Blah. I’m not going to go look. Okay, but just no, cold email, I think it’s getting overdone. What I like to do is I go to Upwork.com, I hire somebody to find the websites that fit my target audience, they will then get the contact information and they’ll just email them and they’ll be straight up and basically say, “Hey, here’s our value proposition.” We don’t try to trick them. If they’re interested, they’re interested. If they’re not, they’re not, okay?

10. Hustle

Number 10, hustle. Okay, part of owning a business or starting a business is you have to learn to hustle, you have to get up early, you have to go to bed late, especially if you’re broke, okay? My very first business I started I graduated college, went out there, and me and my friend didn’t know what to do, and he said basically, “Hey, I know how to do mortgages.” And I was like, “Okay, I like money and I like finances, let’s do it.” So we started our first business and we knew nothing, and like I said, we were just graduated. Now, I did own a window washing company, which put me through college.

Basically, my goal was to run a million dollar business, okay? And I wanted to do it quickly. When I was young I wanted to retire when I was 25. Obviously, I’m never going to retire now, I like work too much, okay? But what I did every morning, I got up, I learned my craft, I studied from like five o’clock til around eight o’clock, then from eight o’clock I opened up the phone-book and I started to just dial numbers, trying to see if people were interested in what I had to offer, which was refinance purchasing, real estate, stuff like that.

Then I would go knock doors, I would just go in neighborhood and knock doors. Now, I did not close anything for the first four months, but once that fourth month hit it was like a waterfall business, just boom, everyone started to close. Never looked back, and just kept doing those habits of hustling, networking, talking to people, and that’s how we grew that first business, and we’ve done many since then. So if you’re a business, you’re just getting started, be prepared to hustle, and apply those things, those 10 things. If you have questions you can always go over to MarketingHy.com, and that’s Marketing H-Y, not H-I, .com, and there are some tutorials, lots of tutorials. There’s a university that will show you how to do YouTube ads, Facebook ads, whatever you need.
And that is it; enjoy.

10 Ways to Market Your Business

How Do I Create A Unique Selling Proposition And Why You Need A USP

How Do I Create A Unique Selling Proposition And Why You Need A USP

Why Do you need a Unique Selling Proposition? (call it a slogan if you would like)

Years ago I attended a GKIC conference in Texas. At the time, I was young and it was a bit of a sacrifice to get there, but I made the trip and ended up learning all about Unique Selling Propositions. Something that would prove to be extremely valuable to my businesses. We have also been able to apply the lessons to our client’s businesses.

A USP answers the following question in 5 seconds. (more…)