This is going to be the first of many infographics that are going to help your business. Since we love Video Marketing we shall start there. Feel free to make companies and share this with everyone. Enjoy!

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Video Marketing Checklist Marketing Hy


Video Marketing

“At the end of the day, Video is the perfect platform to tell your story.”

1. Start With A Video

-call to action (CTA)

Your video needs to both entertain and inform. You have 5 seconds to grab attention. Don’t waste it.

2. Create a YouTube, Facebook and Instagram account

-Brand your social media accounts
-Upload your videos to each platform
-Optimize them for rankings and ads
-Share them

Social media accounts should be an extension of your website and branding. Keep the same look, feel, and message.

3. Create the video campaigns

YouTube In-stream and In-display ads
-Pick the exact video you want to run your ads on
-Run Video ads in front of your competitor’s videos
-Create Remarketing ads for those who have watched your videos
-Make Adjustments and keep testing

Don’t blow your budget by running your video ads on kids videos and popular Youtube videos. (Taylor Swift) Be very selective on the videos you play on. An example would be Golf products should play on golf related videos.

4.  Facebook/Instagram Video Ad

-Create 4 types of audiences
Target Audiences
Lookalike Audiences
Conversion Audiences
Website Visitors
-Setup the video ad and run the campaign
-Test and monitor the results

We’re living in a world where one good video can lead to massive business success.