Where should you be running your ads?  Google? Facebook? YouTube?  Linkedin?

Where should you be running your ads? Google? Facebook? YouTube? Linkedin?

Most businesses have a hard time deciding where they want to run their ads. Google may work, but can get pretty costly. Facebook is the cheapest; but may not get you actual customers, YouTube takes a lot of work plus a video, and Linkedin still can’t figure out their ad platform.

Where are going to run you ads?

In this video we will go over the pros and cons of each platform and which one will work for you.

In this video we are going to be going over what is better and what you should be running as far as ads goes and we’re going to compare Google AdWords, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and LinkedIn ads.

Those are the four we’re going to discuss. First off, let’s go over each one of them.

1. Google Adwords

Basically, Google AdWords it controls mainly search campaigns, display campaigns, YouTube campaigns so all within Google AdWords you can find those types of things.

Here’s my experience with Google AdWords, I love Google AdWords but some businesses can lose a lot of money quickly and I’m going to discuss those.

Any business that people have an urgent need for works well. If you’re a dental practice or orthodontics practice where somebody needs a quick tooth fix. These work excellent for AdWords. If you’re in any type of niche market, excellent for AdWords.

When you start getting into personal injury or hotels or those types of things, you start competing with the big boys which can get very expensive and you can blow your budget quickly. I’m going to show you how our AdWords works for one of my companies, I’ll show you how our Facebook works, how YouTube works and then you can get a good feel for our ROI on both those. Let’s jump over first off into AdWords and discuss this.

This is for Ydraw, we do whiteboard animation. We have a bunch of different campaigns running so we have search campaigns which are over here on the left. We’re going after the words whiteboard, explainer video, whiteboard animation and you can look, let’s look at this one. This is one of our main keywords.

If you look at whiteboard animation, here is our campaign. We got 320 clicks. My average cost per click is $8 and I had 65 conversions. My average cost per conversion is $40. Okay, my conversion rate is 20%, that means they are opting in, they are filling out information to get pricing. Now, good things about this is I do work a lot on my AdWords campaign and AdWords campaign cannot just be set it and forget it. You have to actually put in the time necessary to get your quality scores up, make sure you’re going after the right keywords, make sure you have landing pages set up with those. Now, if you click on one of these search campaigns I also have a whiteboard remarketing campaign.

Anyone who hits that page then goes into my remarketing and you can see that this month, last 14 days, this is the last 14, let’s go last 30 to give you a good sense. Last 30 days I’ve had 94 clicks and this is remarketing only. My cost per converted click is $20. My conversion rate 10%. Now, this is when somebody already clicks on one of my ads then they turn around and they see one of my banner ads then they come back to the website and request pricing. Got it? That works really well. Now, a lot of you might look at my cost per lead is $20 here, on remarketing it’s $40 on AdWords. It can go as high as 70. The price of the product makes all the difference. Okay, if you are trying to sell a $19 product or a $25 product, you’re going to start to struggle.

The numbers are going to be real tight. When you start getting into the thousands then it’s very profitable. I can spend two, $300 per lead and be okay as long as I am closing one in ten deals. Got it? That is a good look at the Google AdWords campaign. It works, you should be running ads. You need to at least test it but don’t do it on your own. Make sure you get a professional or learn the way you should be running AdWords or go take classes, whatever you need to do. Don’t just jump in and start throwing money at it because you’re most likely going to lose. There’s a lot more that goes into it. I’ll just give you a little hint, on your keywords make sure you use phrase match, broad modifier and exact. Do not mess with the normal just broad keywords, you will get beat. Got it?

AdWords, I love AdWords. It works great for emergency medical, works great for niche products, as long as your price is high enough.

2. Facebook Ads

Now, let’s jump over to Facebook. Facebook works really well for most businesses. If you go into this, here’s the Facebook campaign that I’m running for the same company. I am requesting the exact same thing. I wanted to request pricing. You’ll see my cost per lead right here on this campaigns is $8 per lead, $8 per lead. I don’t like that, that seems high to me. I’ll probably jump in and start adjusting them. I’d rather be down in the three range. Now, a lot of you might be wondering, “Hey, he’s getting $8 leads here but he’s getting $20 leads over on Google AdWords,” or $40 leads, or $50 leads.

There’s a whole different return on investment and you need to treat each channel differently. You don’t want to go on to your AdWords campaign and think, “Oh, well I’m only getting 20, I’m getting a $20 lead over here but Facebook is $2. I’m going to put all my money into Facebook.” No, because your ROI could be a lot higher on Google because they are actually searching for your product or service. Facebook, they see it, it might pique interest, they might be like, “Oh, I just want to test out and see what pricing is,” and then they’ll fill out a form. Okay? I treat every channel as its separate channel as long as I’m getting a return on investment on that channel I will expand it. We have $8 leads, $3 leads, $5 leads. These are remarketing, some of these are remarketing campaigns. Got it?

Then I have a little engagement running. If you’re coaches, network marketing, fitness, all of those types of products worked really well on Facebook ads. A lot of people say B2B does not work on Facebook ads, I beg to differ, I’ve seen it work all the time. You just had to be very targeted. The best thing about Facebook is you can really nail down your audience. We do a lot with Boys Home Treatment Centers and Facebook has been a huge avenue for them. Got it? Because they are able to interact right there on the channel, on the Facebook page.

3. YouTube Ads

Back to our YouTube ads, okay, YouTube ads and I’ll lump in Gmail ads with this. YouTube ads are great way for remarketing.

I love them for remarketing and they are great way to get in front of your target audience. The only problem is you are so limited. If you go out there and create a video, then what you want to do is find the exact videos you want to play on. You can do things like take your competitor’s clients if you want because you can run in front of your competitors.

You can pick the exact videos you want to run in front, you can cater the message, there’s a lot you can do with YouTube ads but what a lot of people do is go out there and they just set their YouTube ads to run in front of all types of videos like Taylor Swift videos, Wheels On The Bus, and they will lose a lot of money and it’s not really a good way to go about it.

If you look at this one, I’ll just show you real quick. Let’s go to video campaigns. If we nail down and say okay, let’s take a look at specific placements. Okay, my cost per conversion this is just placement where I’ve picked where I want them to play, now I’m going pretty broad here. Look at my cost per conversion, $185. Now, does that work? Yes. It still works really well. Now, I’ve seen them as low as 13 cents. If we nail down this campaign and go into the placements I could turn off a lot of placements and get a very, very good return like take a look let’s go all time. Okay, if you go all time, the numbers look a little better and this is a YouTube campaign, I’m getting conversions, 313 conversions, $35 per conversion and these are all on YouTube ads.

You can see, YouTube ads work once again for this product and you just have to be very strategic about it, don’t go out there and spend a huge amount of money until you get the numbers figured out. Got it? I like YouTube ads, they work.

4. Linkedin Ads

Now, finally, let’s discuss LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn ads I have tried and they are so expensive and I need to try them again. It was a year ago when I started to run LinkedIn ads. Why it was so expensive? They were charging almost $25 a click is what it came out to be to get somebody to my website. I hope they fixed it since then but the rule on LinkedIn ads, you have to have a very high ticket item. You need to be in the 7, 10,000, $15,000 range and you can make LinkedIn ads work for you.

I’m not going to show you LinkedIn ads. I think this video is going to be long enough but take a look at them, make sure you test every single one of these things so Google AdWords, Facebook, YouTube ads and LinkedIn. A key to all of these is an email campaign behind it. Don’t be running ads unless you have a good follow up email campaign.
If you go look at a lot of my leads on my analytics come in from my email so I capture their attention by running ads in these places. Once I get them into my drip system then they go into an email sequence. Don’t forget direct mail, don’t forget cold emails, cold-calling, all those other things work but if you’re in certain types of businesses, you have to be running Google AdWords.

I really tell urgent care centers, hospitals, stuff like that, they should be running AdWords, dentists, doctors, those guys, niche products, plumbers, all those guys should be running ads. Facebook, you should be doing Facebook ads whether it’s just for remarketing, YouTube ads, spend $2 a day on YouTube ads and then LinkedIn ads, that’s the only one that I wouldn’t recommend for most people. Got it? If you have questions, you can always visit our website, go to marketinghy.com or if you do need a video we have ydraw.com, we can do whiteboard animation, whatever you need. Let us know and hope you enjoyed the video. See you.

Google vs Facebook vs YouTube vs Linkedin. Where should you be running ads?

8 Websites I Use To Grow My Businesses

8 Websites I Use To Grow My Businesses

Are you a small business owner looking to grow your business? Here are 8 websites I like to sue to grow my businesses. 

Hey everyone

Thanks for visiting our site. Below we are going to go over the different website that I use on a daily basis to grow my businesses. Some of them you will be able to use, others you will not. Whenever I give my opinion or advice I would recommend you take what is useful and discard the rest.

Hope this helps.


Hey, good morning. This is Jace over at Marketing High, and today we are going to be discussing eight websites I use to help grow my businesses. A little history, I’ve grown multiple businesses past in the millions, so I thought I would share with you guys eight websites I use, or things I use to help grow my businesses, and this is mainly for … Well, it can be for big corporations, or it could be for small businesses, but mainly it’s for people who are bootstrapping, trying to get their message out there, trying to sell their product. This is the easy way to do it. I’m going to go through the list, and then we can turn around, I’ll show you what I like about each feature, and hopefully you can take some of this and apply it to your business. Let’s get started.

1. Adwords
2. Facebook
3. Upwork
4. YouTube
5. Infusionsoft
6. WPEngine
7. Google Domains and Apps
8. Elegant Themes

First, AdWords. For many of you know, I’m a big fan of AdWords. I’ll show you some examples here in a second. Number two, Facebook. You need to learn Facebook. Now, that could change in the future, but for right now, Facebook is a good way to produce leads. Use Upwork. Upwork is a place you can go get cheap work. It’s really nice, because you can hire people that know what they’re doing, and you can fire them with a click of the button. You don’t have to worry if you’re in the US about all the crazy worker’s comp, all the rules and regulations, so it’s really good for small businesses.

YouTube, get your message out there. Infusionsoft, that’s our email service that does all of our email campaigns. They do a lot more, but I mainly use it for emails, and followup sequences, which I’ll show you. WPEngine, I love that for hosting. They are more expensive, way more than GoDaddy or those types of companies, but they’re very good, very customer-friendly. Plan on spending over $1,000 a year if you want to go that route. Then you have Google Domains and Apps for emails and for domains, I’ll show you, and then the last one is Elegant Themes.

First off, let’s jump over here to an AdWords campaign. I do a lot of marketing for other companies, so here is an example of one. It’s an urgent med health center, urgent care center, and they’re located in a certain city. What we did, we turned around and said, “Okay, we’re going to set up an easy AdWords campaign. Nothing exciting, nothing crazy.” You can learn how to do this on your own. You just have to make sure you don’t make dumb mistakes, like be really strict on the words. Don’t allow Google to just go out there and put the words they want to put in there. You need to be very strict.

In the last 14 days, this little campaign has drove them nine conversions. That’s nine phone calls. That doesn’t include your 61 website clicks of people going to the website. Conversion rate, about 14%. Now, that’s really, really good. Whenever anyone’s in that city, if you own an urgent care, you want to show up. You need to be there on search engines. If you’re a small business owner, you have to get used to using AdWords. Now, it might not be the most cost-effective thing for you, but you can always get a good return. You just need to limit your keywords down to exactly what you want, and then let it run. Let it run for the rest of your company’s history. I have one company, Ydraw. We’ve been running an AdWords campaign for well … Going on five years now. It still produces. We have like a 15% conversion rate on it, and there are certain keywords that we get leads day in and day out, and it works. Get used to AdWords. You’ll want to use it if you are a small business owner.

Next, you need to get good with Facebook. Facebook is an easy way to get your message out there. You can see I’m running campaigns right now, and I have 45 conversions for $122. That is really cheap. I mean, that’s less than $3 per conversion, so I am getting people who are interested. I am collecting emails with just Facebook ads. Once again, there are so many videos. We’ve even shot our own videos on how to run Facebook ads. That’s a simple way to get your message out there.

Next is Upwork. I love Upwork. Upwork is a place you can go hire, you can go fire. You can see I’m running cold emails, data mining, take forms. You can see what we do, and hire, and all you do is post a job, and you can pay people $10. You can actually find some really good people that do huge amounts, so that’s another thing you can do. Upwork, easy, cheap labor. YouTube, obviously I like YouTube to deliver my message. Some people might not want to use YouTube. It’s fine, but you can jump over to my channel right here on YouTube and see that we love YouTube. We record videos often. It’s just a good way to get our message out there. We run YouTube ads, so it’s a good thing for small businesses.

Next, Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft might be a little complicated. They are for small businesses, but then again, they’re not in some ways. I think they are being passed up. I just do. I’ve thought many times, “I’m going to jump over to like an AWeber or a MailChimp,” but I’ve just kept it here for now. They’re good. They’ve been around a long time. They have this campaign builder, which used to be kind of the big thing. Let me show it to you. Whenever you’re out there marketing as a small business, you have to make sure that you collect email addresses, that you get information. You have to make an offer. Whenever you’re running AdWords campaigns, whenever you’re doing Facebook campaigns, you have to have some type of offer for them to opt-in. Then you collect their email address, and then you can go here and look at our sequence.

Here’s all these forms that are collecting, and this is what’s nice about Infusionsoft. They have forms, and then you can just build out these campaigns so you know what’s happening. They get tagged, and then they go through this email sequence where I educate them, where I help them out, answer any of their questions, and you can see they get a day one, day two, day four, and that’s how you move them through the funnel from top of funnel to bottom. Email marketing is big. A lot of times you can take all of those emails and then run remarketing ads to them, upload them back into Facebook, those types of things.

Now, number six is WPEngine. Like I said, great if you’re a WordPress, if you’re hosting for WordPress. I like WPEngine. They work well. GoDaddy and those places were just too slow. For cheap, if you don’t have enough money, if you’re looking only to spend $5, GoDaddy works great. That’s kind of who I started out with when I first started building websites. Seven, Google Domains and Apps. Pretty self-explanatory. I like Google Domains. They are in beta right now, but the user experience is really good. It’s easy to buy domain. It’s easy to set up email. It’s easy to do forwarding emails. It’s just a simple, simple platform. Like them.

Lastly, Elegant Themes. That, I use what’s called the Divi theme to build out our websites. If you look at our website, this is the Divi theme. It’s really easy to use. They put a lot of work into it. You can check out like our blog, but this is all built in the Divi theme, which I like.

There you have it. Eight websites I use to grow my businesses. Feel free to use some of them, forget some of them. I would say like number five, AWeber’s a great choice. MailChimp is a great choice when you’re first getting started. They run about $19 a month. I have a lot of accounts with them too, where some of our businesses we market for are on Aweber. GoDaddy is a good substitution here. There are some other freelance websites out there, but Upwork is the one I use, and then obviously AdWords, Facebook. You can go get all the tutorials you want on how to create AdWords campaigns.

I hope that helps. Go out there, get to work, start testing it. Don’t give up too soon on all of this. It takes work. It takes learning it. Practice. A lot of people quit too soon, especially like on AdWords. They just don’t put in enough effort, and then next thing you know, they lose money, and then they quit, and they’re down. Get out there, get to work, learn, provide value, and you’ll be able to grow your business. Hope that helps. See ya.

How Small Businesses Can Use Video Marketing To Get More Customers.

How Small Businesses Can Use Video Marketing To Get More Customers.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Since I do not have a lot of time, I have decided to record a quick video for small businesses. We are going to discuss ways a Small Business can use Video to get more customers.

This video is 10 minutes long, but well worth your time. If you have any questions about video marketing, let us know.


How Small Businesses Can Use Video Marketing To Get More Customers.


Video transcript for Small Business Video Marketing

Hey, this is Jace over here at Marketing High. We are going to discuss how a small business can use video marketing to get more customers. This video is going to be four small businesses. I do deal a lot with small businesses.

Basically, the hardest thing for them is getting new customers, getting their product out there, getting their message out there. I’m going to show you guys how you can use video and how you can do it effectively. If you’re bootstrapping the company, if you’re tight on a budget looking to get the best deal, or pay very little for advertising, this video is for you. We’re going to jump right in. If you have questions, obviously you can always get ahold of us at MarketingHigh.com. This is the second time shooting this. I screwed up the first time. For some reason the voice went out ten minutes into the, well three minutes into the video and it was like, 15 minutes. We’ll try to get this done in three minutes.

1. Get A Video For You Business

First off, very first thing. If you’re a small business you have to get used to video marketing. You have to get comfortable with video. Your number one step is, get a video. Another day I was listening to a podcast by Rick Mulready. It’s called The Art of Paid Traffic.

He had a guest on that … Basically, this guest did Facebook ads for fitness places like Vasa. I don’t know if they’re big yoga studios, stuff like that. He went on to discuss how, he works with a client they have to do video. He said, “If they’re not willing to do video usually I cannot work with them. I can’t get the ROI.” He had one client that they spent like 2 to 6 thousand on ads. They turned it into $200,000 profit.

His main thing was, you have to use video. I’m the same way. I tell these companies, you have to be using video because it’s popular. You’re very first thing you need to do it get a video. Now, does it need to be some expensive $20,000 video? No. I do own a company, Ydraw.com.

We started the whole white board animation videos. We do videos over there. They can be expensive for some. They’re very cheap for others. A video doesn’t have to be expensive. You can shoot one on your iPhone. You can get it done professionally. Or you can go over to Fiverr and purchase one.

If you guys aren’t familiar with Fiverr, you can just jump over here. Let me show you. I’ll make this a little bigger for you. I’ve tried this just to see if I could get some really good response.

I had this girl right here. Her name is Ally. Ally Madison. You can check out what she does. She just did a simple promotional video. I wanted a re-marketing campaign and right here you can just play this. That’s her right there. Simple way to get something done. Like I said, five to $20 to get you a video. Now, almost all videos need to have a good headline, problem. Tell them what problem you’re solving, how you’re going to solve it, and a good, strong call to action. I have videos on that for you if you want to check them out.

Don’t worry about spending a huge amount of money. Let me show you a couple things. This is a video. If you’re not familiar, Tai Lopez, he has millions of views on his videos. He buys a lot of them, but you can see what he does, he’s very popular. This is a phone. This is an ad. This is an actual ad playing in front of a motivational video. Okay. He’s telling you how to make six figures. Now, say, on this motivational channel, here you got a guy named … I’ll let you hear it.

Since it is a lifestyle motivational, make a lot of money … They’re playing these on these how-to-succeed-in-life. These guys right here are going to show you how to succeed in life. Well, they’re running their video ads in front of these videos that show you how to succeed in life. Very simple.

Here’s a group, two girls. You can see, very simple. Now, this last video, this could be expensive. He shoots some pretty expensive ones. Here’s two that just, I mean, it’s a camera.

They introduce themselves.

They’re from Australia. Now, they’re playing their video ad right in front of, once again, these motivational videos. Okay. Something that everyone can do. Small businesses could do them. They aren’t expensive. Let’s say I skip this ad. I’m going to skip that ad. Great. That did not cost them anything. They got their brand out there and there’s nothing. Now, if I watch that video out past 30 seconds, you’re going to get charged eight cents, ten cents. Okay. The very first thing you need to do is get a video.

2.  Upload Your Video To YouTube

Secondly, you need to upload that video to YouTube. Now, crap. If I could go back to that sister video. Let’s see if we can get them up again. No, that’s Ty. Here’s Tai Lopez again, showing off Ferrari’s and stuff like that. Let’s look at his channel. If you go to Tai Lopez.

We’re going to go to his YouTube channel.

I’m going to see what he’s done here. Okay, very good YouTube channel. Here’s why.

He has his website. He has all of his social media here. You want to do that. Now, here’s his branding. Great. If you go look at my own channel. Okay. Let me see, view my channel. I think that’s where I am. Okay. You can see right here at the top that I have my value proposition right here, my website, social media, and there it went. Okay. You can see that I have everything that you should have on a channel. If you’re missing these types of things man, just add them. Go click up here, edit your links. You want to make sure your YouTube channel is ready to go to get customers.

Now, whenever you’re doing a video make sure you have the right title tag, description tags, and keyword tags. That is very important. You want to try to rank that video for relevant key terms. Okay? If you take a look at my videos. I’ll show you a quick example. I went and shot this really quickly with Tailor. This is a video that talks about what we do. It’s very simple. It’s just me talking and you can see, yeah, it gets a lot of views, good views, stuff like that. You’ll see I did a good title tag; Want to Drive More Leads, Sells, and Customers? Then you do a good description. Make sure your link’s in the description. Then, make sure you use the right key word tags. Got it?

3.  Upload Your Video To Facebook

Next thing you want to do is jump over to Facebook, upload your video to Facebook. I did that here. I took that same video, I jumped over and uploaded it onto my Facebook feed right here. I’ve done a boost. I’ve just boosted, I actually ran an ad, but I’m driving them to a checklist. Make sure your videos always have a good, strong call to action. Make sure they have a good headline. You want them to do something. If they’re going to watch your video, don’t just have the video end without inviting them to do something. What I do is, I invite people to go get their free marketing checklist. That way, they get on my list. Got it?

4. Promote Your Video

Once it’s uploaded to Facebook, you’ve created a post. Then, basically it comes down to promotion. You want to make sure you take your videos and you actually promote them. Viral videos don’t just happen. They do get promoted. Remember that. You’re not shooting for a viral video. What you want to do is get your message in front of a target audience. You do that through Facebook ads. You can go onto Facebook, which we have tutorials you can check out. Go to Facebook. Run an ad to the exact people you’re looking for. YouTube ads. I showed to a few things you can do. You can run your ad on your competitor’s videos. You can run your ad on like industry. Say you’re a real estate agent. Well, you can go run your ads on loan officer’s videos. Post it on your blog, imbed it, and then send it all out to your email list. You have to promote a good video once it’s created. They don’t just work.

A lot of people go out there and they do get a video. Probably 85% of our clients on the WhyDraw site will go get a video, but then they don’t promote that video. That’s the big thing, you do need to go promote it. Got it? Those are your four things. Make sure you get a video. Upload that video to YouTube, get your YouTube channel created. Upload it to Facebook, do a post for it. Promote. Do a Facebook ads, do YouTube ads, post it on your blog, and none of this has to be expensive. $5 a day will get you a lot of traction. Like I said, you can get eight cent views, 12 cent views. Video marketing is extremely important. Especially if you are a small business owner.

If you have questions visit our site, MarketingHigh.com. There’s some checklists there that you can use, other webinars, whatever you need. Over on our YouTube channel we do have a ton of tutorials to show you exactly how to set up YouTube ads, Facebook ads, all of those things. You can go check them out. Okay. Have a good day.

Thanks for reading

How Small Businesses Can Use Video Marketing To Get More Customers.

5 Video Marketing Campaigns The Best Business Are Running To Grow Their Business

5 Video Marketing Campaigns The Best Business Are Running To Grow Their Business

The 5 Video Marketing Campaigns.

I just finished speaking at a video marketing event in Florida and as I am flying home I want to introduce you to the 5 video marketing campaigns you should be running. Let me explain why I decided to write this.

During the event, my slides did not work, so I had to shoot from the hip and change up my presentation. I improvised. It ended up working because I pulled in some audience participation. I was stunned with their responses. I quickly learned that video marketing is STILL not being used.

Here is the first question I asked…

How many of you are running YouTube ads?

1 person in the whole audience raised their hand.

This was surprising because the audience was full of digital marketers and they are supposed to keep up on the latest and greatest.

Some of them actually own agencies.


Next question.

How many of you are running Gmail video ads?

Nada, zero, zip, zilch. The crowd was silent.

Gmail Video Ads started to get popular back in 2015 and nobody was doing it.

I was stunned and a little baffled on what I was seeing


Third question.

How many of you actually know anything about digital marketing?


They knew where I was coming from. They could see my disappointment and I had to give them a hard time.

We spent the next 30 minutes diving into different types of marketing campaigns they could get started on right away. That’s what inspired me to create “5 Video Marketing Campaigns You Need to Be Running.”

Here they are!

1. YouTube Video Campaign. Both In-stream and In-display.
2. Gmail Video Campaign.
3. YouTube Remarketing Campaign.
4. Facebook Video Campaign.
5. Facebook Remarketing Campaign.

I am going to walk you through these 5 campaigns with video, so let’s get started.

If you have any questions on how to implement these video marketing strategies, let us know. We would be happy to help

Video Transcript.

We’re going to go over the five video marketing campaigns that I think every business should be running. This is part of a blog sequence where I discuss a little bit about where this came from. Here are five things that all businesses should be running. Not things, video marketing campaigns. The first thing is a YouTube video campaign, both in stream and in display. I’m going to show you what those are in a second. I think all businesses should be running a Gmail video campaign and YouTube remarketing campaign, a Facebook video campaign, and obviously a Facebook remarketing campaign.

If I bring over a browser, I jump over here to YouTube. It’s always good if you’re any type of business. Most businesses have competitors, so let’s say you’re in the pest control. Pest control. If you type in “pest control company,” a lot of times what you can do is you can play your video in front of your competitors’ videos. Some competitors don’t allow for videos, some do. What I like to do is I like to go down and find the videos that will allow you to play on them, and anything to do with pest control, we’re going to want to run your video on those videos. Simple thing to do. It costs maybe 8-12 cents a view, and they have to watch out past 30 seconds for it to be counted as a view.

If you have questions on that, there’s a ton other videos in our channel that you can look at to learn more about YouTube ads. You want to run in stream ads. Those are the ads that play in front of a video, and then you want to run in display ads. If you type in “cars,” type in … Knowing our luck, I’m not … Right up here, this one, High T Black Limited Offer, that is a display ad. That’s the first campaign that companies should be running.

The next one are Gmail video ads. Same concept. It’s just a way for you to get in front of your target audience. Jump over here to Gmail account. Right here under promotions are these Gmail ads. Right here, “Apply for a credit card.” Now, Gmail will take a look at what’s happening within your Gmail accounts, and they will serve you up an ad. They’re getting very good at this, at targeting things to what you like now. There’s always growing pains, but day by day they’re improving. Very smart to do, very few companies are doing this right now, and I don’t know why. My click-through rates, my conversion rates are extremely high on Gmail video ads.

Very simple to do. You set it up same place you set up your YouTube ads. It’s right there in the AdWords back office. We have other videos that if you want to take a look at, you can go check those out, that teach you how to set up Gmail video ads. Real quick, this is an image ad, you can actually stick your video right here, and they can watch it right within their Gmail. Another one, YouTube remarketing campaign, so how this works is let’s say you go to my YouTube channel. Well, this video right now. You’re watching this video, well what’s happening while you’re watching this video, you are getting a cookie or YouTube is keeping track of all the videos you’re watching. Now, I am building a list according to anyone who watches me videos, that way I can turn around and remarket to them, I can run them other types of videos.

Simple thing, very cost effective, very easy to do, so the third one is YouTube remarketing campaigns. Next is Facebook video campaigns and Facebook remarketing campaigns. Just like in Google, on Facebook you need to be cookieing your audience, you need to be tracking your audience, seeing how they interact with your webpage so that you can run them a remarketing campaign and we found that Facebook actually … Well, let’s just bring up a Facebook feed. If you can do Facebook video campaigns, it’s very effective. if I just scroll down through my feed, here’s one, this is [Doma 00:04:42], that’s an ad there. Gary Vaynerchuk, just fly down through here, let’s look at some ads. Here’s an ad where you can do a video ad right here where they can watch your video.

You can give them a message, once again very cheap. Now, the only problem … The big difference between Facebook and Google is the fact that if you start to watch a video, three seconds in, Facebook counts that as a view. Bad idea, but hey, we’ll live with it. Now, Google on the other hand, they aren’t going to count a view unless they watched 30 seconds. Still, very effective. You can do Facebook remarketing also if people have watched your videos. You can then turn around and remarket to them within Facebook. Let’s see if we can see one more sponsored ad. Okay. Real quick, here’s one. You click on this, it’s not an actual video, but here’s another ad, and this is just getting served up according to their interest, according to the audience they chose. Go it.

Very simple. Once again, just to repeat, these are five video campaigns that every business should be running. You’ve got a YouTube video campaign, both in stream and in display, Gmail video campaigns, YouTube remarketing campaign, Facebook video campaign, and Facebook remarketing campaign. Doesn’t need to be expensive. You can spend $5 a day on Gmail ads and get some pretty good results, $5 on YouTube, get some good views. Costs should be around 10 cents. Same with Facebook, Facebook remarketing, you don’t have to spend a lot. Now, the more you can spend, the better, so it’s always a good thing.

If you have questions, you can always look us up, check out our other videos, go to MarketingHy.com, that’s H-y.com, and if you have any questions you can always email me, jace@marketinghy.com, and that is it. Have a good day, hope to see you implement these. Talk to you later.

Does it Video Marketing Work?

Does Video Marketing work?

I get asked all the time if video marketing actually works. Well it does and here is one of the reasons why.

People do business with those they like, and we buy products and services from people we have built a relationship with.

According to “The Like Switch” it takes Proximity, Frequency, Duration, and Intensity to form a relationship and get people to like you.

So how can you do this with video?

1. Create a video that will solve their problem.
2. Run YouTube, Facebook and Instagram video ads. (Proximity)
3. Run a remarketing campaign to those who have watched your video or visited your website. (Frequency and Intensity)
4. Rinse and repeat. (duration)

I have noticed that with all of our Facebook ads, as our ad frequency increases, our conversion rate increases. Meaning if someone sees our ads 3 to 8 times, they are more likely to convert into a Lead/Customer.

This stuff works.

The only problem is…most are not using it.

If you need a video, go to ydraw.com.

If you need help implementing set up a strategy call.

How to Create the Perfect Video Marketing Page

How to Create the Perfect Video Marketing Page

Hello everyone happy to see you are reading the blog and getting a little bit of wisdom from Mareketing Hy.

Lately I have been racking my brain trying to figure out ways I can help you market your videos. You may not know this but I have watched most of your videos and I have been checking in on your companies to see how you are using them. Some of you are doing great and others are slacking.

We have some improvements to make.

Did you know there are 5 million small businesses in America who are all looking to grab a piece of attention from your customer.  Every place we go marketers are cramming another thing down our throat and I like it.

It is fascinating to see what others come up with. But, what isn’t so fascinating is how complicated they make it. Once you have a video it is time to deliver your message.

Without further adieu here is:

How to Create the Perfect Video Marketing Page…Listen Up!

Clean up your landing page and stop complication.

I am a huge advocate of simplicity. I like videos that are 90 seconds or less placed on a simple landing page.   Long gone are the days of stuff navigation bars, jam packed columns and information overload.  You have to keep things simple!  Take a look at the landing page below created by crushpath.com

How to Create the Perfect Video Marketing Page

Do you notice how clean it is?

When I see a landing page like this, I feel like I am 8 years old going to bed on Christmas Eve.  The awesome thing about this type of page is that it converts, is cost effective, and it takes a few minutes to put together.

No coding needed!

Lets go into a little more depth why these types of pages are so effective. I am going to point out the reason and then give you some pointers on how you can create one for your company.

1.  Clean: When you create a nice clean video landing page, you leave the internet surfer with no choice but to read the headline and then click play.  Their eyes are focus and they do not get lost in the crazy graphic design which usually costs a fortune.   Have you ever heard of the phrase “decision paralysis?” Trust me, we get it all the time.  You know when you are looking for a product or a service and you land on a page that has way too much information? What do most of us end up doing?  We immediately click back. There are too many choices, too many messages, and too many tabs to choose from so we leave.  When you have too much clutter the viewer will usually go into despair and keep searching for a cleaner landing page.

“While your typical sidebar and header approach to a blog post is fine, when it comes down to traffic hitting a landing page with a singular focus on specific action, all of that extraneous stuff causes confusion, distraction, and reduced conversions. Lose the clutter and create the cleanest page possible when you want some action.” copyblogger

How To Create a Clean Page:  If you are on a WordPress platform your life just got a lot easier.  I use a simple plugin called optimizepress.  I can have these styles of landing pages built in a couple of minutes.  Coding not required and if you do not have WordPress you use a simple service like Crushpath to develop a clean page.

2. A Well Thought Out Headline:  All Headlines should identify the benefit for the consumers.  The example above did a great job at this, “Think Big. Spend Small.  The Insanely  Easy Way To Market And Promote Pretty Much Anything.” Plus did you notice how simple and short it was?  Once again the simplicity is the eye catcher.

How To Write A Great Headline.  Headlines writing takes a bit of practice to get good at it.  I like to use the headlines of the top content writers in the industry. They eat, sleep and breath this stuff so I like to piggy back on their expertiece. Take what they create and modify it to fit your business.  Here is a link to a simple guid provided by Copyblogger. Magnetic Headlines For Video Landing Pages.

3.  Call to Action (CTA): Anytime you create marketing material, you should include a strong call to action.  Never let a customer leave your site without asking them to do something.  People change not faster than they make and keep commitments.  If you are wanting people to use your product or service then you should ask them to.  It sounds so simple right?  Well you would be surprised how many videos, landing pages, brochure and flyers get produced without a call to action.

How To Create a Great Call To Action: Make sure to ask for one action and one action only.  The “paradox of choice” proves that too many options can lead to no decision at all.  Basically you ask yourself what you want the Landing Page to accomplish and then you ask them.  It is really simple.

So there you have it, a guide to create the perfect video marketing page.

Remember that each page ought to be optimized to guide your visitors down your page toward the offer that you have laid out.  Take control of their action and get them to buy, sign up, or fill out the form.

The money is in the list.

+Jace Vernon