Does Video Marketing work?

I get asked all the time if video marketing actually works. Well it does and here is one of the reasons why.

People do business with those they like, and we buy products and services from people we have built a relationship with.

According to “The Like Switch” it takes Proximity, Frequency, Duration, and Intensity to form a relationship and get people to like you.

So how can you do this with video?

1. Create a video that will solve their problem.
2. Run YouTube, Facebook and Instagram video ads. (Proximity)
3. Run a remarketing campaign to those who have watched your video or visited your website. (Frequency and Intensity)
4. Rinse and repeat. (duration)

I have noticed that with all of our Facebook ads, as our ad frequency increases, our conversion rate increases. Meaning if someone sees our ads 3 to 8 times, they are more likely to convert into a Lead/Customer.

This stuff works.

The only problem is…most are not using it.

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