As many of you know…we love YouTube marketing campaigns. It’s very rare to find a creative YouTube campaign that deserves a post, but we found one.

So let’s walk through this YouTube marketing campaign and see what we can take and use for our own campaigns.

YouTube Marketing Campaign

1. Creating Your YouTube channel

The YouTube campaign was created for Tony Polecastro. Tony teaches guitar lessons. If you want to visit the actual channel you can click here.

Tony’s channel is set up exactly how a YouTube channel should be.

  • Good cover photo about his channel
  • Website link with a clever call to action
  • Introduction video about the channel
  • Great information and playlist for those who love guitar

Once your channel is set up correctly you now can move onto video production and creation.

2. Video Production

Tony’s videos are high quality with great sound. Sound quality is a big deal. Make sure people can hear what you are saying. Tony’s videos are not expensive to create. You can tell that he has spent some money on good lighting, sound, and a quality camera. I have written plenty of blogs on how to create a quality video you can read more about that here.

3. The YouTube Ad

This ad is extremely clever. It first calls out the audience he is looking for. [“Guitar Players”] If you are not a guitar player you will end up skipping the ad. That is a huge budget saver. After the audience qualification, he asks them a question to get them engaged. This all happens within the first 5 seconds of the video.

You will notice that Tony did not open up with a disclaimer or some weird introduction. He got to the point quickly. Watch the YouTube video below to get a good feel for what I am talking about.

Something new…

Tony gave his audience a choice.

Why would you do this?

“People change no faster than they make and keep commitments.”

If you want someone to buy your product or service the more you can get them to do, the more likely they are to buy.

If you want someone to buy your product or service you want them to make little commitments. The more you can get them to do, the more likely they are to buy.

Have you ever noticed when a great speaker is on stage he will ask questions and get the audience to start interacting with him? Whether it’s a simple hand raise or the nod of the head. The goal is to move them closer to buying.

It works; and Tony uses it in his video ads.

4. The Funnel

I have seen two of his video ads.

a. One of them drives them to this landing page where they make the decision.

Landing page with Questions

b. The video above just takes them directly to the YouTube video.

I would recommend driving your audience to a landing page or a webinar. That way, you can run a remarketing campaign to your website visitors on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

5. YouTube Ad Targeting

Once you have the first 4 steps done, you are now ready to start running YouTube ads.

We would use in-stream ads and play the videos in front of other guitar videos. You will want to start there. You can expect to pay 10 to 20 cents per view for these types of ads. YouTube will charge you only if the audience watches past the 30 seconds.

I have a lot of YouTube ad tutorials. Here are some links

Now it’s your turn. I hope this helped. If you like this type of content leave a comment or let us know. Good luck on running your YouTube Marketing Campaign.