Duplicating The Video Marketing Success Behind 100+ Million Views and $100 Million Sold In Product.

Duplicating The Video Marketing Success Behind 100+ Million Views and $100 Million Sold In Product.

I’m a huge fan of video marketing, and I spend a lot of time studying what works and what does not. Do you know what makes a good video marketing campaign? Why do some video campaigns succeed, while others bomb?

We’re going to discover this right now. This is going to be a two part series. First, we’ll go over what makes a great video and secondly we’ll set up the actual campaign.

You can’t have one without the other.

I know some of you hate the thought of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a video marketing campaign. We do too. We have been on a video set with a fortune 500 company that spent $12 million to create 12 simple videos.

They went nowhere.

Most of you can’t do that, but that should not prevent you from creating a successful video campaign. I am going show you how.

Creating A Video That Works

Who are the Harmon Brothers?

They’re guys that charge $500,000+ for a video marketing campaign because they can. They take on winning products like Chatbooks, Squatty Potty, Fiberfix, and Purple, and accelerate their growth with a video marketing campaign.

They do this by creating a great video and pushing it out through Facebook, Instagram, New Wires, Google, and YouTube. It’s a system that has proven to be very successful.

They don’t just create viral videos. That’s the aftermath of a great video, a great product, and money well spent on ads. We hate the word viral. Millions of views don’t mean that you’re going to sell product.

My kids have a video with 1.5 million views and they’ve never sold a thing or had one person reach out. Forget the word “viral.”

We’re going to focus on sales and growth.

Meaning, we’re able to scale campaigns to where we can spend more on ads and make more money. This should be the focus of every campaign. It’s what matters. It’s not about branding or views, it’s about sales.

Lets assume the life time value of your client is $200 and your video campaign is producing clients at $100. That is scalable. You can increase your spend which will increase revenue. That is the goal. Create a campaign that you can spend $1 in ads and get $2 back.

A great video marketing campaign looks like this;

  • Create a video (mobile friendly)
  • Launch the video on both Facebook and YouTube simultaneously
  • Purchase views, ads, and PR
  • Make adjustments according to the numbers
  • Scale up

What about your product?

Are successful video campaigns a success because of the product, or does the video campaign make the product successful?


Almost all the companies that Harmon Brothers worked with had some momentum and a budget. Very important!

  • Chatbooks is an amazing idea and a great app. Perfect for moms!
  • Squatty Potty actually works and was building momentum before their video hit the web.
  • Purple has one of the best mattresses.
  • Fiberfix is every man’s dream.

There’s no saving grace for a bad product or service. In fact, a video could accelerate the collapse of a business.

So before you even look into a campaign, make sure you have a great product or service.

It all starts with the script.

Everything starts with the video script.

I transcribed 3 different scripts and you’ll notice they have the same basic pattern of every other successful script…with a couple of exceptions.

  1. Headline
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Call to action
  5. Wrapped in a story


  • Guarantees
  • Social proof
  • Overall benefit

Daniel Harmon, one of the founders of Harmon Brothers, said their videos are a mix between a branding video (Nike, Apple) and an infomercial (Shark Vacuum). That’s were the guarantee, social proof, and clear call to action come into play. Those are techniques that come from infomercials.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the Squatty Potty script and the Purple script.

H – Headline
P – Problem
S – Solution
G – Guarantee
CTA – Call To Action
S Proof – Social Proof

Squatty Potty Script Structure

You can see how they stick within a simple formula. Their opening scenes and headlines are exceptional. Go back and read the first line of the Squatty Potty Script. It’s a master piece. A Unicorn pooping on an ice cream cone is an attention grabber.

Let’s watch the Chatbooks video so that you can see the formula live.

Something that really stands out in the Chatbooks video is how much randomness is found in the script. If you do a quick break down here’s what you’ll get.

Problem – Making photo books sucks. It takes too much time, is expensive, and hard to do.

Solution – Chatbooks will do the work for you. It’s easy to use, takes no time, and only cost $8.

Their video could have done this in 30 seconds, but it took well over 3 minutes.


They needed you to buy into the story.

This is where the difficulty lies.

When creating a video script you must know your target audience and get them to buy into the story. If you can make this happen in 30 seconds, great. If not, don’t worry about the length. Do what it takes.

The message should dictate your video length. The length should not dictate your message unless the video has a time restriction. Like a 30 second TV commercial. Everyone says our attention spam is getting worse and nobody will watch a 3 minute video.

That’s simply not the case.

Nobody will watch a 3 minute video that is boring and does not apply to them. Big difference!

Creating the right message takes time, collaboration, and a great team.

Who do you think wrote the Chatbooks script? It was written by a woman who grew up in a crazy house with a lot of brothers and sisters. Here she is.

She nailed the message perfectly for mothers. What mother doesn’t see herself in some of those same situations?

Know your target audience and speak to them.

Here’s your takeaway.

  • Use the formula above. Headline, Problem, Solution, Guarantee, Call To Action, Social Proof, all wrapped up in a story.
  • Grab attention in the first 5 seconds. (woman fully clothed in the bathtub).
  • Figure out your exact target audience and speak to them.
  • Pick a character or story your target audience would relate to.

Once the script is wrapped up, send it out to a couple of people and get some feedback. Don’t expect to nail it on your first time. You will have to adjust headlines and call to actions. This is how you optimize a campaign.

Now you’re ready for production. I am not going to dive into the production process. We will leave that up to the creators, editors, and producers

The one piece of advice, to owners and CEOs, is to step aside and let the creatives do what you hired them to do.

Your opinion does matter, but at the end of the day, the results matter more. Let them go to work.

Here is a copy of the Chatbook’s script if you would like to break it down. A lot of times it is easier to use a template then try and create a whole new script from scratch.


Once your video is done, it’s now time to start pushing it out to your target audience. We will discuss this in part 2.

To be continued…

Let us know if you like this kind of content. Share it, comment, or reach out if you have questions.

Thanks for reading.

If you need a script or a video let us know.

Duplicating The Video Marketing Success Behind 100+ Million Views and $100 Million Sold In Product.
The One Thing That Can Make All The Difference With Your Videos

The One Thing That Can Make All The Difference With Your Videos

“I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” The Bible

Confused yet?

Let me explain.

One of the big mistakes people make when creating a video, especially from scratch, is they don’t POLARIZE. They do not do want to offend anyone so they keep everything general.

Polarity is probably the number one reason why a video and your message fails.

We work with some of the biggest companies in the world and it’s frustrating how much effort, money, and resources are spent trying not to offend the masses. Instead of focusing their message on their fans and users, they get distracted and try and create a message that makes everyone happy.

Not saying you can’t have both…

Well actually, yes I am.

Lukewarm is the enemy.


“Please make sure the drawings include one girl, one black guy, two Chinese people, one gay guy and a tranny. We want to make sure the world knows how diverse we are.”

“Our product or service is for everyone. We have to make sure we include the following features…..”

“We can’t say that. We may offend someone.”

“Hurry take down the video because we had a complaint.”

“But ignoring a portion of our customers needs might backfire. Our complaints could skyrocket.”

Or… “We’re getting calls from some of our customers who find our video offensive. Shouldn’t we create videos that all our customers like?”

I always tell my clients that a great way to know if their marketing works…is by the number of angry responses you get. You will have haters.

“When your messages cause polarity, it attracts attention and people will pay for it. Neutrality is boring, and rarely is money made or changed created when you stay neutral. Being polar is what will attract raving fans and people who will follow you and pay for your advice.” Russel Brunson

This may hurt…

If you’re like me, you hate when people do not like you. It’s actually a real struggle for me. I come across that it doesn’t bother me, but deep down it does. I want people to like me and my intentions are to help them.

Every email sequence I send out, I will get a couple of harsh responses sent back to me. It’s frustrating and can turn into a time suck. I used to respond, but I have learned to let it go and spend time and resources with those who are my fans.

For every 100 people that love you, there’s a few that will hate.

Just move on.

“You see, marketing formulated for the masses is guaranteed to deliver quiet and understated ad copy, and creating a likable ad isn’t your goal. Again, your goal is persuasion. So choose who to lose and let the cash register determine the success of your marketing.”

Here’s a story for you.

Have you ever wanted to admit that you are #2 in your market? Me neither. I would think this would be a formula for instant disaster.

Think again.

In 1962, Avis was going under and they needed to make a change quickly. Since its inception, Hertz was the dominate player in the care rental space and AVIS was clearly going down.

So the ad agency Doyle Dane Bernbach decided to pitch a different kind of Idea to the executive. They would embrace their second-place status as a sneaky way to tout the brand’s customer service.

I have not idea how they got the executives to buy into this. I can hear the complaints now. I guess when a company is desperate they are willing to try anything.

Here is a screen shot of the ad.

“When you’re only No. 2, you try harder. Or else.”

Within a few years Avis had taken a huge market share and were no longer #2.

Here’s another one of their ads.

“Don’t be afraid to polarize people. Most companies want to create the holy grail of products that appeals to every demographic, social-economic background, and geographic location. To attempt to do so guarantees mediocrity. Instead, create great products that make segments of people very happy. And fear not if these products make other segments unhappy. The worst case is to incite no passionate reactions at all, and that happens when companies try to make everyone happy.” Guy Kawasaki

When can this polarity fire?

When you cross the line into CRAZY.

A good example of this is Kathy Griffin. She has always been polarizing and it served her well. She has made millions. You either love her or hate her. She had a loyal following that produced a lot of money and fame.


Everything came to a screeching and pathetic halt with her latest stunt. Kathy Griffin crossed the crazy line. Even her loyal fans have deserted her.

This seldom happens so do not let Kathy’s story be an excuse on why you should not push the line.

A video that is trying to target everybody: skinny, fat, big, small, old, young. May not offend. But, it’s just another flavor of vanilla. If you don’t polarize your audience, you don’t create a following.

If you do not create a following, you will not have enough persuasion to get them to purchase your product or service.


“Forget the haters cause somebody loves ya!”

How Small Businesses Can Use Video Marketing To Get More Customers.

How Small Businesses Can Use Video Marketing To Get More Customers.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Since I do not have a lot of time, I have decided to record a quick video for small businesses. We are going to discuss ways a Small Business can use Video to get more customers.

This video is 10 minutes long, but well worth your time. If you have any questions about video marketing, let us know.


How Small Businesses Can Use Video Marketing To Get More Customers.


Video transcript for Small Business Video Marketing

Hey, this is Jace over here at Marketing High. We are going to discuss how a small business can use video marketing to get more customers. This video is going to be four small businesses. I do deal a lot with small businesses.

Basically, the hardest thing for them is getting new customers, getting their product out there, getting their message out there. I’m going to show you guys how you can use video and how you can do it effectively. If you’re bootstrapping the company, if you’re tight on a budget looking to get the best deal, or pay very little for advertising, this video is for you. We’re going to jump right in. If you have questions, obviously you can always get ahold of us at MarketingHigh.com. This is the second time shooting this. I screwed up the first time. For some reason the voice went out ten minutes into the, well three minutes into the video and it was like, 15 minutes. We’ll try to get this done in three minutes.

1. Get A Video For You Business

First off, very first thing. If you’re a small business you have to get used to video marketing. You have to get comfortable with video. Your number one step is, get a video. Another day I was listening to a podcast by Rick Mulready. It’s called The Art of Paid Traffic.

He had a guest on that … Basically, this guest did Facebook ads for fitness places like Vasa. I don’t know if they’re big yoga studios, stuff like that. He went on to discuss how, he works with a client they have to do video. He said, “If they’re not willing to do video usually I cannot work with them. I can’t get the ROI.” He had one client that they spent like 2 to 6 thousand on ads. They turned it into $200,000 profit.

His main thing was, you have to use video. I’m the same way. I tell these companies, you have to be using video because it’s popular. You’re very first thing you need to do it get a video. Now, does it need to be some expensive $20,000 video? No. I do own a company, Ydraw.com.

We started the whole white board animation videos. We do videos over there. They can be expensive for some. They’re very cheap for others. A video doesn’t have to be expensive. You can shoot one on your iPhone. You can get it done professionally. Or you can go over to Fiverr and purchase one.

If you guys aren’t familiar with Fiverr, you can just jump over here. Let me show you. I’ll make this a little bigger for you. I’ve tried this just to see if I could get some really good response.

I had this girl right here. Her name is Ally. Ally Madison. You can check out what she does. She just did a simple promotional video. I wanted a re-marketing campaign and right here you can just play this. That’s her right there. Simple way to get something done. Like I said, five to $20 to get you a video. Now, almost all videos need to have a good headline, problem. Tell them what problem you’re solving, how you’re going to solve it, and a good, strong call to action. I have videos on that for you if you want to check them out.

Don’t worry about spending a huge amount of money. Let me show you a couple things. This is a video. If you’re not familiar, Tai Lopez, he has millions of views on his videos. He buys a lot of them, but you can see what he does, he’s very popular. This is a phone. This is an ad. This is an actual ad playing in front of a motivational video. Okay. He’s telling you how to make six figures. Now, say, on this motivational channel, here you got a guy named … I’ll let you hear it.

Since it is a lifestyle motivational, make a lot of money … They’re playing these on these how-to-succeed-in-life. These guys right here are going to show you how to succeed in life. Well, they’re running their video ads in front of these videos that show you how to succeed in life. Very simple.

Here’s a group, two girls. You can see, very simple. Now, this last video, this could be expensive. He shoots some pretty expensive ones. Here’s two that just, I mean, it’s a camera.

They introduce themselves.

They’re from Australia. Now, they’re playing their video ad right in front of, once again, these motivational videos. Okay. Something that everyone can do. Small businesses could do them. They aren’t expensive. Let’s say I skip this ad. I’m going to skip that ad. Great. That did not cost them anything. They got their brand out there and there’s nothing. Now, if I watch that video out past 30 seconds, you’re going to get charged eight cents, ten cents. Okay. The very first thing you need to do is get a video.

2.  Upload Your Video To YouTube

Secondly, you need to upload that video to YouTube. Now, crap. If I could go back to that sister video. Let’s see if we can get them up again. No, that’s Ty. Here’s Tai Lopez again, showing off Ferrari’s and stuff like that. Let’s look at his channel. If you go to Tai Lopez.

We’re going to go to his YouTube channel.

I’m going to see what he’s done here. Okay, very good YouTube channel. Here’s why.

He has his website. He has all of his social media here. You want to do that. Now, here’s his branding. Great. If you go look at my own channel. Okay. Let me see, view my channel. I think that’s where I am. Okay. You can see right here at the top that I have my value proposition right here, my website, social media, and there it went. Okay. You can see that I have everything that you should have on a channel. If you’re missing these types of things man, just add them. Go click up here, edit your links. You want to make sure your YouTube channel is ready to go to get customers.

Now, whenever you’re doing a video make sure you have the right title tag, description tags, and keyword tags. That is very important. You want to try to rank that video for relevant key terms. Okay? If you take a look at my videos. I’ll show you a quick example. I went and shot this really quickly with Tailor. This is a video that talks about what we do. It’s very simple. It’s just me talking and you can see, yeah, it gets a lot of views, good views, stuff like that. You’ll see I did a good title tag; Want to Drive More Leads, Sells, and Customers? Then you do a good description. Make sure your link’s in the description. Then, make sure you use the right key word tags. Got it?

3.  Upload Your Video To Facebook

Next thing you want to do is jump over to Facebook, upload your video to Facebook. I did that here. I took that same video, I jumped over and uploaded it onto my Facebook feed right here. I’ve done a boost. I’ve just boosted, I actually ran an ad, but I’m driving them to a checklist. Make sure your videos always have a good, strong call to action. Make sure they have a good headline. You want them to do something. If they’re going to watch your video, don’t just have the video end without inviting them to do something. What I do is, I invite people to go get their free marketing checklist. That way, they get on my list. Got it?

4. Promote Your Video

Once it’s uploaded to Facebook, you’ve created a post. Then, basically it comes down to promotion. You want to make sure you take your videos and you actually promote them. Viral videos don’t just happen. They do get promoted. Remember that. You’re not shooting for a viral video. What you want to do is get your message in front of a target audience. You do that through Facebook ads. You can go onto Facebook, which we have tutorials you can check out. Go to Facebook. Run an ad to the exact people you’re looking for. YouTube ads. I showed to a few things you can do. You can run your ad on your competitor’s videos. You can run your ad on like industry. Say you’re a real estate agent. Well, you can go run your ads on loan officer’s videos. Post it on your blog, imbed it, and then send it all out to your email list. You have to promote a good video once it’s created. They don’t just work.

A lot of people go out there and they do get a video. Probably 85% of our clients on the WhyDraw site will go get a video, but then they don’t promote that video. That’s the big thing, you do need to go promote it. Got it? Those are your four things. Make sure you get a video. Upload that video to YouTube, get your YouTube channel created. Upload it to Facebook, do a post for it. Promote. Do a Facebook ads, do YouTube ads, post it on your blog, and none of this has to be expensive. $5 a day will get you a lot of traction. Like I said, you can get eight cent views, 12 cent views. Video marketing is extremely important. Especially if you are a small business owner.

If you have questions visit our site, MarketingHigh.com. There’s some checklists there that you can use, other webinars, whatever you need. Over on our YouTube channel we do have a ton of tutorials to show you exactly how to set up YouTube ads, Facebook ads, all of those things. You can go check them out. Okay. Have a good day.

Thanks for reading

How Small Businesses Can Use Video Marketing To Get More Customers.

5 Video Marketing Campaigns The Best Business Are Running To Grow Their Business

5 Video Marketing Campaigns The Best Business Are Running To Grow Their Business

The 5 Video Marketing Campaigns.

I just finished speaking at a video marketing event in Florida and as I am flying home I want to introduce you to the 5 video marketing campaigns you should be running. Let me explain why I decided to write this.

During the event, my slides did not work, so I had to shoot from the hip and change up my presentation. I improvised. It ended up working because I pulled in some audience participation. I was stunned with their responses. I quickly learned that video marketing is STILL not being used.

Here is the first question I asked…

How many of you are running YouTube ads?

1 person in the whole audience raised their hand.

This was surprising because the audience was full of digital marketers and they are supposed to keep up on the latest and greatest.

Some of them actually own agencies.


Next question.

How many of you are running Gmail video ads?

Nada, zero, zip, zilch. The crowd was silent.

Gmail Video Ads started to get popular back in 2015 and nobody was doing it.

I was stunned and a little baffled on what I was seeing


Third question.

How many of you actually know anything about digital marketing?


They knew where I was coming from. They could see my disappointment and I had to give them a hard time.

We spent the next 30 minutes diving into different types of marketing campaigns they could get started on right away. That’s what inspired me to create “5 Video Marketing Campaigns You Need to Be Running.”

Here they are!

1. YouTube Video Campaign. Both In-stream and In-display.
2. Gmail Video Campaign.
3. YouTube Remarketing Campaign.
4. Facebook Video Campaign.
5. Facebook Remarketing Campaign.

I am going to walk you through these 5 campaigns with video, so let’s get started.

If you have any questions on how to implement these video marketing strategies, let us know. We would be happy to help

Video Transcript.

We’re going to go over the five video marketing campaigns that I think every business should be running. This is part of a blog sequence where I discuss a little bit about where this came from. Here are five things that all businesses should be running. Not things, video marketing campaigns. The first thing is a YouTube video campaign, both in stream and in display. I’m going to show you what those are in a second. I think all businesses should be running a Gmail video campaign and YouTube remarketing campaign, a Facebook video campaign, and obviously a Facebook remarketing campaign.

If I bring over a browser, I jump over here to YouTube. It’s always good if you’re any type of business. Most businesses have competitors, so let’s say you’re in the pest control. Pest control. If you type in “pest control company,” a lot of times what you can do is you can play your video in front of your competitors’ videos. Some competitors don’t allow for videos, some do. What I like to do is I like to go down and find the videos that will allow you to play on them, and anything to do with pest control, we’re going to want to run your video on those videos. Simple thing to do. It costs maybe 8-12 cents a view, and they have to watch out past 30 seconds for it to be counted as a view.

If you have questions on that, there’s a ton other videos in our channel that you can look at to learn more about YouTube ads. You want to run in stream ads. Those are the ads that play in front of a video, and then you want to run in display ads. If you type in “cars,” type in … Knowing our luck, I’m not … Right up here, this one, High T Black Limited Offer, that is a display ad. That’s the first campaign that companies should be running.

The next one are Gmail video ads. Same concept. It’s just a way for you to get in front of your target audience. Jump over here to Gmail account. Right here under promotions are these Gmail ads. Right here, “Apply for a credit card.” Now, Gmail will take a look at what’s happening within your Gmail accounts, and they will serve you up an ad. They’re getting very good at this, at targeting things to what you like now. There’s always growing pains, but day by day they’re improving. Very smart to do, very few companies are doing this right now, and I don’t know why. My click-through rates, my conversion rates are extremely high on Gmail video ads.

Very simple to do. You set it up same place you set up your YouTube ads. It’s right there in the AdWords back office. We have other videos that if you want to take a look at, you can go check those out, that teach you how to set up Gmail video ads. Real quick, this is an image ad, you can actually stick your video right here, and they can watch it right within their Gmail. Another one, YouTube remarketing campaign, so how this works is let’s say you go to my YouTube channel. Well, this video right now. You’re watching this video, well what’s happening while you’re watching this video, you are getting a cookie or YouTube is keeping track of all the videos you’re watching. Now, I am building a list according to anyone who watches me videos, that way I can turn around and remarket to them, I can run them other types of videos.

Simple thing, very cost effective, very easy to do, so the third one is YouTube remarketing campaigns. Next is Facebook video campaigns and Facebook remarketing campaigns. Just like in Google, on Facebook you need to be cookieing your audience, you need to be tracking your audience, seeing how they interact with your webpage so that you can run them a remarketing campaign and we found that Facebook actually … Well, let’s just bring up a Facebook feed. If you can do Facebook video campaigns, it’s very effective. if I just scroll down through my feed, here’s one, this is [Doma 00:04:42], that’s an ad there. Gary Vaynerchuk, just fly down through here, let’s look at some ads. Here’s an ad where you can do a video ad right here where they can watch your video.

You can give them a message, once again very cheap. Now, the only problem … The big difference between Facebook and Google is the fact that if you start to watch a video, three seconds in, Facebook counts that as a view. Bad idea, but hey, we’ll live with it. Now, Google on the other hand, they aren’t going to count a view unless they watched 30 seconds. Still, very effective. You can do Facebook remarketing also if people have watched your videos. You can then turn around and remarket to them within Facebook. Let’s see if we can see one more sponsored ad. Okay. Real quick, here’s one. You click on this, it’s not an actual video, but here’s another ad, and this is just getting served up according to their interest, according to the audience they chose. Go it.

Very simple. Once again, just to repeat, these are five video campaigns that every business should be running. You’ve got a YouTube video campaign, both in stream and in display, Gmail video campaigns, YouTube remarketing campaign, Facebook video campaign, and Facebook remarketing campaign. Doesn’t need to be expensive. You can spend $5 a day on Gmail ads and get some pretty good results, $5 on YouTube, get some good views. Costs should be around 10 cents. Same with Facebook, Facebook remarketing, you don’t have to spend a lot. Now, the more you can spend, the better, so it’s always a good thing.

If you have questions, you can always look us up, check out our other videos, go to MarketingHy.com, that’s H-y.com, and if you have any questions you can always email me, [email protected], and that is it. Have a good day, hope to see you implement these. Talk to you later.

Does it Video Marketing Work?

Does Video Marketing work?

I get asked all the time if video marketing actually works. Well it does and here is one of the reasons why.

People do business with those they like, and we buy products and services from people we have built a relationship with.

According to “The Like Switch” it takes Proximity, Frequency, Duration, and Intensity to form a relationship and get people to like you.

So how can you do this with video?

1. Create a video that will solve their problem.
2. Run YouTube, Facebook and Instagram video ads. (Proximity)
3. Run a remarketing campaign to those who have watched your video or visited your website. (Frequency and Intensity)
4. Rinse and repeat. (duration)

I have noticed that with all of our Facebook ads, as our ad frequency increases, our conversion rate increases. Meaning if someone sees our ads 3 to 8 times, they are more likely to convert into a Lead/Customer.

This stuff works.

The only problem is…most are not using it.

If you need a video, go to ydraw.com.

If you need help implementing set up a strategy call.