If I Could Guarantee To Get You More Business With A Simple Headline Adjustment…Would You Be Interested?

If I Could Guarantee To Get You More Business With A Simple Headline Adjustment…Would You Be Interested?

This is one of the most important posts I have created. It’s about saying the right words. This will help your business. 

I am testing it on ads and websites so I will update you on the results. If you want to learn a lot more about creating great copy here are some resources.

I have produced a video recording to walk you through each step. Here they are.

  1. Yes
  2. Questions
  3. Fix Their Problem
  4. Benefit Based/Not Feature
  5. Who Cares!

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Words matter. The majority of advertisers pay too much attention to how pretty things look. Instead, of what they are saying. I am constantly testing my headlines and when I learned this formula I quickly made adjustments to my Facebook campaigns, Adwords, and website headlines. So far so good!

If I could GUARANTEE to get you more customers, views, traffic and conversions by making a simple adjustment would that interest you?

Try it.

Video Transcription (It’s computer generated so forgive typos.)

Hey what’s up guys? If I can guarantee to get you more customers, views, traffic and conversions by making a simple adjustment, would that interest you? Of course it would. Today we are gonna discuss this very thing that I have on the screen. We are gonna go over headlines, some adjustments that you should make immediately to your marketing material including Facebook ads. I’ve already made those adjustments and I am seeing results right away. So let’s jump in.

I did a video earlier on this but I didn’t give it justice. I don’t think I really showed you guys some good examples. I’m going back. I’m gonna revisit this and I want you guys to really walk away with some information on how you can instantly change the copy on your website, instantly change the copy on your Facebook ads so that you’ll get results. Words matter. A lot of times people get caught up in doing pretty things, well words actually matter and we need to make sure we’re saying the right words to the right audience. Got it?

Let’s jump over. I’ll come back to this. I want to jump over to a couple of websites and I want you to look at these websites and just think in your mind: does this tell you what they do? Does it give it give you a value proposition? Then we’re gonna jump over back to that slide then we’ll come back over and see how you see it differently. Okay? This is also for my own employees for them to go through so they can apply it to their clients so I might throw some of that in here too.

First off, let’s take a look, here’s a realtor’s website. It’s right here in Saint George and you come to this website and what does it say? “Committed to excellent, through integrity, and community serve, PK Real Estate, Utah” and then it just gives the address. Okay? Let’s jump over to this one. This is a bankruptcy attorney. “Get the help you need.” Here’s another one. This is Red Cliffs Dental. “Feel confident in your smile.” Affordable cosmetic dentistry in Saint George, Utah for pros.” Here’s one. We’re just doing a proposal for these guys. “Your engineering challenges solved here.” “Innoteka advances your time to mark up by providing senior engineers with at least 10 years of experience.” That makes the difference. Got it?

Here’s ours. “A whiteboard video and animation company that loves creating incredible animations for you. Want one?” Here this one. “We’re a video marketing company. If I guaranteed to drive you views, leads, customers and sales would you be interested?” And here’s another one that I just changed. We do a lot for the addiction, recovery youth programs. “If we could guarantee to help your teenager with our evidence-based residential treatment program, would you be interested?” Got it?

If you look at the difference in those, you can tell that some of them are written really well. Some of them are not. They’re just not speaking to you. Here are your five steps on actually creating a really good headline that converts, that works. I have a lot of data that backs this up and just with the little tweaks that I’ve made … I’ve done a lot before this but with the little tweaks that I’ve made the last couple of days, my results have gone through the roof for me and our client.

First thing you need them to do is start saying yes. There’s a book out there called “Getting to Yes” that you go read. It’s important that when somebody starts nodding their head yes and they start agreeing with you, that is key. That’s good. Let’s assume that you’re doing door sales. When you approach a door and you start getting the person to nod their head and just agree with you. That’s good. When you’re creating a headline, you want to make sure that they’re saying yes, they’re responding to your question yes, or they’re starting to nod their head being like: hey. That’s me.

1. Is get them saying: yes.
2. I like to ask a question. So if you go over to the why draw one which we’ll go back to but it asks: “want one?” If you want a video, would that interest you? I’ve been using that a lot. Would this interest you?
3. Fix their problem. You want to make sure that in your headline, when they land on your website, they know what you do. You’re gonna fix whatever problem they have. A lot of these websites don’t even address the problem. They don’t talk to the person looking at the screen and it’s kinda hard to really do business if you don’t even know if they’re gonna fix the problem that you have.
4. Needs to be benefit based/not featured. A lot of people … Let’s jump back over here and jump over to … Let’s go to this one. “Get the help that you need.” So here’s a bankruptcy attorney and the last number four: benefit-based/not featured. “Get the help you need.” What is the actual thing that this person is coming to this bankruptcy attorney for? “Get the help you need.” What does that really mean? It needs to be benefit based. If you’re going through a bankruptcy it’s frustrating. You want somebody to take care of it. You want it off your plate. You want it done quickly. You want that relief and that’s the benefits and you need to be showing those. Helping good people through difficult times. Okay? It doesn’t really talk much towards … no one’s gonna be like: okay, yes. You don’t get the … There’s no question. There’s no yes there. There’s no benefit. You’re not really addressing the problem.

The last one is: who cares! When people look at your stuff … A lot of times I’ll look at people’s marketing material and I’m like: who cares? Throw it away. You have to make sure that you’re talking to somebody who cares. They have a problem and you’re gonna fix that problem and they care that you can fix that problem. You’re not just saying these words if you can just respond: uh, who cares? Then you have a problem. Let’s go back and see if these sites passed that test.

Once again, “Get the help that you need.” You can answer that with: who cares? Am I saying yes to that? Is there a question there? No. This one is pretty rough. Let’s go to this PK Real Estate one. “Committed to excellence.” What do you say when you read stuff like that? “Committed to excellence.” You would assume that. Who cares? “Through integrity and community service.” Once again. Who cares? It doesn’t talk to my benefits. Now if I came to this website and it said basically: hey, if I could guarantee to sell your home in one month and get you the maximum value. That is something that would interest me and they need to ask a question: would that interest you? Do you want me to show you how to do it? Immediately I’d want to engage with this company instead of right now: “Committed to excellence.” Okay, great. There’s nothing in here that pulls you in. They need a little help there.

This guy obviously needs some help. Take this dentist. “Feel confidence in your smile.” Once again, if you’re going to the dentist, you’re going there for certain things. You want results. They need to talk about … They need to get you saying yes. They need to get you agreeing to what they’re trying to propose here. So “Feel confident in your smile.” Uh, who cares? Got it?

This one: “Your engineering challenge is solved here.” Okay? What exactly is that? What’s my engineering challenge? Does it have a question? No. Does it get me saying yes? No. Your engineering challenge is solitary? Yes. No, it doesn’t say that. Once again, you can answer this with: who cares? Right here: “Advances your time to market by providing senior engineers with at least 10 years of experience.” That makes the difference. Once again, you can answer that with: who cares? Got it?

If you look at the ones that I’ve changed, this one … There’s some SEL that takes place on these and that’s one thing. You need to have an H1 tag on your website with your keywords in it. You just need to play with this a bit. One thing I wanted these people to know when they hit “Why draw is”. We’re a whiteboard video and animation company, so when they come here they’re like; I’m in the right place. “We love creating incredible animation videos for you.” It’s like, great. Want one. This little section here, I’ve thought about adjusting and I probably will do some testing because you could answer who cares to that little section, but then we say: “Want one?” Obviously they start saying yes, you’ve got your question in there. People want incredible animation videos. They come to us for that, but there’s a little bit of work that’s still left in this headline, but you get the point.

In this one: “We’re a video marketing company.” Once again, I like to start out by telling people what is it that we do. “We’re a video marketing company” and then I use the very thing: “If I guaranteed to drive you views, leads, customers and sales. Would you be interested?” Most of the time, business owners are coming to our website. They’re people looking for traffic. They’re people are looking for video marketing that will actually get results. So I start off “if I guaranteed to get you these things, would that interest you?” And if they say yes, then they’ll continue reading. And that’s all you can ask for. All you want them to do is to keep reading. You want to earn their trust. Peek their interest enough that they will keep reading your material.

this was one that we switched up, actually just this morning. So before it was just talked about where Cambio is: “An evidence based residential treatment program that focuses on education.” That’s what they had. I went in there and said; if a parent were coming to me. If they had a troubled teen that had some type of disorder what would they be looking for? One, they want it fixed. They want a strong headline to say … They want people that know what they’re doing. Here it is: “If we guaranteed to help your teenager with our evidence-based residential treatment program, would you be interest?” Now, I have evidence-based residential treatment program as for keyword purposes, I could probably tweak that whole line a little bit. I will. I always do the testing on it. Got it?

Let’s jump back over to this and I’m gonna go through a couple more. Here’s kinda your template. “If I could guarantee you something in a specific amount of time … Would you be interested?” That’s a good one. There’s a lot of different things you can do. I like this one. A guy name Cody Butler … Actually, I’ve noticed his stuff. I do have his program which really lines this out. He mentions this. This is kind of his formula. You can go over to … Dan Kennedy has a pretty good formula on creating headlines, and this can also be substituted … You can also use the same word as “unique selling proposition.” Why would somebody come to you and use your product or service over going to somebody else or doing nothing at all? They really stress that. This is an easier one, the one that Cody puts together but Dan Kennedy and those guys, they have a great one too.

If you were … If I was marketing … This is more for us, for our aligning pages. “If I could show you how to generate hundreds of addiction recovery leads with $35 … Would you be interested?” Urgent Care: “If I could show you how I generated 20 new Urgent Care patients per month … Would you be interested?” Divorce: “If I could guarantee I could give you 35 qualified inquiries for bankruptcy every month, would you be interested?” Same. We could go dental implants.

Those are just headlines that I’m starting to play with, I’m starting to market, but the whole idea is to follow this formula where you get them saying yes, you get them like you ask a question. You look to fix their problem. It’s benefit-based, not features. Remember, benefits are the results that they are looking for. That’s what you need to cater towards. Don’t tell people you have the best looking, the blue, the reds, the longest dress. Those are all features.

Lastly, “Who cares!” You need to make sure they can’t just answer: who cares? This morning, I gotta a little brother that’s out there, marketing … Right now he’s knocking doors for security systems and we had a pretty good conversation. I told him instead of knocking doors and asking the question … a lot of people when they knock the door, shake your hand, hey this is who I am. I’m from this company and they will say: “Do you have a security system?” Well I kinda talked to him and said the next time you’re going knocking doors today instead of just introducing yourself, ask them a question. Say, “hey if I could show you how to protect your family and make you feel safer, would that interest you?” And immediately, how are they gonna answer that? They’re not gonna turn around and be like: no. Get outta here. They’ll be like, “Yeah. That would interest me.”

Or if you’re trying to replace once security company with another security, so you’re just there to switch their system over to another one. You could say, “Hey. What if I could guarantee that I’d save you money and replace … and get you the newest upgrade?” Or “save you money and get you a newer system, would that interest you?” Immediately that opens up the conversation and you’re able to move on from there and start educating them.

Something that’s really important, after that headline, you need to have some meat afterwards. I look at this. Obviously when they look at your material and they get past the headline, they’re like: “Okay, yeah that does interest me.” You need to be able to back it up with some good material. Next thing, they can get my video marketing checklist which gets them in the funnel, or they can read these testimonials. It’s good to show them that, yes, they read the headline, they’re interested but also you can back it up, that you have the testimonials. You’ve done it for other clients. That’s always a good thing, and you want to make sure those types of things are on your website and you’re showing it.

If we jump back over here “Experience you can trust.” They’re attorneys. You should be able to trust them. You could answer that “Who cares?” Here’s a testimonial or this is the founder “Capstone Law focuses its practice on bankruptcy and dept relief because we know how financial difficulties can impact every aspect.” They are talking about them a lot. It’s not focused on the consumer. That’s one other thing you want to really pay attention to, is your headline has to be focused on the reader. It needs to be focused on the person with the problem not on you. A lot of people have a tendency to always be talking about me, me, me, me. This is what our company does. This is what we do, but you need to turn it around and focus it on their problem, their issue. I did write that down of, “Fix their problem.” Don’t be talking about you. Don’t be talking about the stuff you do. Make sure you’re there to fix their problem and talk about their problem.

Just read some of these websites. Go here and video testimonial. This is probably good. “Sedation and dentistry” but once again “Quality customer care.” Who do they start talking about? They start talking about themselves. They don’t talk about the viewer’s problem.

Get to work. Make sure you go over all your material. If I jump into Facebook ads. I’ve actually created a couple and you can see these ads. I’ll show them to you real quick. I went out with Why Draw and basically said, “Hey! If I can guarantee to craft a perfect video that would mesmerize your audience and get them to listen, would you be interested?” That’s a simple, simple headline. We followed up with a video that shows them some of our work and then if nobody listens to your story, you’ll never be heard. That’s something that could be “Who cares?” So I could probably go back there and fix that but the main headline right here and what I want you to look at.

There you have it. Go back. Readjust all your headlines. Readjust your ads. Start testing different headlines and make sure you pay attention to focusing on the benefits. Do these five things. Get them saying yes. Ask a question. Fix their problem. Don’t be talking about what you do? Talk about their problem and how you can fix it. Be benefit based/not featured and then if you can answer who cares to any of this, then you have a problem. You need to go back and readjust it.

Hope this helped. There are a lot of other videos out there that show you guys how to set up Facebook ads. We spent a lot of time on creating these videos so go check them out. If you’re looking to grow your business or have questions, feel free to reach out to us. Go to marketinghigh.com. Information is below and we’d be happy to help. Enjoy your day.

Do you plan on starting a New Business? Creating A Business Part 1

Do you plan on starting a New Business? Creating A Business Part 1

Do you plan on starting a New Business? Creating A Business Part 1

The Video transcript. (Forgive errors)

Hey, everyone. Today we’re going to be going over creating a business, part one. Over the next probably 30 days, I am going to show you guys how to generate a business from scratch. We’re going to go all the way from the idea from the product to the service all the way through to the final revenue stream. I will start a business from scratch, show you how to set up from going onto the state website, getting your business license, saving the name to website design, Webmaster Tools, start to finish. Okay?

I look forward to that, but today we’re going to talk about step one, step two. Very first thing is you need to make sure you have a good product or service. Let’s jump over to what we’re going to be doing. How this all started, I had a … That is not the right bottle, just know that. I had a friend come up and said that he had this sore throat. He’s actually my business partner over at Ydraw. He swore by this product. I used to have a big problem with sore throats. I get them once or twice a year, and they would kill. They were bad strep throats. Then, one time it was like this thing called guttate psoriasis, so it was bad.

Well, I hated them. One morning, I went in there and I was like, “Oh, I’m gettin’ a sore throat.” He’s like, “Jace, I have the best stuff in the world. It works.” He gave me some. We went and got some. I sprayed that stuff on my throat, and it was gone. Took about 12 hours, and I’ve used it multiple times since. Once you get a sore throat or you start feeling a sore throat, you just grab this stuff and spray. You do not go through that horrible phase where you have the itchy … you can’t swallow. It was awesome. I turned around, and I said, “Hey, why aren’t we producing this and selling it?” He says, “I don’t know.” I turned around and just said, “Hey, I’m launching this product.”

We call it Sore Throat because that’s what it is. Does it work? Yes. That is the initial thing of any product or service that you do. You have to make sure it’s a good product, and you have to make sure it works. Don’t go out there and try to launch a certain product or service and you have no idea if it’s working or not working. I see that. Or, I’ve seen a lot of people go out there and launch a product or service that just is not beneficial, and it ends up failing. Okay?

Very first step, it’s not like you get a good product and everything happens. That does happen on some occasions, but still, even though you have a great product, you still have to get out there an market it. Okay? There’s a lot of good products out there that end up going bankrupt just because they have no idea how to market it. Okay? Second thing, jump back here to this. Once you have a product or service, you know it’s worked, it’s a good product or service, then you have to look at your message.

Now, this product that we’re doing is very easy. It is basically, “Hey, want relief from your sore throat?” Who are we looking for? We’re looking for people with their sore throat. I created a guide, and I’m going to put this down in the notes that you guys can click on to get access to. Okay. I like to call our message your unique selling proposition. What makes them want to buy your product or service over somebody else’s or doing something else? Okay. It should answer the question, why should they do business with you versus every other option they have?

In this guide, I give you guys examples of really good, unique selling propositions. This is from GKIC community. They help entrepreneurs. It’s part of Dan Kennedy Group. Their unique selling proposition or message is, “Entrepreneurship is hard, don’t go at it alone.” Okay. Who are they talking to? They’re talking to entrepreneurs. Okay. They bring up kind of a pain point as it’s hard. Then, they go in and say, “We created a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners that are focused on improving their business, income, and their lives.” There’s no confusion there. You know what they’re doing, you know that they’re for entrepreneurs, and it says exactly what their whole plan is.

If you go down to the next one, the pet store. “Pet owners are concerned about what their pets are really eating, so we source our food from trusted local vendors who ensure your pets stay happy and healthy.” Okay. They’re talking to pet owners. What do they do? They create food to make sure their pets stay happy and healthy. Okay. You don’t need to get overly complicated. Let’s go to the next one, financial advisors. “Most people can’t get their heads around their financial futures, so we create a financial map that puts all your info on a weekly dashboard giving you peace of mind about your finances.” Okay. You’ll notice they use the words peace of mind, you don’t have to worry. Who are they speaking to? Anyone who has financial issues or is looking to prepare for their financial future.

Used car sales. “Nobody likes to haggle with the car salesman, so we removed the salesman entirely.” Now, that is a very good headline. We don’t like haggling with car salesmen, so that gets your attention. Then, they go in and say, “You can choose and test drive a car hassle free so you have peaceful experience getting the car you want.” Okay. Great.

Real estate agent. “Our 20-step marketing system will sell your house in less than 45 days at full-market value.” Okay. They have a 20-step market system. They’re the experts. They’re going to sell the house. That’s what you want, and they’re going to do it at full-market value, something else that a consumer want.

Ydraw. “Do you have a story that needs to be heard? We’re a whiteboard animation company that loves creating incredible animation videos for you. Want one?” Okay. There’s just not a lot of confusion there. If you even jump over to Marketing Hy’s … When you come to my site, you know what I do. We’re a video marketing company. “We drive view, leads, customers, and sales to your video so that your business can grow.” Zero confusion. If you take this guide that I created, you can just go on here. You’ll see here’s the link, and like I said, I just put it in this YouTube video.

Keep it simple, and you ask yourself what is your customers’ problem? What did you create to solve their problem? If they use your product or service, how will it improve their lives? Okay. You just start creating some drafts, different ideas. Put it together, and then what you want to do is test it. I will test my headlines and make sure that I get one that converts. I’ve tested with running Facebook ads, Google ads, those types of things, and whichever one gives me the highest conversion, that’s the headline I go with. Okay.

Back to this. First thing, product or service. Make sure you have a good one. Then the next thing, you need to make sure you work on your message. It takes a lot of work. Don’t just think you can sit down five minutes. Your message is always going to adjust according to your testing. Okay. Get a very good message. Don’t talk about features. Okay. Now, if I go back to this unique selling proposition … What’s features? This financial advisor, if he was going to talk about features, he would say, “We basically have, uh, the best platform software for an IRA, blah, blah, blah, blah.” He could have started talking about the features of their system. Okay.

Like Ydraw. I could say, “Oh, we have the cleanest whiteboard videos. We have the best-looking whiteboard videos,” those types of things. Those are features. Okay. You don’t want to get caught up in the features of your product, which that’s what most people do. I talk to them about their product or service. They said, “Oh, it’s the best on the market. It has this stuff in the ingredients.” No, we don’t care about that. What the consumer cares about is the actual benefits of the product or service. So, if I use your product or service, what is that going to do for my life? Okay. I don’t care about your ingredients. I don’t care about any of those things. What I care about is how it’s going to improve my life and get me the result. Okay.

It’s like the video marketing … If we go back to my website … “We drive views, leads, sales, and customers to help you grow your business.” That’s what we do. We help businesses grow. That’s the result that people want. Now, I could even go further and go into the results that if they grow their business, what are their results going to be? Financial freedom, okay, stress-free life. I could go further into that, okay, but we like … The business will grow has worked, and we’ve tested it. Now, I’m not talking about Facebook ads. I’m not saying, “Hey, we do Facebook ads, YouTube ads,” all those types of things. Those are features. Okay? We need to talk about the benefits, and the benefit is their business is going to grow. Got it?

If you have questions, let me know. You can always visit our site, marketinghy.com. In the meantime, like I said, I have put this guide to help you create your unique selling proposition, to help you design your right message. It’s just down in the description on this YouTube channel. Okay? Enjoy. We will chat again tomorrow. Great talking. See you.

Great Marketing Advice I Learned from The Death of Scott

Great Marketing Advice I Learned from The Death of Scott

Marketing Advice

Two men set out on a mission. It was a mission of discovery, adventure, and misfortune. 1400 miles in total.

One had all the resources at his fingertips and the other did not. One man was well funded and had all the training and talent necessary to win the prize and the other did not.

A David and Goliath story.

The goal…The South Pole

Scott had all the resources necessary to succeed and bring home the prize, but it was Amundson who would arrive at the South Pole and live to tell about it.

It all came down to decisions.

Scott made bad ones Amundson made great ones.

Make no mistake about it: Scott and his men had heart and hardihood in spades. But Amundsen was the superior tactician.

Here is a great example…

A day when Scott should have been in a mad dash to get to the next station he decided to stop and collect rocks. This was after they were already starving and frost bitten.

He took horses and skis instead of dogs

He didn’t plan and prepare

He took one navigator compared to Amundson’s four.

His depot stations were too few, too little, and too far apart.

It was a disaster, which would eventually cost all of them their lives.

They froze…

Amundsen's route had never before been taken, but it put his starting point 60 miles closer to the Pole than Scott's.

Amundsen’s route had never before been taken, but it put his starting point 60 miles closer to the Pole than Scott’s.

Amundson, on the other hand, did the exact opposite.

He planned for emergencies.

Instead of one depot station he would set up multiple.

They had so much food on the trip back they were eating all they could to lighten the load. They were even feeding the dogs delicious chocolate. (don’t do this at home, your dog might leave you some presents)

His men reached the pole 30 days before Scott and were back home about the time Scott was dying.

You might be asking how does this apply to marketing, especially video marketing?

Let me elaborate.

There are two companies that have similar products. They are both looking for success, but one makes millions while the other shuts it’s doors.

It all comes down to decisions and preparation.

Are you going to spend the time and prepare for success? (due diligence)

Are you going to make sure your video and marketing efforts are really producing results? (measure results)

Do you have different lead sources? (preparation)

Who are your marketing partners do they know what they are doing?

I continually consult with business owners and find that some are prepared but unfortunately most aren’t.

The majority never makes it back from the South Pole.

It’s the perfect time of year to go back over your marketing efforts.

I did…

When Marketing You Make Your Own Luck

Here is what I found

  1.  Facebook ads are still working great, but you have to make sure the target audience is dialed in.
  2.  YouTube is still our poster child. We love video ads and video marketing.
  3.  2015 is going to be a big year for video marketing. Platforms are only getting better and Google is always improving the target audience options. I will we harping on this throughout the year so expect to see a lot more in terms of video marketing. It works
  4. PPC ads – Adwords are still working, but can get very expensive.
  5. Bing and Yahoo Ads are gaining market share so make sure you are using them
  6. We stopped running Twitter and Linkedin ads. They still need to improve conversions and results. I might look to test them in a couple of months
  7. Video SEO – organic search marketing is awesome
  8. Google and YouTube autocomplete is going to be a big part of our strategy for 2015. We have created machines.
  9. Email marketing is a must. The money is in the list
  10. Customer retention and customer service is also a must. Look for ways to improve it.

“I may say that this is the greatest factor—the way in which the expedition is equipped—the way in which every difficulty is foreseen, and precautions taken for meeting or avoiding it. Victory awaits him who has everything in order — luck, people call it. Defeat is certain for him who has neglected to take the necessary precautions in time; this is called bad luck.” -Roald Amundsen

That should cut it.

We want to be your strategic partner and see how quickly we can get to the pole and back.

Jace Vernon
(your video marketing consultant)

PS. Hey guys I think it has been a month since I have written a blog, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do better in 2015. We have some great guides and advice coming.

I’m serious we have some amazing stuff coming so keep a look out.

Great Marketing Advice I Learned from The Death of Scott