One Secret Trick To Dominate The Front Page Of YouTube Search

(dom·i·na·tion) (dŏm′ə-nā′shən)

a. Total control or power over your YouTube viewers and visitors.

I might have made up some of that definition, but it’s close.

I am not sure if you guys are feeling it, but there have been some weird things going on in the Internet world. It got me a little bit on edge last week.

It’s a constant battle (love affair) between Google, Traffic, Competitors, Facebook, Clients, Employees, and my sanity. I have to admit…I feel like I lost last week and I do not lose.

So I have come back this week with some extra motivation.

I wanted to show you all a little trick I have been working on with YouTube. This little tip will go a long way with your Video Marketing Strategy.

Please understand that I do hesitate showing this because we have competitors and every time I post something I see my competitors start to implement it… (you know who you are and I will get you.)

Let me give you a little bit of History.

Awhile back I was watching a YouTube video on Ydraw’s Channel and I hated the fact that after the video ended my competitors videos would pop up as a suggestion from YouTube. They would also be showing along the right side.

This was a problem for me for a couple of reasons.

1. I want the audience to keep watching my videos not other peoples’. I spend a lot of money, time, and resources capturing customers and once I have one…I like to keep them watching my stuff.
2. YouTube ranks your videos according to views, comments, and watch time. (note there is a little more to it, which I covered in earlier emails.) When you have a potential customer they will watch all your videos to see what you have to offer. I want to feed them info and keep them on my channel for ranking reasons.

Before we jump into the secret, I wanted to make sure you have a couple of basics in place. We discussed this in earlier emails.

1. A Great Video – you need a video that people will actually watch, and if you have a budget, I suggest you create multiple videos that push your product and establish you as the expert in your field. Ydraw would love to tell your story and we have the best whiteboard videos in the business, so get one…
2. YouTube Channel – your YouTube channel needs to be an extension of your website. Make sure it is branded and is linked to your analytics, Adwords, and your website. Ford did a great job with this. [Ford link] Now that we can drive people away from YouTube to a landing page, it’s important that your channel is decked out.
3. Still to come…

Here is the trick that will allow you to Dominate the whole front page of YouTube. It can be found in the tags.

It’s what I like to call the “The Secret Tag Trick Create By Jace The Master Video Guy.”

Here are your steps:

Step 1: You need to create a tag that is custom to your company. It’s a tag that you do not want others to use.

“Yincvideos” or “Aflacvideochannel”

Step 2: When you are filling out the keyword tags just put your special tag at the end.

Example (special tag is…ydrawvideosrock)

Tags: Whiteboard Videos, whiteboard animation, animation videos, ypaint video, how to videos, ydrawvideosrock


I used my special tag at the end of the tags.

Why do we do this?

Because when watching videos on YouTube, or on another person’s site, ads and other suggested videos will pop up along the right hand side and after the video is played.

This is what you want it to look like…There are 20 suggested videos to watch and they all come from Ydraw.


Total Domination. Do not give the viewer a chance to click on someone else’s video. You will see that Ydraw has taken up every single spot after the video and every single spot on the right hand side.

Tricky right?

It’s almost like magic, but without the magic. It’s just “Plain Jane” brilliance.

So there you go.

Now get out there, get a Ydraw video, develop your Youtube channel and start creating videos.

Make sure and set up your Tags properly and you will enjoy the feeling of total YouTube Video domination.

One last thing…Our last blog covered the New YouTube Cards. You really ought to check it out and see how you can use YouTube Cards to drive traffic from your videos to your website or landing pages.

P.S. Since I love my fellow readers I want to make sure that you know what is coming down the pipeline. On April 15 Google is going to basically de-index sites that are not mobile friendly. Here is a simple link that you can use to check your site. I have checked a couple of your sites and some of you did not pass. Get if fixed..

P.S.S Quote of the day…I found this little gem in an email. “I have implemented pre-purchase question limit. If you ask 3 questions then you are not allowed to buy. I have found that asking more than 2 questions is simply looking for the reason why it “wont work”, and someone with this mentality will always find it.”