How To Market For A Drug Detox Center

Drug Detox Centers Might Have A Problem!

Recently we came across an article that was released by the verge It was titled Google is cracking down On sketchy rehabs. Let’s just say they did. Google has gone in and disabled Keywords that are related to drug rehab programs, Drug rehab treatment centers, And basically anything drug rehab related. Just to give you an understanding the drug rehab industry is a billion dollar industry. The cost per click for these industries are around $100 per click. These treatment centers relied solely on Google to generate their business via pay per click, and now are probably freaking out!


Drug detox center keywords that have been disabled

  • Drug rehab near me
  • Detox center
  • Addiction recovery center
  • Addiction recovery treatment
  • Addiction recovery
  • Opioid Recovery
  • Drug treatment
  • Drug treatment near me

This list literally could keep going on and on. But I just wanted to give you a list of ideas that if you were to Google these phrases no ads will show in regards to the search phrases. Everything at this point for drug detox centers is falling back to the concepts of SEO.


Drug Detox Center Solution For Marketing

Rank YouTube Videos

Ranking YouTube videos is one of The fastest ways that we can get your business to page 1 of Google. Now, what do we mean by rank?Know what we mean by rank is We can rank your video for specific search terms such as, “(States name) Treatment center near me” or (States name) Rehab near me”. When someone googles those phrases your business is showing up on page one. The first solution for your drug detox center is get your videos ranked on google.


Shoot More Videos

Videos are one of the fastest growing things across the Internet. Videos will definitely help brand your business, they will get you the SEO (search engine optimization) you’re looking for, better yet leads and sales. You should easily be creating at least one video a week. There’re way too many resources out there to not allow you to do this. Solution number two is getting out there and shooting more videos!


YouTube ads

YouTube ads are very affordable, In this particular campaign that we are running, we are getting $.05 Video views. Our view rate is around 40% which means 40% of our audience is actually engaging with our video, and we have over 7000 impressions. If no one knows your businesses I will tell you what.YouTube it is a fast and easy way to get your message out there. Solution number three is pay for Youtube ads.


Facebook ads

Link Clicks

The one ad platform that has not been shut down yet for drug detox centers is Facebook. Facebook has so many different variations of Marketing that can work for your business. There are different ways you can market to specific audiences to generate leads, sells, and conversions. This particular ad campaign is running Clicks to the site to see how much our cost per click is around. In this particular instance, we are averaging $1 to $.50. These clicks to site are real people visiting your site. If you were advertising on Google you were paying around $100 per click. Facebook is just a little bit cheaper.


Video views

Now, this video view campaign is definitely less expensive than YouTube. You’re getting one cent video views and getting your message out there to your target audience. You’re getting two things from this campaign; One, you’re getting branding; Two, your building a list of people that are interested in your business. This is also known as remarketing.



In this particular campaign, we are remarketing to our list in two different forms one sending them back to the site to visit us again. The other one is what we call a leadgen form. It is a form That appears as an ad in the Facebook news feed, with an offer that the user has to fill out inside of Facebook to receive a free brochure about the treatment center. Thus far this campaign is getting us leads at $24.


Create A Sales Funnel For Your Drug Detox Center

Warm up your audience

There’s a bunch of different ways that you can do this. Generally speaking warming up your audiences we use Facebook ads and YouTube ad. This helps create brand awareness, and our message gets out to our target audience. The key to warming up your audience is to show them different content that your drug detox center creates such as video blogs. Your audience will start seeing these messages and will begin to trust you.

Give them something for free

Once you’ve warmed them up, you’ve introduced your business, now it’s time to give them something for free.You got to give them something that is going to educate them, and get them closer to solving their problem. We create guides or free courses that help them solve their problem. For the person to receive the guide or course they must enter their email and then you put them into what we call an email sequence.

Email sequence

Now, this is where the money is at! There’s a phrase out there that says, “The money is in the list”. People that have downloaded your free courses or your guides we know for a fact that they’re interested in your business, and what you have to offer. Now it’s time to close them inside of your email sequence. You’ll educate them about your products services and really convince them that your brand is going to fix their problem!


Your Detox Treatment Center Can Stay Alive

Just because your PPC campaigns have been shut down your business is not over. At Marketinghy, we think outside the box. We are experts in leads, sells, and conversions. We know for a fact that our system works because we apply it in our business and multiple businesses that we market for.The system works and we know if you applied to your business, your business will stay afloat. Create more videos, market your videos, get more business!

If you have any questions about your drug detox center feel free to reach out to some We love to help you out!



Video Transcription

What’s up, guys. It’s Taylor Timothy with, and today I want to talk about an article we came across. It was released by the [Verge 00:00:11] and they said, “Google’s is cracking down on sketchy rehabs.” And basically what has happened is Google has gone in and disabled a ton of keywords that are related to drug rehab centers and has completely shut them down. So some of the keywords that they released that they said were shut down were such keywords like rehab, rehab near me, anything drug detox center near me. Everything shut down for these industries.What’s up, guys. It’s Taylor Timothy with, and today I want to talk about an article we came across. It was released by the [Virge 00:00:11] and they said, “Google’s is cracking down on sketchy rehabs.” And basically what has happened is Google has gone in and disabled a ton of keywords that are related to drug rehab centers and has completely shut them down. So some of the keywords that they released that they said were shut down were such keywords like rehab, rehab near me, anything drug detox center near me. Everything shut down for these industries. The reason why they said that they shut them down is that in this article they said that they found a number of misleading experiences among rehabilitation treatment centers that lead to our decision. Overall, they said that they were ruining the entire industry as far as Google goes and just making a bad experience for users. To give you an understanding of what ads they shut down, I Googled carpet cleaning near me. Basically, these first four spots here, these are papers click ads. So to show you like drug detox near me, there are no more ads anywhere to be found on these search terms. New York drug rehab centers, again no paper click is showing up. Best drug treatment centers in the US, again, no paper click ads are showing up. So overall, this was one of the big streams of revenue for a lot of these rehab centers. A lot of companies are probably freaking out right now as far as the drug treatment centers go, but we do have a solution for you guys at Marketing Hy. What we have come to … we kind of have one thing I want to show you, it’s called ranking videos on YouTube. So to give you an example, I Googled how to clean your shoes. Right here, there’s a video that says, “How to clean your sneakers easy.”  We know how to go in and rank videos for specific keywords that pop up in SCO. So we basically could take a video such as your states name and drug detox center near me, and we could rank it so when you Google that your video is popping up on page one. That is one of the solutions we have.  I have a number of solutions for you guys that I like to go over. Number one, start shooting more videos. Number two, start ranking your videos and then using those videos that you’ve been shooting to run YouTube ads because you can still run YouTube ads. Start running Facebook video ads and overall creating a sales funnel with these videos. So the main goal is, in the sales funnel you want to warm up your audience. So make sure your audience, you’re educating your audience about your drug rehabilitation center, or rehab center, or detox center, and then going from there and offering them something for free. You guys got to educate your audience about why your drug rehab center’s the best free solutions for parent on how they can educate their children, how they can become better parents. Then last thing you need to do is educate them inside of an email sequence and continue to educate these parents on how they, can become better parents, how they can get their children back on the right path. So, overall, this is a solution, this is what’s going on in your guy’s industry. If you guys have any questions, feel free to reach out to and we would love to help you guys out. Thanks.

Is Your Drug Detox Center In Trouble?
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