If you have found this article, your Addiction Treatment Center may be experiencing a PPC shutdown. Google came out last week and said they are going to kill PPC for rehabs. Don’t worry! Here is a video where we talk about ways to fill your beds, without using Pay Per Click campaigns.

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Video Transcript.

Hi, this is Jace over here at Marketing Hy. And today we’re gonna go over the Google ban that Google has put out on the PPC campaigns of addiction recovery and rehab centers. We also should include and opioids.

All those addiction treatment centers out there, Google has put on a ban, as far as PPC campaigns go. And I think there’s more to come.

Friday I woke up and I got an email from a good friend. He’s also in this space. And we do a lot of marketing for addiction rehabs. And what happened was, Google just came out of the blue and shut down PPC campaigns. It’s costing them millions, but what they said is, “Hey, we’re no longer gonna participate in the addiction recovery space. And we’re shutting down most of the PPC campaigns. They’ve found a lot fraud addiction rehab centers.

So if we take a look at this. If you type in, “Opioid addiction.” Let’s put in, “Center” to make it even more specific. Nothing. There are no longer any PPC campaigns associated with this keyword. Okay? If you type in, “Addiction centers.” There’s something. Now, this is the weird part. We got some keywords. Now, tomorrow they could shut that down. And what Google did was, they came out and said, “Hey, we’re shutting everything down.” And on Friday, you could hardly find any word that worked. Well, then they stepped back. And I bet you lawsuits were filed, a bunch of complaints. They opened up a few keywords. But if you put, “Addiction … ” Let’s type in, “Addiction recovery.”

Nothing. No Ads. So if you type in, “Addiction recovery,” you’re not seeing anything. If you type in, “Addiction centers,” yeah, you might see something. But slowly what they said today is, they are slowly eliminating all keywords to do with PPC.

Now is that gonna be … So you don’t know. Google always comes out and makes some drastic change or something that affects livelihoods. And then they turn around and start to back it off. And sometimes it messes you up for good.

So don’t panic. What needs to happen is, you get to work. And I’m gonna show you right now a couple of things that if you own an addiction recovery center if you own a rehab center, inpatient, out-patient. Whatever it is you do, I’m gonna show you guys a few things that you can do to start generating leads again. To get phone calls, to fill your beds. Okay?

How To Marketing Your Rehab Center Without A PPC Campaign

So if you’re an addiction recovery treatment center, the first thing you need to make sure you do is, you’re Google Locals filled out perfectly, and try to be the one to rank at the highest. Okay? Everything is becoming more local. So make sure you have this in place. You see, Lion’s Gate Recovery is the top one.

Now it might be because it’s the closest to me, but that is something you can do to combat the whole PPC thing. So if you have a couple locations, make sure that every one of your locations is filled out correctly. Now let’s click on this one. Lion’s Gate Recovery. It’s coming up. Okay. They have some reviews. They have a lot of good pictures. Okay, you want to make sure you have pictures, you want to make sure you have videos. And that is all you need to do for as far as Google Locals. So make sure you’re showing up at least in your local market.

Okay. SEO, that is number two. So for any type of rehab program, SEO is even more important now. Now, here’s the problem. If you are late to the game, or if you haven’t done anything with search engine optimization, you have some time to endure. It’s gonna take you six months to a year to even start seeing any results. We’ve done it over and over again. So make sure that you know that this thing is not gonna be easy if you go the SEO route. But you should’ve done it. So right now is the best time to start. Don’t put it off any longer. It’s not hard to do. The only thing you need to do is have good content.

So let me jump over to … Here’s a company we work with. Now, we try to produce one or two good pieces per month. Really good pieces. And then we get backlinks to them. So if I show you, “What is the right path to substance abuse recovery?” So let’s just see if this … They’re getting picked up. Okay. “Substance abuse,” and look, you can see ads here. Okay, “What is the right path to substance abuse recovery?” Okay, you’ll see this is popping up. Right here, number one spot. Now, I did use the exact title, but you can say, “Path.” Let’s see where they show up. “Path to substance abuse recovery.” Okay, still number one.

Now, what did we do to get there? One, you need to create really good articles, usually, if they’re between 1500 and 2500 words, that is good. Then you need to make sure that they’re optimized. And then you need backlinks. Your website has to get backlinks. And a backlink is where somebody else votes you up. Okay, we do it for all our clients. We get the backlinks. And we’ve actually tested to where we … Some of our clients don’t want backlinks, some do. The ones that get the backlinks go crazy. I mean, they almost half the time to five times the time as far as less time to start ranking. So you need some good backlinks.

Got it? So number one, get your Local filled out. Two, start to go after search engine optimization. Yeah, search engine, SEO. Okay, just start to rank. Pick out the lowest competitive keywords and go from there. Got it? And finally, you need to be on social media. It’s big. You need to be on Instagram, you need to be on Facebook. So a while back what we did was, we saw this kinda coming. PPC campaigns got to be way too expensive anyway. They’re 50, $60 a click. And a lot of times people are shopping. Now, companies will say, “Hey, PPC worked great for me.” But we’ve seen it go both ways where a lot of companies are spending 30, $40,000 a month not getting any results, okay? They just want to make sure they’re there because their competitors are there.

So since PPC’s slowly dying, you need to be on social media. That is where the eyeballs are. They aren’t on PPC, they’re over on Facebook, they’re on Instagram, they’re Snap. And so a simple PPC campaign can make all the difference. And I’m gonna show you some number behind it. So here’s one. I just typed in, “Steps recovery center.” They popped up in some search engines. Now, you’ll see that they have reviews, which are good. But then what happens is, yesterday they made a post, and how many interactions did they get? Five likes. Two likes. Okay. Let’s see if anything …

You’re probably gonna hear a lawnmower come by here in a second. A guy’s doing my lawn. Okay, so like this one, seven. You’re not seeing any type of interaction. These guys are posting, which is better than some, but no one cares. They’re not showing up anywhere that anybody can see. So if you plan on doing social media, just like in PPC, if you want to play, you need to pay. Okay, there’s just no way around it. You have to pay to play the social media. You’re not a human, you’re a business, so they want your money, which is fine. Because we want to make sure that Facebook gets us results. When they get money, they pay attention to results.

So if I go here and show you a little bit. I’ll show you what one should look like. Here’s a good example. So this is one of the posts that we did. These guys jumped on the whole social media thing pretty early. And we have videos that we create that are [brandable 00:08:28]. You can just take our videos, and within a day you can be up and running these videos on Facebook. So this video had 525 likes, 38 comments, 342 shares, 48,000 views. And you can just scroll down and see the interaction on this post. This is what you want. It keeps going. I think it goes on for like a page. Got it?

So that is the type of interaction you want on social media. Now if I jump over and show you some numbers. So here are some numbers where they spent quite a bit of money. And you’re looking at, they’ve reached 537,000 people, $16,000. That’s a good chunk. But it produced, look at all these leads. New lead, they’re paying $23 a lead. But here it is, 140 leads, 67 leads, 51 leads, 26 leads. 69,000. 15,000. I mean, you can see a lot’s happening. Comments. 299 comments. So a lot of interaction is happening there.

And that’s what you want to do. So let’s recap. If you’re an addiction recovery center that has been affected by PPC. If you had a PPC campaign, and you’re not getting a return anymore, or your keywords have disappeared, don’t panic. You just make a … You have to make a shift quick. Don’t wait, because you don’t know how long Facebook’s gonna be around. Now good thing is, at Ydraw … We own another company called, Ydraw which designs videos. And we went out and had Ydraw design us a bunch of videos that we can brand, and we could have you up and running tomorrow, in a couple days running campaigns on Facebook. Okay?

So three things.

Pay attention to your Google Local and your business listing. Make sure that is filled out, and that you can get that ranked number one. Two, head on to SEO. That’s a six month to a year play. So in the meantime, you need to make sure you’re doing Facebook … Well, Facebook, Instagram. We don’t really mess a lot with Twitter. But be doing Facebook. Make sure you’re doing Instagram, all those. And that is gonna open up the door to get more leads. It’ll help you fill your beds.
If you guys have questions or want us to look at your business to see how we can help, go to.

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Okay, I’m around. Call me, 801 592 1026. And also, I’m gonna give you access to this webinar. So in the link below this video, there’s gonna be a webinar you guys can go watch and see how we set up these campaigns, and the kinda results in they get. Got it?

So don’t panic. There are solutions out there. A lot of programs are gonna collapse. So it’s a good time to take market share. But there might be some bleeding along the way. But just don’t panic. Get to work. Let us know how we can help. And I will talk to you later.

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