I love this new YouTube Interactive Video. It was created specifically for YouTube ads was designed specifically for our company. This is one of the reasons why I am my own best customer. I can’t wait to see the numbers.

I have been harping on many of you about the power of Video and the bajillion reason you need to be using video in your marketing, training and customer service.

Just last Saturday I had an email come in that said:

“I did a little test with like 800 views and it was pretty horrible…not one conversion. I tried to target as best as I could. Do you think with your service there is really something you can do to make it work?”

My dear friend…

The not-so-humble answer:

“Yes, I can make it work.”

You see, I am my own best customer and I am constantly using video to push out my products.

I know… I know…

This can be a little difficult and it does take some practice. Not only that, it does take the right message at the right time.

Let me give you a real world example of how we take videos and push engagement. This has lead to millions in sales and a crap load of traffic. (yes I say crap)

Awhile back I began to realize that a lot of companies are creating commercial videos and slapping them onto YouTube. This is a big mistake and it can be the difference between success and failure. They are two totally different platforms.

Think about it.

The whole human race, including insects, are tired of watching boring commercials. Thanks to TIVO, Netflix, and DVR we no longer have to put up with them. Things are changing and people don’t like it when you interrupt them. If you are going to put a commercial in front of them you better make sure that it is worth their time.

The same goes with YouTube.

There are 43 Super bowls played on YouTube each day and you have the ability to tap into that for $10 a day. With a YouTube video you are not restricted to a 30 second spot, nor are you handcuffed by certain networks. It’s awesome and our numbers continue to get better.

I have so much to say about this, but that will come at a later date.

The lesson?

Create an amazing video that is catered toward the YouTube platform.

Have you ever heard of Dollar Shave Club? Their whole company started with one YouTube video. They have since taken that same style, humor, and creativity to the large networks. Their 30 second ads are amazing but they were first successful on YouTube.

Start here.

1. Create a Video: Here is the perfect example of a video that is created for YouTube. This beats the pants off of anything you currently have…☺

2. Define your target audience

3. Find videos and locations to run your video ad in front of.

4. Restrict your target audience

5. Cookie everyone (set up retargeting). Keep them coming back.

This works and companies need to be doing it. Soon marketers are going to catch on and ruin it, like they do with everything else.

It’s cheap and very effective.

Time is of the essence so we will be waiting.


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New YouTube Interactive Video and Why I Am My Own Best Customer.