5 Reasons You Should Be Running YouTube Video Ads

I love videos ads. I did a small little presentation on 5 Reasons You Should Be Running Video Ads.

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1. 5 reasons you should be running videos ads yinc marketing
2. 1. YouTube is the second biggest Search Engine your target audience is watching videos
3. 2. Your competition is not running video ads…yet! also run your video ads in front of you competitors Videos
4. 3. Pick keywords you want to show up for The trick is to make sure you use phrase match
5. 4. It’s quick and doesn’t cost a fortune to get great results. We often times will get leads for 23 cents
6. 5. Give you customers what they want. We love watching videos. People will watch a 90 second video all day long. Make sure it is educational and entertaining
7. yinc marketing can help! We are a video marketing agency that runs Video ads www.marketinghy.com

Generate Leads With YouTube -The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking to generate leads with YouTube Marketing? We are going to help!

It’s no surprise that we are HUGE fans of YouTube marketing here at Marketing Hy.  Ydraw, our parent company, began with one simple YouTube Video. It’s now on the Inc. 5000 list.

Before you jump into YouTube ads, make sure you know and understand the budget wasters. We have ran a lot of ads and have found tips and tricks that will help you generate leads. We’re the EXPERTS of how to generate leads using YouTube advertising.

Instead of hoarding this golden information all to ourselves, we thought, our readers could put it to use.   (more…)