It’s has been extremely stressful few weeks for everyone. It’s a battle out there. Keep up the great work. This last month we have been all over the place. We shot videos in Phoenix and Baltimore, I spoke at Las Vegas Pubcon on Video Marketing and Lead generation, and Taylor may have found a girl…lol

I want to go over a couple of things and give you some tools to help with some of your clients messaging.

I have mentioned this before, but I think it is important that I go back over it. We have to keep things simple. Our clients tend to want to complicate their message which causes customer confusion.

Less is more. We are seeing that people are browsing sites. If you have a large paragraph on your website, it’s most likely getting skipped.

Every message must be simple and clear. Every website should have a clear call to action and some type of offer. There’s a proven system behind everything that we do.

The message needs to be directed to the customer and hit on their pain points. We want to make it clear and simple as possible.

Once you have created a clear and simple message you can move onto the offer.

Today I was looking at the websites of some of the clients and very few of them had an offer. Let’s get that fixed.

They all need an offer.

Here is a little tool to help you. It’s from Donald Miller at Storybrand. I recommend reading his book.

Don’t get too crazy. Use it as a simple guideline and make the necessary adjustments.

Just keep thing simple. Here is a video to remind you.

I will write more tomorrow.