Link Building is a difficult task and can be costly if you do not do it right. You have to develop a link building strategy if you want to compete in your industry. This video is going to show you a couple of things we have done with our Back Linking Strategy. You will be able to see our results which can be duplicated.

Linking Building Strategy Video

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Jace: Hey guys, Jace over here, at Yinc Marketing. I think I do about the same introduction every time, but… So, here we go. Today I want to talk about link building. So, well I’m going to start SEO first and then we’ll go into link building. Link building is a big, big piece of a good SEO market. I wish it wasn’t. As you guys all know that back in the day you could buy links. It was a big thing to just buy as many links as you could, because Google puts so much precedents on link building, which is terrible, but it is what it is. So, what they did was they pushed link building, they pushed link building, then they came out and penalized everyone who did link building, but now that is still part of their rankings. So, if you have a good SEO campaign, you’re going to have to do some link building, and there is some stuff you can do. They call it ‘white hat’. There are black hat techniques which are wrong, but for now white hat are working, but that doesn’t mean that in the future Google can’t come out and say ‘Hey, we changed our mind. That doesn’t work. Sorry, we’re going to penalize you. So, just be really careful with link building, but I want to go into it. If you don’t know what links are, basically you have to go to a website. So, I’ll jump over to, I will just jump over, and go over to So, from on here on the blog. A link is, if somebody links out, so right here changing your insurance… Basically that went out to this, so They have a link out from us, and I probably need to talk to my SEO guy about that, which is fine. So, here’s one fallout from your former employee. So, here is a father in law, let’s see where that goes. Why join the family? So, he must have discussed this. So now what happens is has a link from Ydraw. So, here is Ydraw linked to So, that’s considered a backlink. So, that’s a vote for Career Addict. So, this link right here is a good vote for Career Addict. Now, if you go outside of this, and you have links that are coming back, like if you go to you’re going to see down here at the bottom of the page, I have our other companies. Here is Ydraw, White board Animation Company. You click on that, you’re going to go over to Ydraw. So, here is a link back to Ydraw. That is considered a backlink. Now, Google wants two things. They want great content, they want backlinks. If you can get a lot of great backlinks on any site, on good high-quality sites, then your rank, you’re going to rank better.
So, I want to show you what I’ve done with Yinc Marketing. We do this for all of our clients. Whenever we bring a new marketing client, we go out and make this part of their SEO. Now, some of you need to understand Search Engine Optimization, or SEO takes time. It’s not something that you can do immediately and you can be on page 1. It takes time, it takes content, it takes strategy. So, don’t expect fast results for stuff like this. Now, when I started Yinc Marketing I wanted to go after a few keywords: video marketing obviously, video marketing services, marketing company in Utah, video marketing in Utah. You can see here are some of the campaigns that I’ve created to go out and get backlinks, so let me show you the results.
So, I’m going to bring this up. So, first off, I created a blog how to reach the right audience with YouTube video ads. So, I went out there and created a blog and that’s going to be your first step. You need to create amazing content. Now, I like to go out there and put 2000-3000 word articles on your blog. It needs to be well written and then what you do is make sure that it’s in the title. Let’s g to this, so I can show you a few things.
So, here it is. So, this is the article. Is not as long as I like it to be, but it talks about YouTube ads, obviously how to target the right audience. I have an image here getting the right audience with YouTube ads, then an image here. You can see I label all my images if in the audience. So, then I give a lot of material, and then I do a Slide Share people can watch, with some links. And, that’s it. Let me see. Here is a link out from Google, so there is a backlink there. That’s not really a backlink, that’s just a link out; a backlink would be coming back. So, if you take this one ‘How to reach the right audience’ that is something that I created. Then what I did was went out there and said ‘Okay, I need some backlinks. I’m going to go after a few keywords. I’m going to link them back to this article. Once you do that, and we do a lot of other things I’m not really going to go into right now, but we can do it for you’re interested in. We’ll discuss a little later. You can see, ‘Reach the right audience with YouTube.’ There is my position. There is 21.1 million search engine results. My position is number 2 behind real SEO. Real SEO is a huge new site for video marketing. They’re big. They’re the biggest one in our space, and then I’m right below. So you can look into that how directly that affected my rankings, for that particular article. Now next, I did another URL in our link building strategy, just my homepage URL video marketing. With that, you can see if you type in video marketing are moving up on the third one down on video marketing. I’m targeting these keywords: YouTube ads, YouTube video marketing, video marketing strategy, and I’ll show you that one in a second. I you look at this keyword ‘YouTube marketing company’ and see we got our video ranked. That’s from our YouTube channel, and then two down below that you have our homepage. There is a few other ones, let’s try this. ‘Video marketing Utah’, obviously you have a lot of videos. I need to go after that, but you see we’re second page, second one down. That’s just because there are so many videos right here. I need to grab a video and actually rank up for that keyword. I will make a note. So, ‘Video marketing Utah Company’. What other keywords that I want to go after? So, create ads on YouTube.
I want to do that for that article ‘Creepy marketing campaign’. So, I went out and create another big blog, talked about stalking people using video ads, and I just labelled it Creepy video marketing campaign. If you jump over here, not that one, take that one off. So, ‘Creepy marketing campaign’. I have my image, this is my image. This is my image here, and I am right here. So, fifth one down for that article. So once the articles were in, then we turn around and we do our whole linking campaign. There is a lot that goes into it. I’m not going to jump into it with you guys here, just know that we do have that service. What we’ll do is go out there, take the article; we’ll take the keyword you want. We will then find you; we will track down places where we can put a link back to your website. And it just ranks. So, it doesn’t take too long. I will usually create an article, go through our whole system, do all the backlinking and a lot of times within three or four weeks I’m ranking on the first page, a lot of times on the number 1 spot.
So, that is a strategy you guys have to use. Now, here is our offer. If you guys don’t know how to get backlinks you can do test guest blogging, you can go out there and seek them individually and just kind of exchange links. They don’t be going out there buying a bunch of links; you need to actually create the links. If you’re buying links you can get in trouble. So, it’s very tedious manual labour. We do have offers, whatever you like: ‘Hey I got a great article that I want to rank for these certain keywords.’ All you do is just let us know. We will then do our whole linking scheme behind it, where we will go out there and find links that we can trade, or whatever we need to do. That way it’ll rank your website. Normal service, I’d say an average person pays about $600 to do that. It’s not cheap. See if you think about it, with a lot of my companies we do a spend of $1,500 a month. That’s after creating the content. I’ll spend $1,500 a month on getting our links, just from our tie, from guest blogging, form everything. So, I created about $1,500 a month just for my company. That doesn’t include our other companies that we help rank.
Got it? So, please make SEO part of your online marketing strategy. I don’t really discuss a lot about SEO, just because it is a long-term play. I do it for my businesses. A lot of people don’t have the patience, nor do they have the skills to do it right. So, my suggestion is if you find a great service, which I hope you’ll use ours, use it. They know what they’re doing. They’ll get you backlinks. If you’re going to try to go out there by yourself, you need a dedicated time. So, whatever you lack in money, you need to spend the time if you really want your SEO strategy to work. So, there it is simple video on backlinking.
If you need to contact me my e-mail is . Go visit us on, or, if you want to see some of our services. And we will chat with you later.

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