A couple of weeks ago I explain the different options you have with YouTube marketing. If you didn’t read it, you might want to head on over to the blog and check it out. Here is the link…

How To Reach The Right Audience With YouTube

As many of you know Google is tracking everything you do. Which, opens up the door for us advertisers. A couple of weeks ago they launched the In-market Audiences. These are people who are looking for your product or service. It’s not perfect, but the results have exceeded my expectations.

In-Display Audience for YouTube Ads


This is over a 7 day period and I made sure to very very strict on the audiences I selected. We achieved a view rate of 24.53% which is awesome. and we got 87 clicks. That is a 12.70% click-through-rate.

You can’t find these types of numbers on any other platform.