Interactive Video Advertising Plus Your Story Equals Amazing Results

Interactive Video Advertising Plus Your Story Equals Amazing Results

Have you checked out the latest and greatest interactive video ads created by Ydraw?

If not, you should…

I have been running some video marketing test on YouTube to see what type of engagement I get with interactive video compared to other styles. First you might want to watch the video to get an idea of what an interactive video is.

Many of you know that I am a big fan of YouTube ads (trueview ads). I think they provide an amazing opportunity for you to get in front of your target audience at an extremely low price. Plus if you create the right video you can increase your engagement 10 fold. So let’s look at some numbers.

On February 18th I started a simple test and here are the numbers.

Interactive Video Ads on YouTube

Those numbers are looking awesome. I kept the budget extremely tight because I wanted to show you guys that YouTube ads do not have to cost you a fortune plus I wanted to restrict Google. You do not see these types of numbers with YouTube ads, but I did a couple of things differently.

1. I created an Interactive Video that would get my audience engaged.
2. I targeted my Remarking Audiences.

Interactive Videos

Trueview ads continue to supply more and more features that will drive YouTube visitors away from YouTube to your landing pages. You can use annotations, Overlay Call Out, Logo, etc.

Here is an idea

Lets assume you are going to be selling Dish Network or DirecTV. We all know how the game is played among sellers. If you have Dish Network, they will try and get you over to Direct. If you have Direct, they will try and get you over to Dish. We can use this to segment our audience and run them ads.

Step 1: Create a video that gives your audience a choice. Below is a simple example of what you can do to give you audience a choice. This is not a video, it is a simple gif because I didn’t care to create a whole video to show you (sorry, next time).






Why would you want to do an add like this?

Because you do not want to pay for viewers who are not really interested in your product or service. When they see your add you want them to either click it or move on before 30 seconds hits. That way you are not charged.

Now if they click on your add and they choose DirecTV then you send them to a landing page that talks about Dish and the benefits they can get by switching…plus you put a remarketing pixel on there computer to run them more ads throughout the internet. This could be much more cost effective compared to Google PPC ads.

Step 2: Select the right target audience. For the interactive video ad I used the Remarketing feature. I had a small list built up from earlier views plus I let Google create similar audiences.

Remarketing Audiences

Which brings me to my next point.

Last week I had the chance to attend the Traffic and Conversion summit in San Diego. One of the “Big Ideas” was that 2015 is going to be the year of the pixel. Meaning that you need to start building audiences. In other words you capture and pixel as many people as you can. If you are going to spend the money to drive people to you website, why not put a cookie on their computer so that you can run ads to them later on.

It can be done on YouTube also. Basically YouTube will cookie anyone who has watched your videos. This allows you to run video ads to them later on. It’s cheap and very effective.

So there you have it…I hope you can see the big benefit to running interactive videos. So far the numbers have been amazing and we are just getting started.


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