How To Utilize The Facebook Pixel- Video Marketing

How To Utilize The Facebook Pixel- Video Marketing

Seeing The Url’s

The power of seeing the URLs doesn’t sound too inspiring. But in reality it helps you see confirm that your Facebook pixel is  installed the pixel properly. One of the ways we also utilize the facebook pixel is to find thank you pages. It also can kind of work as Google analytics though we don’t encourage you to use Facebook as your analytics. We highly recommend Google analytics to actually observe your data. But still it shows you the pages that people are actually visiting.

Audiences Devices

This can help you in the process of targeting your ads. For example let’s say you have 20,000 pixel fires on desktop. And 20 on mobile. You know for a fact right upfront that your target audience mainly uses desktop computers.

The Best Way to Utilize The Facebook Pixel Creating audiences

Can I get a drum roll?….Now this is the main reason we use the Facebook pixel. This gives us the ability to create specific audiences from our website visitors. Here is a list of ways that you can build re-marketing list with the Facebook pixel from your site.

Anyone who has visited your website

When building out these lists for anyone who has visited your website. We recommend creating at least 6 different lists. We recommend doing a seven day, 14 day, 30 day, 60 day, 90 day, and 180 day. Now Facebook will create specific list for anyone who has visited your website in these time frames.

This will give you the ability to target brand-new leads and also give you the opportunity to reintroduce yourself to people that haven’t been back in a while.

People who visits specific pages

With this section we recommend creating a list for every single landing page. It depends on your product or service but generally speaking it gives you the ability to re-target someone that didn’t convert/purchase from that specific page.

We also recommend creating a list of people that have hit your checkout page/thank you page. Once the list gets big enough it gives you the opportunity to create a look-alike audience. We have had a lot of success with look-alike audiences. Facebook does well finding people that will likely buy your product. It also gives you the ability to retarget that audience and offer a different product. Your audience is likely to repurchase your product or other products if they’ve already bought.

People visiting specific pages but not others

The only time we would use this is for a company would be a company that offers multiple products in different categories.

People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time.

This is a great opportunity you have to re-target people that may have purchased in the past. Or if you have a product that requires a monthly subscription. For example maybe you sell vitamins. The vitamins that you sell come in packs of 90 and after 90 days your buyer will need a new supply. You will want to build a list of people after 90 days and retarget an ad to them. We might recommend in this ad to offer them some sort of promotion or discount.

Look A Like Audiences

Look-alike audiences are a great way to find new buyers. But in order to create look alike audiences you need site traffic, Facebook traffic, or you need an email list. You will have a hard time creating look-alike audiences if you are a start up and are starting ads right now. It takes time to build list of traffic and get people visiting your site. Once you have visitors or you have an email list look alike audiences are very important, and are the best way to find new buyers.


What’s up guys? It’s Taylor Timothy with and today we’re going to talk about the different things that you can do with the Facebook pixel. Check it out.

How To Utilize The Facebook Pixel

diving into the Facebook Ads Manager let’s go over to pixels to see all the different things that this pixel offers us.  we can see the URLs with the pixels being fired the most; actually all the URLs that are being fired. You can continue to scroll to see more of all the different fires of the pixel. You can see the domains where the pixel has been installed. You can see the devices that where the pixel was being fired. for us the desktop is the most where the pixel is fired and the least is you know tablets.

Facebook Urls

that’s one thing that the pixel offers us. The second thing I would like to talk about is creating audiences from this pixel- so creating custom audiences from your website traffic. what you can do because this pixel is being fired so much you can specify the different URLs where you would like to target.  you do Anyone who has visited your website, so you would just put in your URL, or you can do specific pages or people visiting specific web pages but not others, people who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time. these are four different things that you can do to retarget to people from this Facebook pixel.

Create Facebook Audiences From Site Visitors

what this pixel is doing is it’s literally creating audiences for you all day long and lists from the visitors of your site.
another thing we like to do is, so for example we have visitors of 90 days. we’ve had 3800 fires in 90 days.  what we can do is click here, and we go to actions and we can create a look-alike audience of those 3800 people. our main audience is in United States and this would create a 1% look-alike audience from those 90 visitors. once your list gets big enough you can go and diversify your different audiences. we have all these different audiences that we have gone through and created from this Facebook pixel.
I hope this helps you guys out. This is the Facebook pixel again. I know I’ll help you guys’ website out, help your website conversions increase drastically, if you guys have this Facebook pixel in place along with creating these different types of audiences.
Hey, guys. Thanks for watching. I hope this tutorial was helpful. Feel free to subscribe. Check out our other blogs on our site and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at We’d love to help you guys out.
How To Utilize The Facebook Pixel


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How To Utilize The Facebook Pixel