Holding Your Audience’s Attention

Holding Your Audience’s Attention

Attention is one of the biggest problems we have as a society today.  But a great video will fully captivate your audience’s attention.

How often is your attention given fully to just one thing? When was the last time you wrote an email or read a book and didn’t have music or the television playing in the background? When you sit in front of the television, do you just sit and watch, or do you check your phone or play on your laptop, maybe both? It’s probably most of the time.

It’s rare that one thing holds our full attention, it’s usually always divided. Think about the last time something actually did hold your full attention. Wasn’t it something really amazing? Usually when something enraptures our attention, we want to know more.

So, how do we get our viewers full attention? You give them something amazing. A whiteboard animation video does just that. When did you first see a whiteboard animation video? Have you? If not, I’m not sure how you made it to this blog…but check them out on our YouTube. They are pretty cool if I do say so myself.

I remember the first time I saw a whiteboard animation. It was an explanation about Schrödinger’s Cat. It was incredibly basic and they used stick figures. But I remember thinking how nice it was to have something like a paradox explained visually. It was much easier to comprehend. My attention was grasped, and held.

Now, the first time I found quality whiteboard videos was even better. I remember finding Ydraw and just sitting on YouTube for probably an hour watching all of their content. I’m not sure if it was the artist in me, the film student, or just the fact that these are such a genius way to market things, but they definitely had my full attention.

I wasn’t even in the market for a whiteboard video and I found myself on their website, reading the blog, finding competitors, and pricing things out.hold-audience-attention

Just last week I was talking to one of my friends about what I do and about whiteboard animation videos. I pulled one of them up to show him, and we continued to have our conversation as he watched. About 30 seconds later someone asked him a question and he didn’t answer them. I realized I had basically been talking to myself ever since I turned on that video. He had to apologize to the other person, saying that he was so into the video he wasn’t paying attention to anything else.

So, give your audience something great. Give them an amazing image that they are drawn to. Give them a great script that explains your product or company. Leave them wanting to know more and then give them somewhere to find more! Create quality content so each time they click somewhere new, they find new great information. Give the people what they want.

This is how you can gain an audiences attention. Show them something refreshing and new. With a video scribing video, you can do that. Ydraw is the best in the business with great pricing. Give them a clean, creative whiteboard animation video, or an interactive 2D or 3D video. Give them something that makes them seek out more, and what’s an easier way than with an interactive video?