What Kind Of Content Should A Business Owner Produce

Businesses struggle to create content because they don’t know what kind of content to create.

If you’ve only create content focused on your business, product or services alone then you probably aren’t getting the engagement you are wanting.

You need to be creating content for your audience about your audience.

Businesses are always asking what type of content they should be creating and how to create content. Content can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

What Kind of Content Should I be Creating?

This is probably one of the questions that we get asked most, “What kind of Content Should I be Creating?”.

Should you be doing videos, should you be doing blogs? What do you say in those videos? What do you say in your blogs?

Today I am going to help you figure out how to do this.

Understand your Target Audience

Who is your Target Audience?

Understand who is it that you’re trying to reach out to. Really try to understand them, figure out who you are trying to reach.

What are their ages, who are these people, know what their wants and needs are?

What are their desires are and what they are interested in, what keeps them up at night, their dreams, their fears?

The better you understand your audience, the better you can target your product or service to them.

You have to spend a lot of time here, this will help you develop your content and businesses tend to skip over this step.

Understand their Problem

What are their Problems?

Everybody has a problem and your product or service is going to solve this.

To do so, you need to understand the difference between external problems and internal problems.

  • External problems are between an individual and external forces.
  • Internal problems are deeper and refer to an individual’s internal struggle.

A lot of marketing material is basically focused on external problems when in reality we make our decision based off of internal problems.

So, it goes back to, what keeps these people up at night?

The more you understand your target audiences problem, the easier it’s going to be to create content that gives them a solution.

Give Them a Solution

Create the Solution

So what kind of content should you be producing?

Create your content through all sources, guides, checklists, videos, blogs, posts, all of it.

Avoid confusing your audience by talking only about your business, your product or service, talk about them. Their problem, and how you are going to be the guide to their solution.

Example, if somebody comes to you and says, “Hey I’m a first time home buyer,” I’m just using mortgage for an example, “I’m a first time home buyer.” Okay, what is their problem? They might have issues with their credit score, they might, can’t find a home, they can’t afford a home, well if you can create content that answers that and says, okay here, as a first time home buyer, here is how you can fix your credit score. Here is how you can find an affordable home. That’s the kind of content you need to be producing.

Once your content is created, you need to put a call to action:

  • Direct them to a link or a phone number
  • Collect their information such as an email address (a way for them to get more access to your content)
  • Give them something for free

Don’t forget, you’re creating this content for a reason and that’s to grow your business and get more customers.

In conculsion, you want to understand your target audience, what they like, what they don’t like, their problems. Understand their internal problem, what is it that they’re facing? Take that knowledge to show them how they can use your content to solve their problem. It’s that simple.

So if you have questions, let us know, but that is it. Very simple.

Keep Marketing!