Grow Your Business with Social Media: Facebook

Facebook dominates the social media realm.

They own WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and Facebook.

If you are looking to do marketing, you want to be on Facebook.

Facebook is the perfect tool to make money and to drive people to your product or service.

But, like all online marketing, Facebook is not a quick fix.

Your written copy and your content do matter!

So, make sure you are creating offers that’s driving people to your website, where you’re gonna collect their information and continue to nurture them.

Marketing takes multiple touches for somebody to buy your products or service.

Here’s a quick hack: The more engagement you get, the longer your posts are gonna stay in the News Feed.

So, make sure you are liking your comments, liking the comments of other people, and commenting when people comment on your post.

And lastly, Facebook is a pay to play game.

So, make sure you are spending some money or budgeting enough money to get some good results from Facebook.

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