How to Get or Buy Clubhouse Followers

How to Get or Buy Clubhouse Followers

Many people believe that Clubhouse is going to be one of the biggest social media platforms soon. What is Clubhouse? It’s a place you can go listen in on speaking clubs and participate. There’s not too much more you need to know about Clubhouse, except that it’s super exclusive.

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In fact, it’s so exclusive that not everyone can get into it. Here’s how Clubhouse works. The name of the game is to generate a large following to gain influence. From there, you can monetize your audience, if you want. 

How can you grow your Clubhouse following? You can buy them or you can spend hours and months building your audience organically. This article is going to cover them both.

Buy Clubhouse Followers

There are 2 ways to buy followers. You can purchase them outright or you can pay to be in a room. We are now opening up the opportunity for a few people to buy Clubhouse Followers. This has taken us a couple of months to set up, but it’s finally here. You send us your username and we will do the rest. Just click on this link to get the pricing for Clubhouse followers. Once you have purchased your followers you can gain organic followers that bury your purchased followers.

Option number 2: You can buy clubhouse followers by paying your way into some big rooms. A lot of the big rooms will take $50 to let you speak. When you are allowed to speak in a big room you can instantly pick up followers. Other than that, you have to gain followers organically.

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Gain Clubhouse Followers Organically

Clubhouse has gained a lot of traction since its launch in April 2020. Its launch date was perfect timing for what was happening in the world in 2020. COVID put a lot of people in their homes with no way of interacting with others. Clubhouse has earned a ton of celebrity endorsement since its launch, including the likes of Tiffany Haddish and Lupe Fiasco.

The premise behind Clubhouse is simple, but it’s unlike any other social media app on the market. Clubhouse is a “drop-in” audio social media network, and at this point in time the only ways to sign up are through the waitlist, or by invite.

While a lot of people have been using Clubhouse to meet new people during quarantine, influencers have found another use. Many people with a career in social media have found they are able to substantially grow their following through the app.

As the app is so new, with substantial new user growth over the past few months, people are still trying to find out what the best way to use Clubhouse is.

We have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help users find out the best way to build your Clubhouse following.

Get Your Clubhouse Account Early

Due to the fact that Clubhouse is still in its early phases, there is no better time to get on the platform.

When social media platforms become saturated with accounts, it is hard to build a following. Additionally, Clubhouse is currently invite-only, which prevents bots and spam accounts from getting onto the platform.

Those who manage to get onto Clubhouse early and frequently utilize the platform will be rewarded in the long run.

Eventually, when the app does become more saturated, it will be difficult to stand out among millions.

Before trying to build your social media presence on any platform, it’s important to ask yourself some questions:

Does it align with your social strengths?

Clubhouse is an audio-only platform. Many people have a difficult time with a platform such as this. If you are among those people, you may not necessarily find using Clubhouse is a great benefit to you.

Luckily, there are a variety of other social media platforms that may appeal to your strengths. TikTok is great for those who find they communicate better with their audience through video. An app like Instagram is great for those who like to let their pictures do the talking for them.

Does it align with your demographic?

Due to its recent success, it’s hard to gauge what exactly Clubhouse’s demographic will look like in the future.

For now, the app seems to attract social media influencers looking to grow their platform. This could be a great benefit to those who are looking to build relationships with like minded creators.

That being said, if you already have a solid social media platform and an established demographic, you should ask yourself whether it matches up the Clubhouse’s target audience.

In social media, it’s crucial to remember that you do not have to conquer every platform to be successful.

The most important thing is that you find what works right for you.

Will Clubhouse help you grow your following?

In what ways will you be using Clubhouse to benefit you?

Clubhouse will likely work best for those who can comfortably and confidently use an audio-only platform. Additionally, you should make sure that your demographic aligns with the platform.

You should take all of these things into consideration before deciding whether or not Clubhouse is the right fit for you.

Write a Great Clubhouse Bio



In the digital age, first impressions matter more now than ever. You want to stand out among a crowd of billions on the internet.

You want to make sure that your bio on Clubhouse is eye-catching without being too busy.

The first two lines of your bio are the most important because this is what people are shown first when browsing through profiles. It’s important to show potential followers a snippet of what you’re about right off the bat.

In your bio, you should talk about your story, achievements, and anything else you think may be appealing to fellow creators. You can also link your other social media on your Clubhouse profile – and you should definitely take advantage of this!

Showing your followers where else they can keep up with you is important in establishing a following. 

Invite the Right People to Join Clubhouse

The invites you gain in Clubhouse are critical.

When you start out, you will only get one invite. You will accumulate more over time using the app. That being said, invites are fairly hard to come by – especially when you’re new to the app.

You should only invite people you know will use Clubhouse frequently.

While this is not yet confirmed, it seems as though Clubhouse does evaluate who you choose to invite. Many users suspect that Clubhouse will grant more invites to those with friends who are active on the app.

If you invite friends that never use the app, you may have a harder time receiving more invites in the future. As well as a hard time learning how to get Clubhouse followers.

On the other hand, when you invite people who become influential on the app, you may have better luck in getting invites.

When you receive your invite to join Clubhouse, your page will read: Nominated by: (Name)

The same logic applies to the people that you invite to Clubhouse. This is another reason why it is so important to use your invites wisely, as every time somebody clicks on your nominee’s profile, they will see your profile too.

Being Social on Clubhouse

Attending rooms and being an active member are the best ways to grow your Clubhouse account.

It can be a little daunting to join a room and immediately begin speaking to the members. However, putting yourself out there is the best way to market. By speaking in rooms, even if you are just asking a question or introducing yourself, you will gain followers.

It’s important to add value to every room you join. If you want to figure out how to get Clubhouse followers, this is the best approach. When you participate, you also gain the potential to network and collaborate with big influencers on the app.

Networking has become increasingly difficult in the current pandemic, which is why Clubhouse is such a neat platform. You can attend conferences for free, and from the safety of your home!

Having genuine conversations with new people feels like a luxury these days. It’s important to remember that growing your following should not be your only goal on Clubhouse. You can also take the opportunity to:

Learn from other’s experiences and grow your education about networking.

Meet new friends! 

When you ask questions or contribute in rooms, do your best to make it natural. Introduce yourself first, which acts as a pitch to anyone who may have similar interests to you, and then proceed to your question.

This is a great way to connect with people who will naturally browse your profile and determine if they’d like to keep up with you!

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there on Clubhouse. Be a valuable member in every room you join and you will watch the followers roll in.

Collaborate, Don’t Compete


There are many different ways a Clubhouse room can be formatted. There are rooms in which a large group of people can speak freely. This is great for socializing, but can quickly become very disorganized as the group naturally strays from the topic.

Many Clubhouse users find that the most effective setup for a room looks like the following: 

One person is the host, who “calls” on people who raise their hands during the discussion. After the person has had their chance to ask a question, the host will put them back to the “listener” level.

There is a group of moderators who will act as the speakers. They will be experts in the field of whatever the panel is covering.

The listeners will be there to learn about the topic at hand, but are free to raise their hands and contribute whenever they’d like to.

If you would like to host a panel, the best way to do so is through networking. You should collaborate with people in your field of interest and organize it together. This is the best way to keep your panel informative and organized.

If you provide valuable information, people will gravitate to your profile to see what else you have to say.

Clubhouse Summarized

Communicating with new, like-minded individuals is something we’ve all grown to miss. That is the biggest reason that Clubhouse is going to skyrocket over the coming months.

If you’re interested in growing a social media following, you should consider Clubhouse now that you know how to get Clubhouse followers.

It’s important to get on the app before it’s saturated with users so that you can be ahead of the curve. Make sure your profile is informative and aligns with your personality and goals.

Additionally, do your best to be an active participant on the app – this starts with inviting other active participants.

If you love networking, public speaking, and socializing, Clubhouse will be a great fit to help you to grow across your platforms!