Writing consistently is not easy. It takes time, effort and a consistent drive to get better. I’ve always struggled with writing, but I make myself do it. I expect my clients to create content, so I better.

I like to practice what I preach.

Very rarely will a business admit that their marketing is not producing. The same goes for agencies. All of us, including you and me, have a slightly shrewd idea of ourselves. We often try to convince others and ourselves that we are something we are not, or that we are “doing” something we are not.

Therefore, my reader, the truth shall set you free.

Burn this message into your mind. Be very skeptical of what people and agencies tell you. Be very skeptical of surveys, rewards, questionnaires, and reviews. Instead, believe in what you see and in the results.

For example, if a marketing guru tells you they do marketing, what should you do?

First, you should check out their marketing campaign.

Do they run Facebook ads, Google ads, Remarketing, YouTube ads, or create email campaigns?

Do they keep a pulse on the industry? Do you have an excellent clean website? Do they rank for SEO?

And the big kicker.

How do they themselves get customers? Did they cold call you to sell you on online marketing? There’s a bit of a disconnect there! If an online marketing company can not produce leads from their own online marketing campaign, what makes you think they can do it for you?

So let’s talk headlines!

“The purpose of a headline is to pick out people you can interest.” Scientific Advertising

We are all in a hurry, and the headline is the piece to slow us down. Not just one headline, many headlines are required.

Ad platforms allow us to test different variations of our headlines, but we aren’t using them the way we should.

We aren’t doing near enough testing with our headlines.

Let’s start with a simple headline…

“How to grow your business.”

This is ok, but it needs to be customized a bit.

“How A Chiropractor Can Grow His Business.”

What if we took this a bit further?

“How a Salt Lake City Chiropractor Can Grow His Business.”

Even better…

“How a Salt Lake City Chiropractor Can Grow His Practice in 30 days or less, guaranteed.”

Customization works a lot better. If you are a Chiropractor in Salt Lake City looking to grow your practice you will click on the ad. Ad platforms allow you to test different headlines and target in on the exact audience. Use them!

Start with the first headline and keep working on different types of headlines until it’s customized.

Ideas breed other ideas so keep working at it.

Customization is so cheap, and most other guys fail to use it. It’s a great way to lick competitions.

When your headlines are done… you can run ads.

Keep marketing