My bathroom is the most profitable square feet in the house. Whether I am in the shower or cutting off the circulation to my legs, the ideas are always flowing.

They are usually money makers.

I’ve been getting daily deposits of marketing advice from the famous Seth Godin. His latest book, “This is Marketing” has a couple of one-liners that are worth mentioning.

Effective marketing makes a promise.”

When creating Youtube videos, Facebook ads, Instagram ads or Blogs. Make sure there’s a promise or an offer.

Once you have the promise/offer it’s now time to put it to work.

Here’s a simple way to generate quality traffic and keep your promise in front of your target audience.

Spend $100 a month on a YouTube Remarketing campaign.

Create a simple video and build a youtube campaign that will follow your website visitors around. You will need the following to make it happen

  1. Upload your video to YouTube
  2. Google Ads account
  3. 30-day remarketing list (put a pixel on your website)

Make it happen or we can do it for you