Yesterday I received an email from one of our clients asking me what I thought about his headlines. It was perfect timing, because I was in the middle of writing a post on how to create headlines that can drive more engagement. Here are the headlines he sent me to review:

– What does Harvard Business think of MLM’s? (or other industry recognized experts)
– Right now I’m working 40+ hours per week.  Yet my job security, pay and satisfaction are low.  Is there a better way?
– Does it really work for someone like me?
– I don’t know how I’ll ever get ahead. I’m smart, work hard and have initiative. How can I get paid what I’m worth?

Here are the tweaked versions of his headlines I sent back:

“Who would’ve thought Harvard Business would say this about MLMs? Now I think they are complete Geniuses.”
“You might be working 40+ hours per week already. Yet nothing can prepare you for what is coming.”
“5 facts on how you can get paid what you are worth. You should see who is doing it.”
“They laughed when we showed them the secret. You should see them now!”

It doesn’t really matter the kind of content you are creating, you really need to focus on generating great headlines. By doing so you can increase engagement, social sharing, conversions, and CTR.

How To Create Great Headlines