Google Analytics Goal

How to set up your Google analytics goal is essential for you to know the things that are happening on your site. This will allow you to know how well your site actually converts generally speaking we like to be at least 5% conversion rate. To set up your Google analytics goal it is a simple process. There are a few things that you have to have set up first before this can happen.

  1. A functioning website
  2. Google analytics is set up properly
  3. Google analytics pixel code is place properly
  4. Your marketing funnel is properly set up

If all these things are set up properly let’s get started!

Step one login to Google analytics

Once you’re logged into Google analytics we are going to go over to the top right under admin.

Step Two Click Goals

Just a reminder under the admin Area is kind of like the backend of your Google analytics. Click on the goals!

Step Three New Goal

Okay now that we are this far this is where you need to know what we like to call your “thank you page”. In order for Google to track this after somebody pops into your funnel they need to be driven to this page. This is how Google will show you your conversion rate of your site and also show you how many people are opting into your funnels.

Steps To Creating The Goal

  1. Click Custom
  2. Name The Goal
  3. Select Destination
    • Put in the url
    • Select Equals to DON’T DO CONTAINS
  4. Verify the goal if you just created the page and have not opened it yet go to it and then click verify and you will see that the goal is tracking properly.

And there you have it your Google analytics goal is set up and should be tracking properly! If you have any questions about Google analytics or have any marketing concerns feel free to reach out to