Adding a manger to your Google account is very confusing. I am going to show you how to add a manager and then where you need to go if the invite emails are not coming through.

  1. Add a manager by clicking on the setting button in the right hand corner
  2. Add a manger by adding their email
  3. The person you added needs to go to
  4. Accept the invitation

Here is a video that will show you

How to locate you Google Manager Invitation



Here is the video transcript. (forgive the typos)

In this video, we’re going to go over how you can accept an invitation for YouTube or Google brand accounts. There’s a lot of confusion going on right now on the Internet. No one seems to be able to tell you how do you get an invitation accepted. You’ll have a lot of agencies will have their client say, “Hey, I sent you an invitation,” but you can never, ever find that invitation. You used to have to go on Google+, the old Google+, and then it would show you an invitation. I’m going to show you how to do that.

First thing we’re going to do is jump over into a YouTube account. I’m going to jump over to my Marketing High one. How you get people, you go over here, just click on settings. What you can do is view or change your account settings. Actually, I have to jump onto a channel. Let me jump onto my actual channel. I’m going to jump on my YouTube channel.

Over here, you click here and you can go to settings. I’m already there. You can add or remove managers. Let’s say I’m going to add a manager here. Manage permissions, you’re going to click up here in the top, invite. I’m going to invite my … That one might not work.

Let’s say you send this invitation. I’m going to go manager. Let’s actually do this one. I’m going to do a manager. I’m going to do an invite. Normally, what you would expect is that you would get an email where you could accept that invitation. That is not the case. What you have to do is actually go to this URL. I’ll put this down in the link.

You have to go to Once you click on this URL, great. You’re going to see your pending invitations there. If you do not get that email, you can just type in the URL, and right here is where you’re going to find your pending invitations. You can just click here an accept those pending invitations. Then you have control. Then you can also look at all the brand accounts.

This also works for YouTube channel. This works for My Business Local, works for Google+, but that is how you receive and accept, and here’s where you can actually change your notifications, too. Got it? If you have questions, just look it up, but that is how you’re going to accept invitations for Google accounts. Just remember that URL. Like I said, it’s this URL, There, you’ll be able to accept it. Got it?

Google Manager Invite Emails Will Not Go Through – Add Google Manager