Give Access To Your Google Analytics

This process is very simple as you can see the video. Giving access to your Google analytics can make your marketing efforts that much easier. Just so you can follow this a little bit easier I will break this down to and a step-by-step basis.

Step One Log Into Google Analytics

When you log into your Google analytics you’ll see a dashboard and there’ll be a bunch of tabs at the top. Click on the admin tab.

Step Two Admin Tab

In the admin tab this page is kind of the back and of your Google analytics. Off on the right hand side there is a tab called user management. Click on the user management

Step Three Give Permission

In order for you to give permission to the user you have to know their email. You put their email into the box and decide what kind of control you want to give the user. There are four different permissions you can give.

  • Manage Users
  • Edit
  • Collaborate
  • Read & Analyze

Generally speaking if somebody is running your marketing campaigns (like marketinghy ;)) you should give them permission to all four. If you’re just wanting to share data with a friend give them the option to read and analyze.

Overall Google analytics is a powerful tool that will help you analyze and see what you’re audience is doing on your site. Overall at marketinghy this is a tool that we use for every single account we use. The tool is free, and it works just as good as any paid platform out there. There’s so many different things that you can do with Google analytics.

Things We Do With This Tool

  • Track Conversions
  • Split Test
  • Learn More About our Audience

If you’re needing any help getting Google analytics set up on your site, feel free to reach out to us in marketinghy. We would love to help you guys out and get the results that you are looking for!