If you think you do not have this problem, you most likely do.

KISS = Keep it simple stupid

“Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication”

Video Transcript

Speaker 1:            This day you fought with honor. This day, you vanquished those that mean to smite us. The dark Lord forged his enemies to reap their terror, but we persevered and slayed them forthwith. In the years to come, they will sing our victory song as we sung for our forefathers, and our fa-

Speaker 2:            Sorry. Sorry, sorry guys. Just one thing I thought I might bring up.

Speaker 1:            Whatever is it, brother of the watch? Fellow kingsman-

Speaker 2:            Yeah, this-

Speaker 1:            -Honored knight of the third men.

Speaker 2:            -This is what I want to talk about. We are using way too many words, guys.

Speaker 1:            Doth thou mean, proud warrior of the north? Brave son of the-

Speaker 2:            There. That was … We could really speed things up around here if we just cut down on the wordage.

Speaker 1:            How so, brother of the cloth? Defender of the north.

Speaker 2:            Shh. Like in battle today, when you yelled, I’m paraphrasing but, “Noble horde, raise thy shields, from yonder field of battle approaches,” is it thy-

Speaker 1:            Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Speaker 2:            Enemies-

Speaker 1:            Arrows.

Speaker 2:            -Arrows.

Speaker 1:            Yeah.

Speaker 2:            Yeah. Next time, just yell duck, I reckon. A lot of us died before you finished talking.

Speaker 1:            So … Not speak in such an elongated way for the saketh of time.

Speaker 2:            Exactly. Actually, and just while we’re on the topic, we were just talking about this, weren’t we? The tales that we tell, the one about the ring and the short hairy foot people?

Speaker 1:            Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Speaker 2:            Maybe that could be just one story? Instead of six three hour unnecessarily long stories.

Speaker 1:            Some merit you may have in your words, my brother. I see how my verbose retelling may elongate the-

Speaker 2:            I don’t think you do.

Speaker 1:            No?

Speaker 2:            Yeah. Even this. The victory speech you’re making? I don’t know. I just think maybe just say we won, or something. You guys with, yeah?

Knights:                 Yeah.

Speaker 1:            Your words have resonated deep in my mind, my brother.

Speaker 2:            Again, I don’t think they-

Speaker 1:            -I see-

Speaker 2:            -I don’t think they have, because you’re still … He’s still doing it.

Knights:                 He’s still doing it.

Speaker 1:            We won.

Knights:                 Yeah!