Today we’re focusing on Facebook Targeting and putting ads in front of your demographic through zip codes. I’ve attached the transcript below.

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The way this came about, we had a client about a month and a half ago, come to us and say “We have a conference in Brazil. We’ve got two weeks to fill it. What can you do for us?”

By the time the contract was signed we had about six days to push out this conference. We knew we had a short amount of time, a big budget to spend, but needed to find a qualified leads. For a lead to qualify they needed to be able to invest about $500 000 into their service. We wanted to make sure we just didn’t do broad marketing, we need to stay very targeted, while keeping our spend high. What we decided to do is research the wealthiest neighborhoods in Brazil and target with latitude and longitude in a five or ten mile radius. That worked for Brazil, but we’ve changed things a little bit. Now that we are targeting back in the United States we started using zip codes to target our demographic.

Today I’ll walk you through a Yinc campaign to show you exactly how we’re targeting demographics by zip code. The tool we’re using is called, ZipWho allows you to target a state or a city, and plug in your demographic and give you zip codes that best fit it. For our first campaign we’ll start with California. As far as a Yinc demographic goes, we want business owners, managements, CEOs, CMOs, anyone who can make a decision on outsourcing marketing. So, I’m going to keep it simple for this, but we’ll start with just income. We plugged in California, demographic income, and click advanced search. What you’re seeing on the screen is the wealthiest zip codes in California. I grabbed a few of these and then toss them in the Ads Manager. So, back in the Ads Manager what we’ve done is we created a landing page; we’ve made sure our pixels are set up correctly and then we clicked a website conversion app. So, as you can see I plugged in the zip codes. Right now, our potential reach is 100 000 people. Well, we know that even though we’re in a wealthy neighborhood, not everyone is going to want our service, so we want to get even more targeted than this. Also, what we’ve changed about our campaigns recently is we have decreased our potential reach even more than before. So, right now we’re shooting for 30,000 to 50,000 people in our potential reach.

First things first, we found that about 33 and above are a better fit for, or are more likely to convert for our service. And then let’s get even more targeted behaviours and go into job role. So, for us we want administration and managerial, we want corporate executives, and we want let’s see… self-employ. So look back at this, now our potential reach dropped to 24,000 people. What’s great about having a smaller potential reach is we found that if we can run an ad for a month, a few months, and our frequently starts getting bumped up to 3-5 and then all the way up to 7 or 8. Right around when we hit the 6-8 frequency on our Facebook ads, we really see an increase on conversion.

For a quick review, we’ve set up a conversion ad, we plug in our zip codes. We want 33 and above, and then we even plugged in behaviours for job role. I always start my daily budget at 15 to get started and then I’ll either increase or decrease depending on the ad and what we’re trying to accomplish. So, well go down here. I always plug in five images to make sure we’re optimizing in the best way possible. I’ve got a few favourites that generally do really well for us, on me. Track those down. And we will go. Let’s see. Okay, so we plugged in our images. Make sure we’re on the same, the right page, and then fill out your headline, your text. And then typically I like to use the learn more, or download, or sign up and those are my favourite. And then in the advanced options I always add a call action, so for this one will be sign up for a free consultation. And then, it’s a great way to just get people to take action. I always remove my audience network, those doing not convert well for us and my desktop right column. Mobile news feed only sometimes, but generally I’ll get rid of it, just because we want someone who can sit down and read an article and our best chance of that happening is when someone is on a desktop. So we’ll remove those and then we’ll place our order. But, that’s the breakdown for you guys. Like I said, the whole goal is to get more and more targeted with Facebook. We understand that a lot of these demographics Facebook has built into it, however when you use the zip codes and can get that limited and that targeted on your location, adding additional demographics or interest, get you the more targeted and better results.

If you have any further questions or want to do a free consultation, where we can set this up for your company, shoot me over an e-mail at Thanks guys. Have a good week.